Best Value Oak Pellets Per Lb

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I have my main article on the best value pellets for smoking/grilling. This article is to specifically cover the best-value oak pellets currently on the market for grilling/smoking. Oak pellets are the foundation of the BBQ pellet market, as they provide a mild smoke flavour and above-average heat output. Therefore, Oak pellets are often the foundation of other pellet flavours as well in percentages between 50 to 80%. But below, we’re focusing on pure oak pellets.

Best Value Oak Pellets

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Best Value Oak Pellets – Ordered Cheapest Per Lb

Below I’ve calculated the average/typical cost per lb for the various brands which currently sell Oak pellets, factoring in the prices I’ve seen from various outlets.

As Oak pellet bag sizes change (some are 20 lbs, some are 40 lbs), I focus on the price per lb, not per bag. This is an important distinction to make when looking to buy the best-value pellets.

The order of the different brands of Oak pellets below is the cheapest per lb first. However, prices can obviously change, but I’ll do my best to update this article over time.

Pit Boss Oak Pellets – 42 to 75 Cents Per Lb

To keep the branding of their pellets consistent, Pit Boss Oak pellets are branded as ‘Oak Blend’, but these aren’t blended pellets. The only wood species in the bag is Oak.

Pit Boss Oak Pellets

Pit Boss Oak pellets are sold in 40 lb bags. They are available from Pit Boss directly for $20 per bag. If you can find them in stock at Lowes, you may be able to get them for as low as $17 per bag.

You can also pick them up through Amazon. However, the price is much less appealing at $30 per bag. Therefore the price per lb ranges from 42 Cents (Lowes) up to 75 Cents per lb (Amazon).

Bear Mountain Oak Pellets – 43 to 50 Cents Per Lb

Based in Colorado, Bear Mountain BBQ has been producing a range of hardwood pellets for grills/smokers since 1990.

Oak pellets from Bear Mountain are available in either 20 lb or 40lb bags. It shouldn’t be too surprising that if you can get hold of the 40 lb bags, they offer the best value per lb.

Bear Mountain Oak Pellets

The best prices I’ve found are 20 lb bags of Oak Bear Mountain pellets for $10 at Academy Sports. For the 40 lb bags of Oak pellets, I’ve found them at Lowes for $17.50.

Therefore, that’s a price of 50 Cents per lb for the 20 lb bags and 43 Cents for the 40 lb bags. Obviously, prices can change etc, and I’ll update this page the best I can.

B&B Oak Pellets – 50 to 70 Cents Per Lb

B&B has been producing charcoal since 1961, but they have now also thrown their hat into the pellet game. While the availability of their pellets is currently quite limited, that should change.

B&B Oak Pellets

So I managed to find B&B Oak pellets at Lowes for just under $14 per 20 lb bag. However, the best price I’ve currently found was at Academy Sports, at just under $10 for a 20 lb bag.

  • Typical Price Per lb: 50 to 70 Cents per lb
  • Bag Size: 20 lb
  • Availability: &

Camp Chef Oak Pellets – 85 Cents Per Lb

Camp Chef is one of the leading pellet grill/smoker manufacturers. With products such as their Apex gas/pellet grills and Woodwind Pro with its additional smoke box.

Naturally, Camp Chef has their own branded pellets, and their Oak pellets come in 20 lb bags.

Camp Chef Oak Pellets

While you can find the other Camp Chef pellet flavours of Apple, Cherry etc, through Amazon and Walmart etc, they don’t seem to currently stock the Oak pellets, which is odd.

Through the Camp Chef website, a 20 lb bag of Oak pellets is just under $17. Therefore, the price per lb works out to be 85 Cents.

  • Typical Price Per lb: 85 Cents
  • Bag Size: 20 lb
  • Availability:

Z Grills Oak Pellets – 95 Cents to $1.25 Per Lb

You are probably aware of Z Grills. They are currently one of the most popular/well-known budget pellet grill/smoker brands. They also sell their own branded pellets.

You can purchase these Oak pellets directly from Z Grills either in single 20 lb bags for $30 or in pairs of bags which drops the price to $25 per bag.

Z Grills Oak Pellets

You can also find these pellets at Amazon for around $19 per bag, and Home Depot sell them for the same price. While they’re available at Walmart, the bags cost a little more at $23.

Therefore, the price per lb works out between 95 Cents per lb (Amazon, Home Depot) up to $1.25 per lb when purchased directly from Z Grills.

BBQGuys Oak Pellets – $1 to $1.25 Per Lb

BBQGuys are now one of the largest US online retailers for various outdoor cooking equipment, including a wide range of pellet grills/smokers.

Therefore, it makes sense that BBQGuys would offer its own branded pellets through its online store, including Oak pellets.

BBQGuys Oak Pellets

As of this moment, I’m only aware of the availability of these BBQGuys pellets through their own website. I’m not sure if they are going to become more widely available.

In terms of price, well, these Oak pellets are only currently available in 20lb bags, and the price varies between $20 and $25. Hence, $1 to $1.25 per lb.

  • Typical Price Per lb: $1 to $1.25
  • Bag Size: 20 lb
  • Availability:

Memphis Oak Pellets – $1.05 Per Lb

If you’re not aware of Memphis, they are a manufacturer of premium stainless steel pellet grills. As such, it makes for them to sell their own branded pellets.

Memphis Oak Pellets

The current availability of these Memphis Oak pellets is pretty limited. They used to be sold on Amazon and at Walmart, but both appear to be out of stock.

The only retailer I can currently find that stocks them is BBQGuys, and they are selling 20 lb bags for $21. Hence, that works out to $1.05 per lb.

  • Typical Price Per lb: $1.05
  • Bag Size: 20 lb
  • Availability:

Lumber Jack Oak Pellets – $1.25 to $1.75 Per Lb

Lumber Jack pellets have been around for many years now. However, the availability of their pellets seems to be getting less and less for some reason.

Lumber Jack Oak Pellets

I can still find 20 lb bags of Oak Lumber Jack pellets at Amazon for $35. Walmart sells them in 20 lb and 40 lb bags, with prices of the 20 lb bags at $30 and the 40 lb bags at $50.

Hence, the price per lb for these Oak pellets works out pretty high, with a price per lb from Amazon at $1.75 and from Walmart between $1.25 and $1.50 per lb.

  • Typical Price Per lb: $1.25 to $1.75
  • Bag Size: 20 lb and 40 lb
  • Availability: &

BBQ’rs Delight Oak Pellets – $1.28 to $1.50 Per Lb

Some of the first BBQ pellets I ever purchased were from BBQ’rs Delight, and their pellet flavour selection packs in 1 lb bags, but as can imagine, the price per lb for those bags is very high.

However, you can find 20 lb bags of BBQ’rs Delight Oak pellets, but the price per lb is not great.

BBQ'rs Delight Oak Pellets

I found these 20 lb bags of BBQ’rs Delight Oak pellets selling for $30 on Amazon, which is a very high price per lb just for Oak pellets.

Walmart does currently sell these 20 lb bags of Oak pellets for $25.50 per bag, which is obviously a better deal but still pretty high on the price per lb scale.

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