Chris_ScottMy name is Christopher Scott I’m based in the UK and I own PelHeat.com. Since 2007 I’ve been working in the pellet industry on many different pellet related projects. My work over the years has been featured in several national and international magazines and websites.

2008: Mobile Pellet Machine

Mobile_Pellet_MachineOne of the first projects I worked on was developing a small scale mobile pellet machine. The basic principle was to create a small affordable machine that could be taken to the location of the raw material to reduce transportation costs. We purchased pellet mills and hammer mills from China and attempted to re-engineer them here in the UK into a single process unit. Unfortunately we realised that the pellet presses from China had several issues that were core to their design, and we could not get the machine to a quality we were happy with at a price point that was right for the market. However we did learn a lot about the equipment manufactured in China, its abilities and limitations.

Farmers Weekly: August 2008

Biomass Pellet Stoves and Boilers

Biomass_Boiler_CosyAs well as my experience in the process of producing pellets using a range of low cost and high quality pellet machines I have also gained significant knowledge on pellet combustion systems such as pellet stoves and boilers, including how different types of biomass fuel pellets perform. Another project I worked on was to improve the efficiency of certain biomass wood pellet boilers.

Farmers Weekly: November 2012

PelHeat Pellet Production Guides

Full_Guide_SmallFrom starting the PelHeat website it became clear to me that there was a sever lack of information on the Internet about how the pellet mill actually works. There were lots of companies selling pellet mills, even more so today, however very few wish to discuss the details of the process. Therefore I developed a concise guide on pellet production to try and provide education on the ‘black art’ of making quality pellets.

Biomass Magazine: June 2012

UK Made Pellet Mills and Pellet Plants

Mini_Pellet_Mill_SmallSince 2011 I have been working with my UK manufacturing partners to offer a range of high quality small scale pellet solutions. The smallest of which is the Mini Pellet Mill and Mini Hammer Mill which today is used by several multinational companies, universities and national research centres.

Biomass Magazine: May 2012