PelHeat Consultation Service And Five Free PelHeat Guides

Chris_Scott2My name is Christopher Scott, I run and you can learn more about me on the About page. Over the years I’ve gathered an extensive knowledge of the pellet production process and equipment used to appreciate why making quality pellets is often a trial and error process. With the PelHeat Guide and Consultation Service I can provide assistance so you do not have to go through as much trial and error with your project.

As an introduction to the full PelHeat Guide and consultation service I have produced a series of five free guides. Either click the text/image below for each guide below or right click and ‘save target as’ or ‘save link as’ to download them.

A Beginners Guide To Pellet Production

Beginners_Guide_To_Pellet_Production2This first free guide provides some background into our work here at PelHeat and our experiences in making pellets. It then provides some insight in to the various challenges that can take place when making pellets, and the effects they have on the process.

Pellet Binders and Lubricants

Pellet_Binders_LubricantsLearn about the different materials that can be used as pellet binders and lubricants along with the various pros and cons. Many wood and biomass materials can made used in the pellet mill without the need for a binder, however binders can aid the process in most cases.

The Benefits Of Precise Moisture Control

Moisture_ControlMoisture is a key requirement within the pellet production process, however how much moisture is too much for the pellet mill? There are also factors such as meeting the required quality guidelines such as ENplus where a certain percentage of moisture is a set maxium in the finished wood pellets.

The Effect Of Die Thickness

The_Effect_Of_Pellet_Mill_Die_ThicknessThe die is the most important component of the pellet press, the depth of the die has significant affects on the performance of the pellet machine and the quality of the pellets produced. There needs to be a balance between pellet density and pellet mill productivity which the design of the pellet press die is responsible for.

The Importance Of Particle Size

The_Importance_Of_Particle_SizeMaterial needs to be reduced in size before it can be used within the pellet mill, however many people are unaware how the size of particles really affects the process. Particles which are too large can lead to blockages in the pellet machine, however particles which are too small can also create issues with roller traction.

Once you have read the five free guides you maybe interested in our full guide and one week PelHeat consultation service ticket. Through this service I will discus your project with you and try to address any questions you have.

The Full PelHeat GuideFull_Guide_Small

Through the PayPal button below you will get instant access to the full guide download. This guide goes into much more detail than the five free pellet production guides on how the pellet mill/plant works and importantly how to address potential issues.

The guide starts with a description of how to evaluate a pellets quality and then moves on to the process itself including the following:

1. Size Reduction: Chippers/Shredders, Hammer Mills
2. Material Transportation: Fans, Cyclone Separators and Screw Augers
3. Drying Solutions: Rotary/Drum Dryers, Pipe Dryers
4. Mixing Solutions: Batch Mixers
5. Conditioning: Water and Steam Addition, Binders
6. Pellet Production: Ring Die and Flat Die Pellet Mills
7. Sieving: Removing Fines
8. Cooling: Counter Flow Coolers
9. Pellet Transportation: Bucket Elevators
10. Bagging and Storage: Bags, Sacks and Silos

FREE : PelHeat Consultation Service – One Week Ticket

Chris_Scott2Through clicking the PayPal button below not only do you receive the full PelHeat guide you also have access to the PelHeat Consultation Service for one week from the date of your purchase.

Once you have read the guide I invite you to ask me your specific questions to do with equipment such as the pellet mill, raw material, site location, potential markets and any other questions you may have.

This service can be of use to many different people, please click here to learn more. Or if you would like to order please click the PayPal button below.

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