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Pellet machines are a term often used to describe a pellet mill or pellet press. There are various different designs of pellet machine, namely the flat die pellet machine and the ring die machine. At PelHeat we only support the use of the ring die due to its superior performance.

The Flat Die Pellet Machine Design Disadvantages And Complications

Most small pellet machines sold on the internet today are based on the flat die design. These pellet machines are produced in China, they were originally developed for Chinese farms to produce small quantities of animal feed on the farm. While the design of these pellet machines makes them very cheap to produce, it also means these pellet machines are not very durable and they also lack the features necessary to accurately control the pellet production process. For instance its almost impossible to limit the roller gap, and there is no ability to control material feed rate into the pellet machine. These flat die pellet machines also consume more electricityPellet Machine due to issues such as roller slip.

The Ring Die Pellet Machine Design Advantages And Benefits

At PelHeat we only support the ring die pellet machine design which is far superior to the flat die pellet machines. The PelHeat Mini Pellet Mill is one of the few small pellet machines to use the ring die design. With a material hopper, auger feed, material conditioner and variable speed die the Mini Pellet Mill offers you complete control over the process to maximise pellet quality and reduce energy consumption.

The raw material used in the hopper needs to be 5mm or below and have a moisture content below 15%. This material is then fed at a variable speed into the conditioner. Here water and vegetable oil can be added to alter the compression of the material within the pellet mill die. The material passes through the conditioner into the centre of the pellet mill die where a pair of rollers compress the material through the die. The speed of the die is variable to alter retention time of the raw material material within the die and control pellet quality.

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