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Hi, I’m Chris, and I’ve been interested in making, burning, and the various uses for pellets since 2007. Today, I spent a lot of time reviewing the specs/features of wood pellet grills and smokers.

When I first started to look into wood pellets, it was as a cheaper way to heat our home instead of using oil. However, I then started to get more interested in the process of how to make wood pellets.

The only small-scale equipment at the time I could get my hands on was manufactured in China. So along with my father, we decided to import a small pellet mill and a hammer mill to learn how to make wood pellets.

We learnt a lot about what did work and, most importantly, what didn’t. We eventually re-engineered the Chinese equipment into a mobile pellet machine with a more efficient/modern diesel engine and many other improvements.

It wasn’t just wood pellets we were interested in, but biomass pellets made from grasses, straws and energy crops. In 2008 the small mobile pellet machine was featured in the leading national farmer’s magazine, Farmers Weekly.

Mobile Pellet Machine
Farmers Weekly magazine article from back in 2008 on our mobile pellet machine

This small mobile pellet machine taught us a lot about the process of making various biomass pellets. Unfortunately, after several years of development, it wasn’t possible to re-engineer the base Chinese equipment into a suitably reliable market-ready product that I was happy with.

To continue my work, I put my efforts into educating others on the pellet production process and marketing pellet production equipment which I felt was of suitable quality and reliability. My work was also featured in several articles by Biomass Magazine.

Biomass Magazine guides
An extract from the Biomass Magazine article on my pellet production guides
This was the first video I uploaded to YouTube in 2008 of our pellet boiler burning a wide range of biomass pellets

What About PelHeat.com Today?

After over a decade of marketing and promoting pellet mills and plants to make wood pellets, PelHeat.com is now just a blog of my favourite niche of pellets, pellet grills and smokers.

Hence, I’m no longer selling or promoting any pellet mills or plants for making pellets.

I hope you find my posts/articles on pellet grills and smokers useful!