Why Does Pellet Mill Productivity Change?

You may not be aware of is but the productivity of a pellet mill does change depending on the material being processed. There are also several rules you can use to tell if a pellet mill manufacturer is been honest about the productivity per hour their presses can achieve. For instance for a ring die […]

The Design Of The Flat Die Pellet Mill

As you may know from the other pages on our website, here at PelHeat we only offer pellet mills based on the ring die design. What you may not be aware of is that we have experimented with small flat die pellet mills which we imported from China. It was through these experiments that we […]

Why Are Ring Die Pellet Presses Superior?

Pellet presses are one term used to describe a pellet mill or pellet machine. Pellet presses come in various different sizes ranging from a small sized press such as the Mini Pellet Mill up to large scale commercial pellet plants. There are several different designs of pellet press including the flat die and the ring […]

The Limitations Of A PTO Pellet Mill

The pellet mill designs we offer here at PelHeat have a long history, for instance the pellet press designs used for the pellet plants actually date back to 1950’s animal feed plants. As this equipment has a large farmer client base the principle of a PTO pellet mill has been requested by our clients more […]