Small Scale Animal Feed Pellet Plant

Most of the enquires we receive here at PelHeat are for wood pellet manufacturing. However previously the demand for our small scale automated pellet plants was almost exclusively for making animal feed. The equipment used in our pellet plant is based on the original equipment developed by Lister over 50 years ago. Even by today’s standards the design of this pellet plant is highly efficient and produces pellets of a very high quality.

Animal Feed Pellet Plant
Animal feed pellet plant

Due to the vertical design of the pellet mill and horizontal position of the die and rollers it makes this pellet plant excellent for the production of animal feed but also any organic material. The only other pellet makers based on a horizontal die position are flat die pellet mills. They claim better material flow for low density materials, which is true and the advantage of the horizontal position. However flat die pellet presses also suffer from roller skip. Our pellet machines use a ring die instead of the inferior flat die. The ironic fact is that this press is over 50 years old and other pellet mill manufacturers today are now adopting this design and calling their products ‘unique!’.

For producing animal feed we use a different design of hammer mill in our pellet plants. As an animal feed producer the range of products your customers may require is huge. Therefore you need a pellet plant that can quickly and easily change to produce different feed blends to suit the animal in question. Therefore we offer a proportioner hammer mill. Instead of one feed inlet into the hammer mill there are several with variable speed augers. Therefore you can add exact amounts of various grains into the process as and when required. The base of the proportioner hammer mill also features a binder hopper with another variable speed auger. All of this material is then further mixed and transported up to the pellet mill via a vertical transport auger.