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The Camp Chef Woodwind Pro 36 is the bigger brother to the Woodwind Pro 24. It essentially has the same design as that pellet grill/smoker, it’s just a bit larger to offer more cooking area. The main feature of this pellet grill is its ‘Smoke Box’. Right, let’s review its Pros & Cons.

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While traditional pellet smokers do infuse smoke flavor into the food they cook, they cannot compete on smoke flavor with the likes of a stick burner/offset smoker.

However, Camp Chef has come up with a design to bridge the gap in flavor, an additional Smoke Box that can be loaded with wood chips, chunks, or charcoal to provide additional smoke flavor.

I do think the Smoke Box that Camp Chef has designed is a clever idea to provide more smoke flavor.
If you prefer a strong smoke flavor in your food, the Smoke Box can provide additional flavor over just the smoldering pellets

The Smoke Box can be retracted and loaded with more wood chips/chunks throughout the cook without having to open the lid and disrupt the cook/impact cooking chamber temperatures, etc.

To accommodate the Smoke Box into the design of the Woodwind Pro, Camp Chef had to remove the direct-flame access functionality, which reduces the grilling performance of this pellet grill.

Unlike the standard Woodwind 36, the Woodwind Pro 36 does not have direct-flame access.
Due to the location of the Smoke Box above the pellet burn pot, it means offering direct-flame access to the grate was not possible

As the maximum temperature setting is just 500 degrees, it means the grilling/searing performance of the Camp Chef Woodwind Pro 36 will be below that of much of its similarly priced competition.

To counter the less-than-ideal grilling/searing performance of the Woodwind Pro 36, is it possible to add on the Camp Chef SideKick, which has a propane burner for high-temperature heat output.

The Woodwind Pro can be fitted with the Camp Chef SideKick propane burner which offers a range of cooking accessories.
The propane SideKick with a griddle fitted can provide the high heat searing capabilities missing on the standard Woodwind Pro 36

While the additional cooking functionality of the SideKick is a Pro for the Woodwind Pro 36, it does increase the cost from $1,500 to $1,800 (check our database).

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Wheels are a very important feature of a grill to most people in the real world as they have to move a grill in and out of a shed/garage for between storage and use.

The small caster wheels on the Camp Chef Woodwind Pro 36 are not very practical.
Call me crazy, but I don’t think four small caster wheels on a grill that weighs close to 200 lbs is a great idea

With wheels like these, moving the grill over soft/muddy ground will be frustrating and potentially may even result in you tipping up the grill trying to move it if you were not really careful.

What I do think Camp Chef does a great job with is their controllers, not only with the technology they include but also the usability and how easy they are to operate.

The Camp Chef Woodwind Pro 36 features a great controller with PID temperature control and WiFi/App functionality.
I’m a big fan of the current generation of Camp Chef controllers. They feature good tech and are easy to use

The controller provides a 5-degree temperature adjustment and an independent temperature setting of 1 to 10 for smoke production. You also get WiFi connectivity and the functionality of the Camp Chef Connect App.

The typical price point of the Camp Chef Woodwind Pro 36 is just under $1,500, moving up to just under $1,800 with the optional propane SideKick (check our database).

The unfortunate reality is that it is far beyond the disposable incomes of many potentially interested pellet grill/smoker BBQ owners in the current financial climate.

The price point of the Camp Chef Woodwind Pro 36 is an unaffordable option to many people.
Many people who would like to own a pellet grill/smoker with these features will simply not be able to afford it

Camp Chef, over recent years, has been moving their product range out of the mid-spec budget range and more much into the premium end of the market, with their products being less affordable.

My Final Thoughts On The Camp Ched Woodwind Pro 36

I really rate the design of the Woodwind Pro 36, I like the Smoke Box design, I think its a clever solution to provide those looking for more smoke flavor with the ability to get that from a pellet smoker.

I also like the stainless steel cooking chamber and the Camp Chef controller, which I rate as currently one of the best control panels on the market; unfortunately, it’s also an expensive option.

Therefore, while I do like the design of the Woodwind Pro 36 and its features, its a hard option to suggest to many people looking for these features, as I know their eyebrows would raise at the price.

Anyway, we are starting to see more budget pellet grill/smoker options come along with the smoke box feature. You can use our database through the link below to review their details.

PelHeat Pellet Grill/Smoker Database

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