Best Value Maple Pellets Per Lb

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I have my main article on the best value pellets for smoking/grilling. This article is to specifically covers the best-value Maple pellets currently on the market. Maple pellets provide a sweet smoky flavour that is particularly well suited to seafood and poultry. Currently, it appears all Maple pellets on the market are blended products. Its also worth noting that some brands of Apple blended pellets actually contain a high percentage of Maple. Enjoy 🙂

Best Value Maple Pellets

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Best Value Maple Blended Pellets – Ordered Cheapest Per Lb

Below I’ve calculated the average/typical cost per lb for the various brands which currently sell Maple pellets, factoring in the prices I’ve seen from various outlets.

As Maple pellet bag sizes change (some are 20 lbs, some are 40 lbs), I focus on the price per lb, not per bag. This is an important distinction to make when looking to buy the best-value pellets.

The order of the different brands of Maple pellets below is the cheapest per lb first. However, prices can obviously change, but I’ll do my best to update this article over time.

Note: Several brands, such as Louisiana Grills, Pit Boss, and Weber, sell Apple blended pellets where there is actually a higher percentage of Maple wood (60%) in the mix than Applewood (40%).

Pit Boss Maple Pellets – 50 Cents to 65 Cents Per Lb

I’m sure you’re aware of Pit Boss. They are one of the most well-known and widely available of the pellet grill/smoker brands. They also have one of the large ranges of pellet flavours.

They do sell Maple pellets in 20 lb and 40 lb bags. It would appear these are blended pellets, they are likely a Mapel and Oak blend of pellets, but the percentages are unknown.

Pit Boss Maple Pellets

You can pick up a 40 lb bag of these pellets directly from Pit Boss ($20). Amazon ($21) has them in stock from time to time, and Lowes ($13) stock the 20 lb bags.

Cuisinart Maple Bourbon Pellets – 85 Cents Per Lb

These pellets from Cuisinart are made partly from reclaimed Oak bourbon barrels. However, there is also a percentage of Maple pellets as part of the mix, but we don’t know the percentage.

Cuisinart Maple Bourbon Pellets

The availability of these Cuisinart Maple Bourbon pellets is very limited. I’ve only found them for sale at Walmart ($17) in 20 lb bags. Therefore the price per lb is 85 Cents.

  • Typical Price Per lb: 85 Cents
  • Bag Size: 20 lbs
  • Availability:

Crown Royal Whiskey Pellets – $1 Per Lb

Nope, I’ve not made a mistake. While these pellets are indeed made from Oak whiskey barrels, that’s only 50% of the mix. The remaining 50% of these blended pellets are made from Sugar Maple.

Crown Royal Whiskey Pellets

The availability of these Crown Royal pellets is currently pretty limited. I can only find them a Lowes ($40) in 40 lb bags. Therefore the price per lb works out at $1 per lb.

  • Typical Price Per lb: $1
  • Bag Size: 40 lbs
  • Availability:

Kingsford Maple Pellets – $1 to $1.25 Per Lb

Kingsford has been offering charcoal since the 1920s, and they are now also in the pellet game, offering a wide range of pellet flavours.

It would appear that these are a hardwood pellet blend and not 100% Maple pellets. However, I’m waiting on feedback from Kingsford to confirm this.

Kingsford Maple Pellets

They are available at Home Depot ($20) in 20 lb bags where their own product description states ‘100% Maple Hardwood‘. However, that description doesn’t appear on the packaging!?

You can also pick them up from Lowes ($25). Therefore the price per lb works out between $1 and $1.25.

Bear Mountain Maple Pellets – $1.2 to $1.35

Bear Mountain offer a wide range of pellet flavors and their Apple, Cherry, Hickory and Oak pellets are some of the cheapest currently on the market.

They also offer Maple branded pellets. Like the other Bear Mountain pellets, these are a hardwood blend with a percentage of Maple pellets. However, the percentages are not provided.

Bear Mountain Maple Pellets

Getting a hold of these Maple pellets is a lot harder than the other Bear Mountain pellet flavors. However, I still found them for sale in 20 lb bags at Amazon ($27) and Walmart ($24).

Therefore the price per lb for these Bear Mountain Maple pellets works out between $1.2 and $1.35.

  • Typical Price Per lb: $1.2 to $1.35
  • Bag Size: 20 lbs & 40 lbs
  • Availability:

BBQr’s Delight Sugar Maple Pellets – $1.35 Per Lb

One of the oldest brands when it comes to BBQ pellets, one of the latest flavors which have been added to their range are Sugar Maple pellets which are blended with Oak pellets.

BBQr’s Delight Sugar Maple Pellets

These Sugar Maple pellets are harder to get a hold of compared to the other BBQr’s Delight pellets. However, I have found them for sale at Amazon ($27) and Walmart ($27) in 20 lb bags.

Therefore the price per lb for these pellets is $1.35.

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