Video Of A Wood Pellet Mill In Fitchburg, MA, USA

While here at PelHeat we only specialize in small scale UK made wood pellet mill plants I try to provide examples of larger scale operations for reference. Here is such an example, it’s a wood pellet mill operated by Creative Biomass in Fitchburg, MA, USA.

At the start of the operation you can see their master control panel from which they operate the wood pellet mill plant. Now for our small scale operations we produce similar control panels, however most modern large scale operation today are controlled through touch screen computers. The next image is of the internal compression camber of the wood pellet mill and the die. As you can see this is a large ring die pellet machine fitted with a suitable die for wood pellet compression. The camera then pulls back to show the pellet mill and focuses on the conditioner.

In the conditioner the consistency of the material is controlled before the material is compressed. It’s possible that they are also injecting high temperature dry steam into the conditioner, however it’s not clear to see. The operator of the press then takes a sample of wood pellets coming from the machine, notice the large volume of steam indicating the temperatures involved in the process. From the images the pellets do appear to be of a high quality, with a good compression and surface shine. The length of the pellets is also very important as pellet stove augers will struggle with wood pellets that are too long.

Next you can see the wood pellets passing over a sieve to remove fines post processing. Fines in the fuel will lead to higher ash in the stove. Then its the bagging operation, here a set weight of pellets (usually 20 lbs) will be loaded into the bags which then pass through a heat sealer. This fuel is branded ‘Perfect Pellets’ and is a blend of 15% softwood with 85% hardwood. This is believed to be the ideal blend by the manufacturer to produce the best balance between BTU and ash content. Hopefully you found this wood pellet mill video interesting, please comments below.