Best Traeger Pellet Grill/Smoker Accessories 2022

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If you are lucky enough to own a Traeger grill you may be wondering what Traeger grill accessories are available to make your time using the grill/smoker just that bit easier. Much of what makes Traeger pellet grills the best option is their product support with a wide range of accessories. Therefore, I thought I would put together a quick post on the best Traeger grill accessories currently available. Some of these accessories could be regarded as essential, where others are purely optional. Which is the case will depend on how you personally use your Traeger grill and how frequently you use it.

In this post, I’m not going to reference BBQ wood pellets, I’ve already covered that topic. Along with how Trager wood pellets are made.

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Accessory 1: Traeger Bucket Lid and Filter Kit

I think this is probably one of the best/most important accessories any Traeger pellet grill owner should have. I’ve discussed in the past that wood pellets can go bad and what happens if you don’t keep pellets dry. I’ve also discussed how keeping fines/dust out of your wood pellets before you use them is very important. Fines can cause problems for feed augers on stoves and BBQs. They can also reduce the efficiency of the combustion process and increase the percentage of ash produced.

The Traeger Bucket Lid and Filter accessories are worth considering: Image –

Traeger does not advise leaving wood pellets in an open bag. They will absorb humidity from the air and over time expand. Therefore, with the Traeger bucket lid and filter kit, you can modify most 5 gallon buckets to be a suitable place to store your Traeger BBQ wood pellets. With the bucket lid and lifting cap, you can easily pour just enough pellets into the hopper. The video below from Traeger discusses the benefits of the Traeger pellet bucket.

If you want to keep your BBQ wood pellets in top condition its worth considering the Traeger bucket lid and filter accessory: Video –

Accessory 2: The Traeger Stainless Steel Grill Basket

When you are cooking large pieces of meat or vegetables on the Traeger or any grill for that matter you have very little to no concerns about the food dropping through the grill bars. However, if you are cooking small shrimp, asparagus, or chipolatas, for instance, it can get a bit ‘dicey’. During the cooking process, you are going to want to turn the food over at least once. Its at that point where food such as that mentioned above can easily drop between the grill bars. Therefore, to avoid that issue you may want to consider another Traeger accessory their grill basket.

If you cook small diameter meat, fish or veg on your Traeger you may want to consider the grill basket accessory: Image –

The Traeger grill basket only has small holes. Therefore, its much better for cooking small pieces of meat, fish or vegetables. You can continue to turn the food over while its cooking on the grill basket without the fear of losing the food to the drip tray liner. Now, if you never cook small pieces of meat or vegetables such as asparagus on your Traeger grill, this is not an essential accessory. Furthermore, as shown in the Traeger video below, you can cook food items such as asparagus on the standard grill bars if you are really careful.

It is possible to cook small diameter food on a Traeger without their grill basket. However, there is a higher chance of losing that food to drip tray: Video –

Accessory 3: Traeger Custom Grill Covers

Now there are lots of grill covers on the market, you don’t have to purchase a Traeger specific cover. However, I think they are a couple of reasons why you might want to. First off, not all grill covers are breathable, and breathability is very important. If you cover your grill/smoker with a plastic cover when you come to use your grill again next season you are going to have a nasty surprise.

The grill will be covered in mould due to the damp environment around the grill. All Traeger grill covers provide breathability to let moisture escape. A Traeger pellet grill/smoker is a pretty heft investment. Therefore, you don’t want to skimp on a cheap low-quality cover that leads to mould and accelerates corrosion damage.

All Traeger grill covers are breathable to keep your smoker in good condition over the winter season: Image –

Another reason you might want to consider a Traeger cover is they produce different covers which specifically fit different models. Why is that important? Well, when it gets windy, a fitted cover is less likely to tear and come off the grill. Furthermore, with a fitted cover its going to be much easier to move the grill around. A large/oversized cover will drag on the ground and get trapped under the wheels or your feet. If you do wish to opt for a Trager grill cover just make sure you purchase the correct size for your specific grill.

Accessory 4: Traeger All Natural Grill Cleaner

When it comes to keeping your Traeger grill clean and in a good condition you really do have to be careful. I’ve seen videos and forum posts in the past of people recommending various products for cleaning grills which just aren’t safe to use.

Sure, there are some very powerful household cleaning agents out there that will strip burnt food/grease from the grill bars. However, most of those cleaning agents are not food safe. Therefore, for cleaning inside your grill and any surface which comes into contact with your food you really want to be using a non-hazardous cleaner.

Traegers All-Natural Grill Cleaner is one of the safest and most effective ways to keep your grill clean and in good condition: Image –

The all-natural grill cleaner from Traeger is worth considering. Reading various reviews online it does appear to do a respectable job of being able to keep the grill clean without too much work with a grill brush. Some people also use this all-natural cleaner on the outside of their Traeger pellet grill. Its obviously not as essential to clean the outside of the smoker with a food-grade cleaner, however its still not a bad idea.

You never want to use a cleaner that is too abrasive and is going to damage the paint finish on your Traeger. Using the all-natural Traeger grill cleaner with a cloth and some warm water will be able to remove grease from the outside of your grill without damaging the paint finish. I discuss this more in my post on how to clean a pellet grill.

Accessory 5: The Traeger Front Folding Shelf

Now you may be thinking to yourself two questions. First, why is this shelf not included with the Traeger grill in the first place? Second, is a shelf really a necessary accessory to even bother considering? Both are valid questions. In terms of why the shelf isn’t included, well some models do actually already come with this front folding shelf fitted. For instance, the shelf is included on the Traeger Pro Series. However, some lower-spec models do not come with a self. Hence, the option to purchase the self as an optional accessory.

This is an optional front folding shelf for the 22 series of Traeger Wood Pellet Grills: Image –

The second question is, do you really need a front folding shelf? Personally, I would not describe this accessory as essential, but it does have its merits. For instance, when you are preparing a piece of meat/fish and applying sauce or rubs having a shelf right next to the grill has its advantages.

With the shelf directly in front of the grill once the food is prepared and its ready to go on the grill there is virtually no chance of the food falling on the floor before you can get it on the grill. The advantage of the shelf folding is that when you are actually monitoring the cooking process you are able to stand much closer to the grill with the shelf folded down. Also, when you are putting the grill in storage and with the cover on the shelf is obviously in its folded down position.

This quick video shows how to attach the front folding shelf accessory to your Traeger grill.

Accessory 6: The Traeger 12V to 110V Power Inverter

When you were camping or tailgating in the past being able to experience the great flavour from cooking with wood pellets ‘on the go’ had been quite tricky. First, many of the original Traeger grills were quite large and heavy. Hence they couldn’t easily be described as ‘portable’. However, after getting a lot of feedback from their customers on this issue Traeger released their portable/tailgate wood pellet smoker. I discuss this grill more in my post on the best portable pellet grills.

As you can see through the link above, not only is it a very small/compact and lightweight Traeger grill it also has a neat trick. The legs fold up underneath the grill so it can be easily folded up and placed in the rear of a pick-up or the trunk of a car. However, there was a second issue that needed to be addressed, a source of power. A Traeger grill requires 110V power for the ignitor, wood pellet feed auger, fan and control panel. So to provide 110V power while camping and tailgating Traeger also now offer a 400W 12V to 110V power inverter.

If you want to use your Traeger Grill when tailgating or camping you will need a source of 110V power which could come from your vehicle with this inverter: Image –

You could take a separate 12V battery with you to run this power inverter from. However, depending on the capacity and condition of the 12V battery in your car/truck and how long you wanted to run the Traeger for you could just connect up this power inverter to your vehicles starter battery. You do need to be careful though, you obviously don’t want to drain the vehicle battery and get stranded in the middle of nowhere! There are also other portable power solutions to consider.

Accessory 7: Winter Insulated Cooking Blanket

As any Traeger owner knows, purchasing a pellet grill is a significant investment. Therefore, its not unreasonable for you to want to use your grill to cook some delicious meat, fish or vegetables even in the colder months of the year, around Thanksgiving for instance.

However, just as you wouldn’t want to stand outside during the winter months without a coat on, neither does your Traeger. Using the grill as is during cold weather will significantly increase pellet consumption. Therefore, if you do want to use your Traeger during the colder months of the year you may want to consider their insulated blanket.

Of all the accessories mentioned above, if you wish to use your Traeger grill in the colder winter months this insulated cover is important: Image –

Couple of things to note. Traeger doesn’t recommend using the insulated blanket when the outside temperature is above 35 degrees. Furthermore, please note this insulated blanket is not designed to be a weather-resistant cover for the grill. When the smoker is not in use you should still be using a suitable breathable cover as referenced above.

Finally, please do not use your pellet grill inside your home/garage during the winter months. It is not safe to do so. You would create a toxic environment due to the smoke coming from the grill. Therefore, you should only ever use your Traeger grill in an outside well-ventilated environment.

Accessory 8: Pellet Level Sensor

If you are lucky enough to own a Traeger Timberline pellet grill you will already have this accessory installed. However, if you own a Gen 2 Pro Series or an Ironwood pellet grill you can also now add a pellet level sensor to your WiFire D2 Controller. I’ve got a separate post on the Traeger pellet sensor detailing the installation and calibration process if you’re interested.

The Traeger pellet sensor can serve as a great birthday/Christmas gift for someone with a Gen 2 Pro Series or Ironwood pellet grill: Image –

Conclusions On The Best Traeger Grill Accessories

Traeger does produce a massive range of other optional accessories as you can see through this link to their accessories page. However, many of them such as utensils, aprons and magnetic hooks are just the same type of products from any other brand/supplier.

I feel the accessories I’ve referenced above do have some specific benefits. For instance covers and insulated blankets that will perfectly fit your specific Traeger grill and the cleaner is an approved Traeger product. Hence you cannot get into warranty trouble for using it and damaging the paint finish on the grill.

If you are having trouble with your Traeger I’m writing several troubleshooting posts. For instance, how to change a Traeger temperature probe or how to replace/upgrade a Traeger control panel.

Anyway, I hope you found this post interesting/useful. You can purchase any of the Traeger accessories above through If you are curious to learn more about BBQ wood pellets/grills please check out my Wood Pellet Grill/Smoker Guide which has links to lots of my other articles. 🙂

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