How to use a Wood Pellet Smoker Box on a Gas BBQ

When I first became aware of BBQ wood pellets I didn’t have the resources to go out and spend significant amounts of money on a new Traeger pellet grill. Only a few years previously I’d purchased a pretty nice gas BBQ. So started to look into how I could dip my toe in the water so to speak of BBQ wood pellets, to see what sort of a difference they really made to the flavour of the food I’ve been cooking on my gas BBQ. I’d already purchased a bag of Traeger BBQ wood pellets, but I needed something to use them in. I then came across the BBQr’s Delight wood pellet smoker box.

How Does a Wood Pellet Smoker Box work on a Gas BBQ?

The video above is of the small wood pellet smoker box made by BBQr’s Delight. It’s a small cast iron box with a lid. It holds the contents of a single-use bag of BBQ wood pellets. You can then simply place the wood pellet smoker box on top of the grill of your gas BBQ.

Once the BBQ gets up to temperature and heats up the cast iron wood pellet smoker box the pellets will start to smoke. However, they will not burn due to the lack of air flow. You then want to turn down the gas, and shut the lid on the BBQ. The smoke will then exit around the lid of the smoker box and flow over and around your food. Therefore the very last stage of the cooking process is slowly letting the smoke penetrate into the food.

Wood Pellet Smoker Box
The cast iron smoker BBQr’s Delight is just one example of a wood pellet smoker box you can buy

How long you want to leave the food under the lid of the BBQ in the smoke is up to you. It obviously depends on if you prefer a lightly smoked flavour over a stronger smoked flavour. It’s probably best to try shorter periods of time and up the exposure time to suit your own tastes. So for instance, leaving the food to smoke for say 15-20 minutes and doing a taste test.

How does a Wood Pellet Smoker Box compare to a Proper Wood Pellet BBQ?

Ok, personally I was impressed by the smoked chicken I was able to make using the little wood pellet smoker box from BBQr’s Delight. Though I must admit, the first one I received had a crack in the cast iron base. I had to send it back for a replacement as I was concerned in the heat of the BBQ it would break apart. It’s important to note, however, a wood pellet smoker box is no competition for a full on wood pellet BBQ such as those offered by Traeger.

Traeger Wood Pellet BBQ Grill
Typical example of a Traeger wood pellet grill

With a full on a wood pellet grill, the main source of heat is BBQ wood pellets. Therefore you’re getting that amazing smokey flavour during the whole cooking cycle. With the built-in thermostatic controls to feed in just the right amount of wood pellets, BBQ wood pellet grills are just in a different league. However, that is also the case when it comes to price. You’re going to have to spend considerably more on a BBQ wood pellet grill than a gas grill.

There are lots of Different BBQ Wood Pellets you can try

As you can see from the video above, Jack Daniels produce their own BBQ wood pellets from their used oak barrels from making the whisky. These pellets are jet black that’s why you can barely see them in the video. Oak is the primary wood used for making BBQ wood pellets. However, there are many others which include Apple, Maple, Cherry, Mesquite, Hickory, Black Walnut, Mulberry, Orange and Pecan.

BBQ Wood Pellets
BBQr’s Delight are one of the main BBQ wood pellet manufacturers

Conclusions on using a Wood Pellet Smoker Box

Personally, I was quite impressed with my first trials of the BBQr’s wood pellet smoker box. I ended up purchasing their testing kit of single-use packets and went through each one.

BBQr's Delight Wood Pellet Set
BBQr’s Delight offers a range of BBQ wood pellets along with their smoker box – Image:

I really do like the infusion of flavours which the cast iron smoker can produce. However, it also makes you start to wonder how amazing the food could taste if I had the full control of a wood pellet BBQ. I now just need to save up the money to buy one! But as an introduction into the world of BBQ wood pellets, I would definitely encourage you to give a wood pellet smoker box a try.

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