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Thank you for visiting the PelHeat website. Since 2007 we have been marketing pellet mills and plants for a wide range of clients and materials. We also offer education on the pellet mill production process and support through our affordable consultation service.

The pellet machines and plants we offer are made here in the UK and are based on mill designs which has been in production for over 50 years. We specialise in high quality small scale machines for the research and commercial sector. We acknowledge that our equipment cannot meet everyone’s requirements or budget, therefore we also offer our online consultation service. If you are looking to purchase a different pellet mill / plant or have already done so and you are experiencing issues the pellet mill or other equipment we are here to help.

Wood Pellets For Fuel And Animal Bedding

Wood Pellets
Wood Pellets

The most common type of pellets our enquires relate to are wood pellets. The pellet heating market has grown considerably in the US and Europe over the last decade, therefore there is a growing wood pellet demand. However not all wood pellets are created equal. The grade of raw material and the type of pellet mill you use can make a significant difference to the value of the pellets you produce.

Biomass Materials Including Grasses and Energy Crops

While the wood pellet is firmly the market leader in the fuel pellet industry there are other materials which can be used in the pellet press to produce fuel pellets. Some biomass materials are more suitable than others due to potential issues with high ash contents, clinker formations and corrosion damage to pellet stoves or boilers. Pellet mill performances changes depending on the material used.

The Pellet Mills and Plants We Offer

Mini Pellet Mill
Mini Pellet Mill

As stated above we focus on small scale equipment, the smallest of which is our Mini Pellet Mill and Mini Hammer Mill. This equipment is often used as a starting point for research and commercial projects before investment in a pellet plant. This pellet mill can be setup to operate from a domestic single phase electrical supply or a three phase supply. The machine uses a ring die instead of a flat die mill design, the press is designed and made here in the UK.

Small Pellet Plant
Small Pellet Plant

The pellet plants we offer produce 250 kg/h of fuel pellets (wood or biomass) with a single mill and can be scaled up with a multiple press plant producing up to 2,000 kg/h. For other materials such as feed pellets which are produced to a lower density the plants can produce considerably more. The pellet plants are setup to each individual customers requirements depending on available space, power etc.

The PelHeat Consultation Service And Guides

Beginners_Guide_To_Pellet_Production2Since 2007 our pellet production guide download has been purchased several thousand times. We have now included this guide in with our online consultation service.

If you have already purchased a pellet mill or plant from say China and you are struggling to operate the mill we are here to help. Our affordable online consultation service maybe able to help you to get the equipment up and running successfully. Perhaps you are looking for a pellet mill to purchase that is more within your budget and require assistance. Maybe you are not quite ready to purchase machines but have questions about your raw material. For either of the scenarios above and many more we will try to help you.

We have produced five free guides as an introduction, please click here.

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