Henry Fords Hemp Car in 1941

Henry Ford back in 1941 produced a car with body panels made from hemp, and biodegradable internal parts made from hemp plastic. In the video to the right you can see footage of this video, how a sledge hammer could be used on the panels and not to leave a mark. The panels were said […]

Hempseed Pellets For Use As Fish Bait

There are lots of markets for pellets, not just the standard fuel and animal feed pellets most people use. While niche markets are obviously smaller they can still present a good profitable opportunity especially for small pellet mill machines such as the Mini Pellet Mill. One such market is fish bait and we have sold […]

Hemp Technology Processing Plant In Alberta

Hemp is an extremely versatile crop and has been grown for thousands of years. Over the past decade the crop has been demonised to suit the goals of various wood pulp and petro-chemical interests, however people are now becoming more aware of why hemp is such an important crop. While it is still illegal to […]

Video Of A Hemp House In South Africa

For the biomass energy industry to grow we also need to encourage other industries to use stainable crops. The waste or surplus from these other industries can then be compressed into fuel pellets. One of the best biomass energy crops is hemp, as it can produce fuel pellets comparable to wood pellets. Hemp has over […]

Suitable Equipment For Harvesting Energy Crops

Before you can even consider installing a pellet mill or pellet plant you need a cheap and secure source of raw materials. Those who have access to cheap natural wood waste are privileged as this waste is becoming harder to find. Ultimately there is not enough of this waste anyway to meet the demands of […]

Harman Pellet Stove Unique Features

We do not sell pellet stoves and boilers, however we need awareness of pellet stoves and boilers to increase the demand for pellets and thus pellet mills and plants. One of the leading pellet stove manufacturers in the US are Harman. They have been manufacturing pellet stoves for over 25 years and understand the market […]

Planting Rhizomes and Harvesting Miscanthus

There is a wide range of energy crops that can be used for the purposes of fuel pellets. One of the more popular crops is miscanthus. Miscanthus is a giant grass that is not grown from seed but from cuttings from the roots of other plants called rhizomes. Some prefer the idea of rhizomes as […]

Heating A Large Greenhouse With Grass Pellets

Greenhouses definitely have their advantages, however when it gets cold outside this can be an issue. Some greenhouses use various heating systems including oil and gas however the costs of running these systems can be very expensive. Not to mention the fact that using fossil fuels maybe responsible for accelerating climate change. This greenhouse however […]