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Chris Scott

How Do Wood Pellets Compare On Price?

When it comes to heating with wood pellets some consumers make the move predominantly on the 'green' aspects of the fuel. They maybe concerned with climate change and global warming so feel the responsibility to lower their carbon emissions. Others may not be so concerned with climate change but with energy independence. Others purely base their decision on the price of wood pellets to oil, gas and electricity. The most expensive way to heat is with an electric boiler and you have very little control over the price you pay for that form of energy unless you produce your own. Above is a video showing the current prices for energy in Maine in the US. As you can see the most expensive on the video is propane, next its fuel oil, natural gas and then the cheapest is wood pellets. Here in the UK for people who live in rural areas off the gas grid the traditional fuel of choice for the last 40 years has been heating oil. Not only has this been getting more expensive over the years but many people have had the oil from their tanks stolen as the price has gone up. In the US as a whole the cheapest form of energy is natural gas and not wood pellets. The reason is as you have to transport the wood pellets the price goes up. However in Maine because they are able to produce their own wood pellets locally they can keep the cost below natural gas. Natural gas has only become so cheap because of the process of fracking, a highly contentious practice. Again though natural gas is in the control of the large fossil fuel companies so who knows what the price will be in the future? Being able to grow a form of biomass locally, process it locally into pellets and consume those pellets locally provides a form of energy under the control of local people at a low cost. It addresses the issues of climate change, energy independence and local jobs all in one go. Also the fact it takes energy out of the hands of 'Big Oil' and puts it back within the control of local people. Thanks for reading and please comment below.

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