Best Green Mountain Grills Reviews (Real Owners Feedback)

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I write a lot about the many different models of pellet grills/smokers now on the market. While I’m able to provide a thorough structured breakdown of product specifications and compare one brand/model to another I often don’t get the chance to get hands-on with them. As part of my research though I watch a lot of real owners reviews on YouTube. Therefore, I thought I would produce a summary article on the best Green Mountain Grills (GMG) reviews I’ve come across from owners of the various GMG models.

Best GMG Reviews
The current GMG range consists of the Trek/Davy Crockett (left) the Ledge/Daniel Boone (centre) and the Peak/Jim Bowie (right): Images –

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In my summary article on the Green Mountain Grills range, I discuss how their Daniel Boone and Jim Bowie pellet grills were available in Choice (basic) and Prime specification (WiFi and some more features). Well, it now looks like GMG is trimming/simplify their range and they have also gone ahead with a rebranding of their pellet grills.

As stated in the image caption above, their smallest unit is now called the Trek (formally the Davy Crockett), their mid-sized unit is now called the Ledge (formally the Daniel Boone) and their largest unit is now the Peak (formally the Jim Bowie). I currently have no idea why this change of products names has taken place, though I have noticed GMG is pushing in wider markets outside of the US. Hence, they want some more universal product names, I’m not currently sure.

Best GMG Trek/Davy Crockett Review

The smallest pellet grill/smoker from GMG may now be called the Trek, however, its almost identical to the previous Davy Crockett. Now, there are some differences though, the most prominent difference being there are no more folding legs. I personally was a real fan of the folding legs, they could be used as a handle to carry the grill when not in use and provided additional height when in use. Not sure why GMG have chosen to get rid of the folding legs for some stubby fixed legs, but its not a massive deal-breaker or anything.

As I’ve previously discussed in my best portable pellet grills article for the money of typically around $340 the GMG Trek/Davy Crockett is a great deal for what you’re getting. It features a control panel running a PID temperature algorithm along with WiFi functionality and a 550-degree maximum temperature setting, many pellet grills priced at double that still don’t have those features. I currently think the best review on the Trek/Davvy Crockett is by Jesse of Adventure Endeavor and I’ll explain why below.

How does the GMG Davy Crockett/Trek stack up after 1 year of frequent use?

The reason I think Jesse’s review of the GMG Davy Crockett is currently the best is he has clearly been using the pellet grill extensively over a 12 month period. Furthermore, he has been using the grill in its natural habitat, cooking from an RV. One of the key benefits of the Davy Crockett is it can run from a 12V DC power supply directly, no inverter required. With many other portable pellet grills, a source of portable 110V power is required.

Jesse has upgraded his Davy Crockett with a set of stackable grates to provide more cooking area. When it comes to storage, especially in the back of an RV/truck as Jesse discusses the GMG bag is a very good idea due to how greasy the grill can get with this much use. Overall it appears Jesses is very happy with his purchase and the performance of his GMG Davy Crockett.

Best GMG Ledge/Daniel Boone Review

The current version of the GMG mid-range pellet grill the Ledge is available with a stainless steel grill lid ($829) or without ($799). In terms of feature set, the Ledge is equivalent to the previously named Daniel Boone in Prime Specification. That means not only WiFi/App functionality but also viewing windows on the hopper/grill lid, front shelf, adjustable heat deflector and more study legs/wheels.

I’ve included below a review of a Prime Daniel Boone which is equivalent to the new Ledge model by Jason Hill of Chef Tips. The reason I’ve included Jason’s review is first he’s an experienced Chef, second, this is not the first GMG pellet grill that Jason has owned. Hence, his review gives good insight into the improvements which Green Mountain Grills have made to what is effectively their second generation of pellet grills.

Jason of Chef Tips and his review of his GMG Prime Daniel Boone pellet grill/smoker

A notable feature that Jason shows which is present on the Prime Daniel Boone/Ledge and the larger Prime Jim Bowie/Peak is the ash vacuum port. I frequently discuss on this site how important it is to keep a pellet grill clean, most recently discussing how keeping a pellet grill burn pot clean can avoid a flameout situation. Well, the ash vacuum port on the side of these GMG pellet grills is making the cleaning process even quicker/easier.

Jason does a good job of showing the internals and adjustable heat deflector at the base of the pellet grill. His tip when covering the grease drip tray with foil to not cover the hole at the top end where the thermocouple is reading the internal temperature is well worth noting. Jason also discussed the optional GMG rotisserie and pizza attachment which are both pretty unique accessories to GMG pellet grills which you won’t find on most pellet grills.

Best GMG Peak/Jim Bowie Review

So as I’ve stated above, the change of names of the GMG pellet grills is very recent as I’m writing this. Therefore, currently, owner reviews of these specific models are thin on the ground. While I would like to include a good quality owners review of the Peak or Jim Bowie in Prime specification, unfortunately, I cannot currently find one. So until the point where there is a proper owners review available I’ve included a video from one of GMG dealers NTX BBQ Supply, as their summary video on the features of GMG products is very good.

An overview of the Prime specification GMG Peak/Jim Bowie from NTX BBQ Supply

In terms of features the newly branded Ledge discussed above and the larger Peak model are the same. Hence, I wanted to include the video above from NTX BBQ Supply so you can get a sense of the size difference between the Ledge and Peak models. Where the Ledge provides a cooking area of 458, the larger Peak provides 658, though both feature the same 18lb pellet hopper.

In terms of price, due to the additional size of the Peak unsurprisingly you’ll have to pay a bit more than for the Ledge. The standard Peak is currently priced at just under $1,000. However, if you want the stainless steel grill lid that will bump up the price a bit by $40, well worth the additional cost in my opinion.

Conclusions On The Best GMG Pellet Grill Reviews

Once there are more versions of the latest GMG pellet grills in the hands of owners and more reviews after extensive use (6-months plus) start to pop up I want to update this page with more owner review examples. What I can tell you from my many years of observing the pellet grill/smoker market is that GMG was one of the leaders when it comes it PID/WiFi integration. I also think that GMG offers above-average build quality and their latest features such as the ash vacuum port/adjustable heat deflector are nice improvements.

That’s it! I hope the reviews above have helped you to learn more about GMG pellet grills/smokers, I also have a GMG FAQ which you may find interesting. There is also my general Wood Pellet Grill/Smoker Guide which provides links to quite a few of my other articles. 🙂

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