Cooking With Biomass Fuel Pellets In India – Video

In the western parts of the world wood pellets are used for cooking with pellet grills, however this is purely a leisure activity. In countries such as India there is a desperate need for cheaper cooking fuels but also more efficient stoves. This is a video from First Energy on their development of the Oorja pellet stove and biomass fuel pellets. As the video states, every day in rural India women go into the forest to collect firewood for cooking. This wood is then used in the home to fuel inefficient stoves that create dangerous emissions which are breathed in by the family. First Energy calculate that there is a $15 billion market in providing a cheap and safe solution to these current issues. Their product the Oorja cooking stove can address many of the issues Indian families face, not only in rural communities but in all India and many parts of the world. They estimate this stove is over 300% more efficient than the current solid fuel stoves used throughout India. Based on the gasification technology (also seen in the wood pellet car) the pellets can produce a very clean burn. The Oorja pellet stove generates very little smoke and a 70% reduction in dangerous emissions produced through inefficient combustion. As you can see they are making the fuel pellets from agricultural wastes which will help to reduce deforestation. The materials used include ground nut husks, corn cobs, cotton waste and bagasse from sugar cane plantations. They first dry the biomass and then use a large ring die pellet mill to process the material into fuel pellets. As shown not only are these pellets cheaper than cooking with LPG they are also much more available. The principles of this stove and locally produced fuel pellets made from farm waste can be applied to other areas such as Africa. This is a good example of a local energy loop, where local biomass is processed local into pellets for local people. Our UK made small scale pellet plants are ideal for such applications. Thanks for reading and please leave questions/comments.