Brisk It Origin 580 – An I.A. Pellet Grill/Smoker? Maybe Not

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Today I came across a pellet grill brand even I wasn’t aware of, Brisk It. I saw an advert for this grill while browsing social media. The advert got me even more intrigued as it talked about the Brisk It Origin 580 being a ‘Smart Grill’ with ‘A.I’. Artificial Intelligence (A.I) with the likes of ChatGPT are all the rage currently, and so is the Origin 580 really that smart of a grill? Maybe not, as we’ll discuss below, and we’ll also try to work out if its good value for the money.

Brisk It Origin 580
The Origin 580 is the only model currently available from Brisk It Grills: Image –

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Introduction On The Brisk It Origin 580

The first thing that I will note is when I’ve come across new pellet grill/smoker brands in the past, quite a few times, they are what are generally referred to as ‘Traeger clones’.

In other words, they have a similar construction/control panel to previous generation Traeger models with a few cosmetic differences (different paint finish/handles etc).

However, that’s not the case with the Brisk It Origin 580. It appears to have its own unique design/construction, and I don’t recognise the control panel from any other models.

I managed to find a promotional video on the Origin 580 from the Brisk It YouTube channel, which apparently has been up since early 2022. I’m surprised I’ve only just come across it.

Is the Brisk It Origin 580 really such a ‘smart’ grill controlled by A.I.?

So in the promotional video above, it would appear that the Brisk It Origin 580 does have a nice touchscreen control panel that’s running a PID algorithm for temperature control.

They get a nice tick there for the use of PID, and the full-color touchscreen control panel with WiFi/App capabilities also gets them a tick for offering the latest technology.

It’s the A.I. part of the marketing that caused my ears to prick up. Really!? Is this pellet grill actually capable of making decisions based on different inputs/temperatures etc?

While I was also on YouTube, I came across a review of the Origin 580 by the HeyGrillHey channel which produces well-rounded reviews which I have referenced in other posts.

They discuss the ‘A.I.’ capabilities of the Brisk It Origin 580, and its as I suspected. The term is being used pretty loosely as a marketing tool than describing the grills’ actual capabilities.

It would appear the Brisk It Origin 580 is a solid grill. Just forget about the A.I. branding

For the Brisk It Origin 580 really to feature artificial intelligence, it would be able to adjust the temperature of the cooking chamber based on the internal temperature of the meat etc.

However, that’s not part of the capabilities of this pellet grill/smoker. What its ‘InnoGrill’ technology offers is notifications/prompts when the internal temperature of the meat, say a brisket, should be rapped etc.

Now, for someone who has no idea what they are doing and has never cooked on a grill/smoker before, these prompts could be helpful, but they are not a market first. Other brands offer similar notifications.

So let’s leave the ‘A.I.’ marketing alone, and now let’s discuss the value proposition for this Brisk It Origin 580 and compare it against other brands’ products at a similar price point.

How Does The Brisk It Origin 580 Compare To The Competition?

So first, I’ve created a quick table below to highlight the key features of the Brisk It pellet grill/smoker so we can there compare it to a couple of models for a similar price point.

I’ve chosen to reference the Traeger Pro 575 and Weber SmokeFire EX4 as alternative options. But also because on the Brisk It website, they imply the Origin 580 compares well against these models.

Brisk It Origin 580

Brisk It Origin 580 Pellet Grill

FeaturesBrisk It Origin 580
Cooking Area580 (Two Racks)
Main Grate428
Temp Range180 to 500 F
Hopper Capacity22 lbs
Direct Flame AccessNo
PID Temperature ControlYes
WiFi/App SupportYes
Typical Price$799

Traeger Pro 575

Traeger Pro 575

FeaturesTraeger Pro 575
Cooking Area575 (Two Racks)
Main Grate418
Temp Range180 to 500 F
Hopper Capacity18 lbs
Direct Flame AccessNo
PID Temperature ControlYes
WiFi/App SupportYes
Typical Price$799

Weber SmokeFire EX4

Weber SmokeFire EX4

FeaturesWeber SmokeFire EX4
Cooking Area672 (Two Racks)
Main Grate432
Temp Range200 to 600 F
Hopper Capacity20 lbs
Direct Flame AccessYes
PID Temperature ControlYes
WiFi/App SupportYes
Typical Price$1,099

Temperature Control & Cooking Performance

All three pellet grills/smokers feature PID temperature control technology which is able to manage the internal temperature to within 5 degrees of the set temperature.

However, while all three models are equal in temperature accuracy, there is a notable difference with the Weber SmokeFire EX4 as it is able to get to a higher temperature of 600 degrees.

The Brisk It Origin 580 and the Traeger Pro 575 will max out at 500 degrees. Furthermore, neither model benefits from direct-flame access for better searing of steaks/burgers etc.

The Weber SmokeFire EX4 lets the flames reach the grate and is by far the superior pellet grill compared to the Brisk It Origin 580 and the Traeger Pro 575.

However, I will note, as a pellet smoker, I do have some issues with the Weber SmokeFire, as I have previously discussed in other articles.

Cooking Area & Hopper Capacity

In terms of the total cooking area, the Brisk It Origin 580 (580 is very closely comparable to the Traeger Pro 575 (575 and the Weber SmokeFire EX4 (672

While the overall cooking area of the Weber is a little more than the others, the size of the main grates is very similar. Beyond a few, the sizes of the main grates are very similar.

The same is true with their hopper capacities. While the Origin 580 does indeed have the largest hopper, the Weber is not far behind. However, it is annoying that the Traeger cannot take a full 20 lb bag of pellets.

Pricing & Value

Based on typical pricing, the Brisk It Origin 580 and the Traeger Pro 575 are identical in price ($799), with the Weber SmokeFire EX4 coming in higher at a typical price of $1,099.

However, as stated above, the Weber does go to a higher temperature and is the superior pellet grill of three, even if, as a pellet smoker, its a bit more complicated (use a water pan to catch grease).

Furthermore, the Weber is only one of the three which is made in the US. Well, sort of. The SmokeFire is at least assembled in the US, even if some of the components are, to quote Weber, ‘globally sourced’.

Conclusions On The Brisk It Origin 580…

The Brisk It Origin 580 appears to be a reasonably built pellet grill/smoker with a nice full-colour touchscreen control panel and a pretty decent App.

I think the ‘A.I.’ talk is more about marketing than actual capabilities, but beginners may find the additional notifications/prompts when cooking useful.

In terms of price, its no more expensive than a Traeger and its cheaper than an entry Weber. However, as discussed above, the Weber is a more capable pellet grill and its made in the US.

I think for the Brisk It pellet grill to really gain any notable market share, they need a lower price point. They just don’t have the brand awareness/loyalty of a Traeger/Weber.

That’s it! Thanks for reading. I hope you found the quick analysis/comparison of the Brisk It Origin 580 interesting/useful. It will be interesting to see if they offer more models or are one-and-done.

To learn more about the various other products on the market, please check out my Pellet Grill/Smoker Guide or my Grilling/Smoker Guides. 🙂

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