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Chris Scott

Pellet Mill For Sale, Made In Great Britain

At PelHeat through our many years of research we have learnt that unless you use quality equipment you cannot produce quality pellets. While many pellets may appear similar on first impressions, under closer inspections you can clearly see the difference in which pellets have been made on a pellet mill that has a good quality die and can accurately control the process ofPellet Mill For Sale compression. For instance pellet density is crucial for fuel pellets such wood pellets. If you produce pellets with a low density they will crumble during transportation and combustion. This will lead to a very poor combustion performance even if the raw material is suitable for premium grade wood pellets. Ultimately this will mean customers may stop purchasing your pellets.

The Range Of PelHeat Pellet Mills For Sale

Here at PelHeat we predominantly focus on small scale pellet production solutions. For instance the pellet mill for sale you can see to the right is a 10HP animal feed pellet press. All the small scale equipment we have for sale is made here in the UK. Our smallest product is the Mini Pellet Mill which is suitable for all types of biomass material and can also be used to produce animal feeds. On the Mini Pellet Mill video you can even see the machine produce oak hardwood pellets with no additional binder. If you are interested in setting up a pellet line we can supply you with a complete automated small scale pellet plant. On a small scale its important to reduce labour costs as much as possible to maintain a reasonable profit margin. We can install these pellet plants to process all types of materials. We can offer wood pellet plants up to 2,000 kg/h. Biomass pellet plants can produce up to 3,200 kg/h. Questions below please.

Pellet Production Solutions: Mini Pellet Mill, Small Scale Pellet Plants and Large Scale Pellet Plants - www.PelHeat.com

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