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The tabletop pellet grill/smoker has been around for several years, the Traeger Ranger being one of the first models. However, the ASMOKE AS300 has been one of the most popular models on the market due to its lower price point. Right, let’s review its Pros & Cons.

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Being a tabletop model, the ASMOKE AS300 offers ultimate portability and utility, so it can be taken pretty much anywhere and easily carried around by just one person.

Tabletop pellet grills/smokers can be taken to tailgating parties and camping trips.
The AS300 can be a great option for grilling and smoking your food on your next camping trip, for instance

With a weight under 50 lbs, it’s possible for most people to easily carry the AS300 around in and out of the back of a vehicle to be used on a camping table etc.

With the small size/weight and its ultra-portable nature, there are obviously compromises, and the cooking area is going to be one of them. However, the cooking area is smaller than most people think.

The cooking area on the AS300 is very small, and only really suitable to a small family/group of friends.
While the cooking area is quoted as 256, that includes that pretty useless little suspended rack.

Now, sure, you can use that little suspended cooking rack. However, reading owners’ comments on forums/threads, it’s more annoying than useful, and the ‘real’ cooking area is under 200 sq/in.

While the cooking area on the ASMOKE AS300 may not be very large, it can at least get up to very high temperatures, over 500 degrees, for good grilling/searing performance.

The ASMOKE AS300 is great for grilling and searing steaks and burgers at high temperatures.
With its flame broiler in use, the AS300 can get its grate to very high temperatures for good grilling results

Flame broilers on any pellet grill are great for getting those high temperatures for grilling/searing. However, remember to clean your BBQ frequently for excessive grease to avoid a grease fire.

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Again, as with the cooking area being small on a very small pellet grill/smoker, the pellet hopper capacity is also not going to be the biggest, but you still need to understand what that actually means.

With only a 5 lb pellet hopper capacity it would need close attention when grilling in cold weather.
ASMOKE sometimes states the hopper on the AS300 is 5 lbs; other times, it’s 4 lbs. So it’s likely somewhere in the middle.

With the controller turned up to its maximum temperature setting and in cold weather, pellet consumption could be up to 2 lbs per hour. So, the hopper level would need close attention.

The ASMOKE AS300 was pretty much the first pellet grill I’d ever seen that was willing to offer a wide range of color options. I think there are six options altogether, but I know there are at least four.

You can get the ASMOKE AS300 in either red, green, blue and black.
You can get the ASMOKE AS300 in red, green, blue, black, and I think there are a couple of other colors as well

Now, does any of these color options impact the features/functionality of the AS300? Nope, but some people like their appliances to be certain colors, and ASMOKE is happy to offer alternatives.

Something that I don’t think most people realize when they purchase most tabletop pellet grills/smokers on the market today is they cannot run it off their cars/trucks/RVs battery as is. They will need an inverter.

To run the ASMOKE AS300 from a 12V DC battery you will need a separate inverter.
At least ASMOKE makes it clear with this marketing material that an inverter is required/not included

How much is a suitable DC to AC power inverter? Well, you should be able to get one for under $50. Therefore, its not a significant additional cost, but it is indeed an additional cost to use the AS300 out and about.

My Final Thoughts On The ASMOKE AS300 Tabletop Pellet Grill/Smoker

As I stated in the intro, the ASMOKE AS300 was by no means the first tabletop pellet grill/smoker. However, it has become one of the cheapest and most widely available models. You can find this thing everywhere!

Unlike the Traeger Ranger, which maxes out at 450 degrees, the ASMOKE AS300 can be set to 500 degrees and offers a flame broiler too, which is not found on the Traeger.

If you would like to review and compare all your tabletop pellet grill/smoker options, or any other pellet BBQ for that matter, I would encourage you to click the link below to check out our database.

PelHeat Pellet Grill/Smoker Database

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