Best Pit Boss Accessories/Upgrades (For Old & New Grills)

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So this article is for those who already own a Pit Boss pellet grill/smoker and are looking for potential accessories/upgrades to provide more functionality/utility. However, I also want to reference some Pit Boss accessories/upgrades which those looking to purchase a new Pit Boss pellet grill/smoker should also be considering. Now, Pit Boss make a lot of pellet grills, starting with their budget range, through to their mid-range Pro Series, up to their top-of-the-range Platinum Series. Not all of the accessories/upgrades will fit all of those models. Hence, please double-check compatibility through the Pit Boss links below.

Best Pit Boss Accessories/Upgrades
These are what I think are the four best accessories/upgrades currently available for Pit Boss pellet grills/smokers, and I’ll explain why: Images –

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Legacy SmokeIT WiFi Control Panel Upgrade

Anyone who owns a Gen 2 Pit Boss Pro Series or a Platinum Series pellet grill already has WiFi/SmokeIT functionality built into their pellet grill.

However, there are many people who own a legacy Pit Boss pellet grill who would like to benefit from the functionality of WiFi to control and monitor their grill from their phone without having to buy a whole new pellet grill.

Well, Pit Boss are obviously aware of this and has released a couple of SmokeIT control panels for quite a few (but not all) legacy Pit Boss pellet grills.

Pit Boss Legacy SmokeIT Control Panels
There are currently two Pit Boss Legacy SmokeIT/WiFi controllers which cover many (but not all) Pit Boss pellet grills/smokers: Images –

Now, as I discuss in my full article on the SmokeIT control panel upgrade, it’s not as simple to upgrade to a WiFi control panel as I or many Pit Boss owners would have hoped.

First off, not all legacy horizontal Pit Boss pellet grills/smokers can benefit from the upgrade. Also, currently, none of the Pit Boss vertical pellet smokers can use the SmokeIT control panel.

Furthermore, the SmokeIT legacy control panel upgrade does not feature PID temperature control which the SmokeIT control panels found in the Gen 2 Pro Series and Platinum Series do.

Then again, for a $150 upgrade, the SmokeIT control panel is a relatively affordable means to provide WiFi functionality that I know many people want on their pellet grill/smoker.

Easy To Fit & Remove Hopper Extensions

For many of the legacy Pit Boss pellet grills/smokers which can benefit from the SmokeIT control panel upgrade above, there is also the option of a hopper extension.

Hopper extensions are available for 340, 440, 800 and 1,000 series models to provide an additional 20lbs of hopper capacity.

Now, in most instances, a full hopper on most pellet grills will cope with pretty much all indirect cooking requirements.

However, if you are going to be doing an extended cook of 8 hours+ and it’s cold out, you are going to experience higher than average pellet consumption.

Therefore, having the ability to add an additional 20lbs of pellets to the hopper is going to remove any concerns of running out of pellets during the cook.

Pit Boss Hopper Extensions
Example of a hopper extension fitted to a Pit Boss 340 Tailgater: Image –

The other reason why I like these hopper extensions is that they are easy to remove, but why would that matter?

Well, you wouldn’t want to leave one of these hopper extensions on if you store your pellet grill outside.

If you look at the image above you can see during a rain shower the water would track down the sides of the hopper extension and some of that water is likely going to be able to track inside of the hopper.

As you more than likely know, water and BBQ wood pellets is a bad mix and it will likely lead to an auger blockage.

Therefore, I think it’s very important after the long cook is complete, the hopper extension is removed if the grill is stored outside.

Pit Boss Side Smoker Extension

As Pit Boss generally produce some of the largest pellet grills/smokers at their respective price point, for many people cooking area is not a problem.

However, there are times when cooking for a larger group of friends/family, those additional square inches of cooking area can be handy.

Therefore, on some Pit Boss horizontal pellet grills/smokers (but not all), you can add this side smoker extension.

Pit Boss Side Smoker Accessory/Upgrade
The side smoker can provide an additional cooking area of 709 square inches, above is an example of the side smoker fitted to a Sportsman 820: Image –

The side smoker is only going to fit Pit Boss pellet grills/smokers with a side exhaust/chimney. You can check the full list of compatible pellet grills/smokers through the link above to the Pit Boss website.

To fit the side smoke box requires the removal of the chimney and the side shelf/towel rail. Brackets are included to fit the side smokebox to those same fixing points.

The side smoker features its own door thermometer and an adjustable damper on the chimney.

The side smoker gets its heat and smoke from the main cooking chamber, therefore, the side smoker will have cooler temperatures than within the main cooking chamber.

So you will need to bear those temperature differences in mind when deciding what to cook in the main cooking chamber compared to the side smoker.

The side smoker opens up the possibility of cold-smoking fish and cheese, which is something I’m personally a fan of.

Very few pellet smokers on the market, especially at the mid-range price point of Pit Boss products, provide the possibility to cold smoke.

Pit Boss Single Burner Tabletop Griddle

I’ve previously discussed in articles the scenarios where combo pellet/gas grills can provide advantages in terms of providing the best of both worlds, the flavour or pellet cooking and the convenience and quick high heat output of propane.

Pit Boss produce quite a few different combo pellet/gas grills. However, they also produce a range of propane griddles. Several of these griddles are large standalone cookers.

However, what I think can be a very handy accessory for existing Pit Boss pellet grill/smoker owners is their little single-burner portable tabletop griddle.

Pit Boss Single Burner Tabletop Griddle
For just $99, I think this little single burner tabletop griddle can provide a lot of additional utility for many existing Pit Boss pellet grill/smoker owners: Image –

The single burner griddle is small enough that it could be positioned on the side shelf of many Pit Boss pellet grills/smokers.

The benefit of the side burner and cast-iron griddle is they will provide you with quick access to very high heat. Now, most Pit Boss pellet grills provide direct-flame access for searing.

However, the problem is on legacy Pit Boss products, you cannot quickly open and close the vents in the grease tray for the flames, and you have to take out the cooking grates.

When you are utilizing the entire cooking area for a large group of friends and family, that’s just not practical.

Therefore, having this little tabletop griddle next to the cooking area, you could be cooking/smoking the meat within the pellet grill/smoker and then quickly and easily lift the meat out and onto the griddle for a final sear to get the best texture/flavour possible.

However, a griddle is not just handy for searing. The flat surface could also be used for cooking smaller pieces of food which would be impractical on the grill due to falling through the grate.

You could also have a pot on the griddle with some beans cooking etc, it can just provide lots of additional utility.

Essentially, this little single-burner tabletop griddle would provide very similar functionality to the Camp Chef Sear Box/Side Kick, which I’m also a big fan of.

Conclusions On The Best Pit Boss Accessories/Upgrades

You can also get various front and side shelf upgrades for many Pit Boss pellet grills/smokers, which can definitely provide valuable additional working area. But for me, it’s the accessories/upgrades above which stand out.

However, there are scenarios where a couple of the upgrades above may not be right for you. As stated with the SmokeIT control panel upgrade, the missing PID temperature control is a bit of a disappointment.

With the side smoker, you will be losing a side shelf to fit it. Therefore, if you do not already have a front shelf for your grill, you may have to consider one.

Furthermore, I discuss the benefit of the single burner propane griddle being able to sit on the side self, but that’s obviously not possible if you went with the side smoker upgrade as you would have removed the side shelf. So it’s really about thinking about what additional functionality matters most to you.

That’s it! I hope you found the information above on what I think are the best Pit Boss accessories/upgrades. If you are looking more into your general pellet grill/smoker options, please check out my Wood Pellet Grill/Smoker Guide. 🙂

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