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My general pellet grill/smoker FAQ page offers answers to a wide range of topics about pellet grills/smokers and the pellets they use. However, this page is specifically a Camp Chef focused FAQ page, discussing questions about what features/capabilities the current range of Camp Chef pellet grills/smokers offer. For instance, which Camp Chef grills come with features such as WiFi, direct-flame access, twin-wall insulated construction, stainless steel, pellet dump etc. I’ll also provide links to articles I’ve produced on specific Camp Chef models and my comparison/vs articles. I hope I can teach you something new, enjoy!

Camp Chef FAQ
The current Camp Chef range is focused on mid-range pellet grills/smokers, however, Camp Chef also produce one of the leading vertical pellet smokers as well: Images –

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What’s The Cheapest Camp Chef Pellet Grill?

The cheapest Camp Chef pellet grill is a tie between the SmokePro SE and the Pursuit 20, both retailing for $440. While the SmokePro SE offers the larger main cooking grate at 429 compared to the Pursuit 20 at 253, there is an important difference. The Pursuit 20 is fitted with a PID control panel for more accurate temperature control, whereas the SmokePro SE is fitted with a previous generation time-based control panel.

What’s The Most Expensive Camp Chef Pellet Grill?

Currently, the most expensive Camp Chef pellet grill is a Woodwind WiFi 36 with either a propane Sear Box or SideKick attachment for $1,200. The Sear Box & SideKick each have different strengths which I discuss more in this post.

What’s The Smallest Camp Chef Pellet Grill?

The two smallest Camp Chef pellet grills are the Pursuit 20 and the Woodwind WiFi 20, both providing a total cooking area of 501 The Pursuit 20 is a portable pellet grill with folding legs, whereas the Woodwind WiFi 20 has fixed legs. Furthermore, the Woodwind WiFi 20 is priced higher than the Pursuit 20 at $600. The reason being, the Woodwind WiFi 20 not only features WiFi but also a larger/clearer colour screen.

What’s The Largest Camp Chef Pellet Grill?

The largest Camp Chef pellet grills are the 36″ models, namely the Woodwind WiFi 36 but also the SmokePro SGX 36 providing a total cooking area of 1,236, with 663 at the main cooking grate. The differences between these two models are the Woodwind WiFi features a stainless grill lid and a larger colour screen control panel. Both the Woodwind WiFi 36 and SmokePro SGX 36 can be upgraded with either the propane Sear Box/SideKick for an additional cooking area.

Which Camp Chef Grill Get’s The Hottest?

All Camp Chef pellet grills come with a maximum temperature setting of 500 degrees. However, some Camp Chef pellet grills also come with direct-flame access (Slide & Grill) where the cooking grate will reach temperatures around 650 degrees for improved grilling/searing performance.

What’s The Warranty On Camp Chef Pellet Grills?

The Camp Chef warranty on all of their pellet grills is 3 years, covering defects in all materials and workmanship. However, it should be noted the warranty is none transferable (second-hand purchases). Furthermore, the warranty does not cover the paint and finish of the pellet grills which is a standard warranty term with other pellet grill manufacturers.  

Where Are Camp Chef Grills Made?

Camp Chef is a US-based company who were established in 1990. While Camp Chef pellet grills/smokers are designed and engineered in the US, they are manufactured in China. As Camp Chef pellet grills are mid-range priced products, its necessary to manufacturer overseas to achieve their target price point.

Does Camp Chef Produce Portable Pellet Grills?

Yes, the Pursuit 20 is currently the only portable pellet grill that Camp Chef produce which is a lightweight grill (82 lbs) with folding legs. While the Pursuit 20 may be small (501 of cooking space), it actually has two features not found on many full-sized pellet grills from other brands. For instance, the Pursuit 20 is fitted with the PID control panel for accurate temperature control and it also features direct-flame access for better grilling/searing performance.

Does Camp Chef Produce Vertical Pellet Smokers?

Yes, the Camp Chef XXL WiFi Vertical Smoker is one of the best domestic vertical pellet smokers currently on the market. What makes the XXL WiFi stand out from many other domestic vertical pellet smokers is the inclusion of the Camp Chef Gen2 WiFi/PID control panel. You now get the benefits of more accurate temperature control from the PID control panel and WiFi/Smartphone monitoring and adjustment. However, if you are interested in cold weather smoking, the separate insulated blanket is recommended.

Does Camp Chef Produce Built-In Pellet Grills/Smokers?

Not currently, as built-in pellet grills for outdoor kitchens are generally premium/luxury pellet grills these are not the grade of pellet grills/smokers Camp Chef are currently producing. Camp Chef’s product range is firmly focused on the mid-range market.

Does Camp Chef Produce Pellet/Gas Combo Pellet Grills?

Yes, however, Camp Chef’s approach to pellet/gas combo pellet grills is a little different to the competition such as Pit Boss for example. Camp Chef has produced two propane attachments called the Sear Box and SideKick. These propane attachments can be purchased as new with a pellet grill or purchased separately as a bolt-on upgrade option to most Camp Chef pellet grills (except the SmokePro SE24, Pursuit 20 or Woodwind WiFi 20).

Either the propane Sear Box or SideKick can server as a very useful accessory to not only provide additional cooking space but a with a higher temperature/quicker heat response time (though obviously no flavour). I have a separate article on the Sear Box vs SideKick where I discuss the strengths of each accessory in more detail.

Does Camp Chef Produce Stainless Steel Pellet Grills/Smokers?

Camp Chef does not currently produce any full-stainless steel pellet grills/smokers. Stainless steel is an expensive material, and a full-stainless steel pellet grill would be priced above the mid-range offerings Camp Chef currently focuses on. However, Camp Chef on some of their pellet grills does offer them with a stainless steel grill lid. Furthermore, the propane Sear Box/SideKick are made from stainless steel.

Does Camp Chef Produce Twin-Wall Insulated Pellet Grills/Smokers?

Camp Chef pellet grills/smokers do not currently feature twin-wall insulated construction. As such, Camp Chef pellet grills as standard are best suited to warm weather use in the spring/summer. For use in the colder months of the year, Camp Chef does offer insulated blankets for their pellet grills which are recommended to improve cooking performance and reduce pellet consumption.

Do Camp Chef Grills Come With WiFi/App Support?

Yes, many Camp Chef pellet grills/smokers come with WiFi support to link up to the Camp Chef Connect app to monitor and adjust the cooking process. Any Camp Chef pellet grill with ‘WiFi’ in its product title is WiFi compatible as standard. However, its important to note, there are models in the SmokePro range which appear to be fitted with the same control panel, however, those models do not feature WiFi integration.

With the Camp Chef Gen 2 WiFi/PID control panel older Camp Chef Woodwind/SmokePro models can be retrofitted with WiFi technology to take advantage of the Camp Chef Connect app.

Do Camp Chef Grills Come With PID Control Panels?

Almost all new Camp Chef pellet grills/smokers come with a control panel using PID technology for more accurate temperature control. The only exception being the SmokePro SE24 which is still being fitted with a previous generation time-based control panel. SmokePro XT and DLX do feature a PID control panel, however, those models do not feature WiFi integration discussed above. The same goes for the portable Pursuit 20, the control panel features PID technology but no WiFi support currently.

Do Camp Chef Grills Offer Direct-Flame Access?

Many (but not all) Camp Chef pellet grills feature direct-flame access for higher grilling/searing temperatures of around 650 degrees. All of the Woodwind range features direct-flame access, or as Camp Chef refers to the feature ‘Slide & Grill‘.

The only SmokePro models which feature Slide & Grill are the SG and SGX models, the DLX and XT models do not currently feature Slide & Grill, likewise for the cheapest Camp Chef the SmokePro SE24. However, the smallest Camp Chef pellet grill the portable Pursuit 20 does feature Slide & Grill.

Do Camp Chef Grills Offer Easy Ash Clean Out?

Yes, Camp Chef were one of if not the first pellet grill manufacturer to integrate an easy ash cleanout system. A removable cup is positioned under the burn pot, you simply pull a lever and the ashes fall into the cup. You then remove the cup, dump the ashes, refit the cup and you are good to go. Every Camp Chef pellet grill comes with the easy ash cleanout cup under the burn pot.

Do Camp Chef Grills Come With A Hopper Pellet Dump?

Most of the Camp Chef pellet grill range includes a pellet hopper dump feature to change pellet flavours or to empty the hopper of pellets before storage. All the Woodwind range feature the pellet hopper dump feature, along with SG, SGX and DLX models within the SmokePro range. However, lowers specification SmokePro XT and SE24 models do not have the pellet dump feature.

Camp Chef Features FAQ

Camp Chef Connect

Any Camp Chef pellet grill that features a WiFi control panel or has been upgraded with a WiFi control panel can be monitored and adjusted from a smartphone via the Camp Chef Connect app. Within the Camp Chef Connect app, you can see the current temperature within the pellet grill as well as set the desired temperature. You can also monitor any meat probes connected to the grills control panel and set timers and target temperatures. Within the Camp Chef Connect app, you can also separately adjust the smoke setting from 1 to 10 independent of the temperature setting.

Slide & Grill

Certain Camp Chef pellet grills come with direct-flame access, Camp Chef has branded this feature on their pellet grills ‘Slide & Grill‘. By pulling a lever on the side the pellet grill gaps within the grease tray open up to let flames through from the pellet fire below. This will not only expose the food to more wood smoke directly it can also offer a higher temperature at the grate to get a better sear on steaks/burgers etc.

Smoke Control

Any Camp Chef pellet grill fitted with their PID control panels benefits from the inclusion of Smoke Control. PID control panels provide very accurate temperature control to within 5 degrees of the set temperature. However, by more accurately controlling the pellet combustion process the result is less smoke. Therefore, Camp Chef has included a Smoke Control function where you can set the smoke setting from 1 to 10, with 10 providing the most smoke. The Smoke Control algorithm fluctuates the feed rate of pellets to create more or less smoke.

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