Do you own a biomass pellet, chip, log or bale boiler?

Is your biomass boiler located in a cold outbuilding or shed?

Is your biomass boiler currently wasting heat?

Biomass/Wood Pellet and Log Boiler

The Biomass Boiler Cosy can help to reduce heat loss and reduce fuel consumption

Fitting Biomass Boiler Cosy

The Biomass Boiler Cosy Is easy to fit and remove for cleaning and maintenance

Fitted Biomass Boiler Cosy

We have recorded a 13.9% reduction in fuel consumption

Over a 24H run that's a saving of 9.84 kg of premium grade wood fuel pellets

The Boiler Cosy is made from a woven glass fibre fabric with a silicone rubber coating. The insulation is mineral wool with bright class aluminium foil facing.

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Chris Scott 

The Biomass Boiler Cosy For Pellet, Chip, Log and Bale Boilers

We noticed that our Tatano pellet boiler was loosing heat through its front door when at operating temperature. Many biomass boilers share a similar design where hot exhaust gases pass against the inner surface of the door before they pass through horizontal heat exchanger tubes. However the door lining used which is fire and temperature resistant does not provide the best insulation. As you can see from the video above the surface temperature of the door reaches over 200 degrees Celsius! Therefore we developed the Biomass Boiler Cosy.

Where Is Your Biomass Boiler Located?

Unlike oil or gas boilers many biomass boilers are located in an outbuilding as they require more cleaning and maintenance. These outbuildings and sheds are often not insulated and the colder the room temperature the more load on the biomass boiler. Therefore the issue of heat loss through the doors/exterior of the biomass boiler is made even more significant.

How To Measure If You Are Loosing Heat

Through touch alone (which is not advised) you cannot really tell how significant the heat loss might be. The best solution is to purchase an infrared temperature gun as seen in the video. These can be purchased quite cheaply on websites such as eBay and Amazon. While some are more accurate than others it will provide enough information to identify which areas of your wood/biomass pellet, chip, log or bale boiler can be improved with the Boiler Cosy.

What Type Of Heating System Can The Boiler Cosy Be Used On?

There are many different types of biomass boiler and many different sizes. Some furnaces are highly insulated over all surfaces, however these tend to be premium wood pellet boilers. Biomass boilers which are more fuel flexible and have large access doors generally can reduce fuel consumption with a Boiler Cosy. We provide the Boiler Cosy custom designed to your boiler, therefore we can accommodate pellet, chip, log and even large straw bale boilers.

What Will Be The Reduction In Fuel Consumption?

This is obviously dependant on the amount of heat loss from the boiler, the surface area of heat loss and the room temperature where the boiler is located. The higher the surface temperature, the larger the surface area and the colder the room temperature the more significant the benefits will be from fitting a Boiler Cosy. From our tests once the boiler was at operating temperature we recorded a 13.9% reduction in fuel consumption. Over a 24 hour period of operation this equates to a saving of 9.84 kg of premium wood fuel pellets.

How Much Money Can The Boiler Cosy Save?

Again this varies on a case by case basis on the fuel consumption reduction the Boiler Cosy can achieve and the price you currently pay for your biomass fuel. In our example we purchased loose premium grade wood pellets via blown tanker delivery. Including delivery the wood pellets cost 200 per tonne. Boiler Cosy over a 24 hour run saves us 1.97.

Is The Biomass Boiler Cosy Easy To Fit?

Each Boiler Cosy is specially designed to the shape of the boiler to provide a good fit while making it easy to fit and remove the Boiler Cosy for the regular cleaning and maintenance that biomass heating systems require. We will work with you to design the cover around handles, cables, vents and control panels. Where possible we also source manufacturer dimensions.

What Is The Biomass Boiler Cosy Made From?

The materials used to produce the Boiler Cosy depend on the surface temperature of the boiler. For example in the video at the top of the page the surface temperature reached just over 200 degrees Celsius. Therefore the exterior of the cover is made from woven glass fibre fabric with a silicone rubber coating which can tolerate up to 280 degrees Celsius. The insulation within the Boiler Cosy is glass mineral wool with bright class aluminium foil facing on one side to deflect heat back at the boiler. The Biomass Boiler Cosy provides excellent insulation, is very durable and should provide many years of reduced biomass heating costs.

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