Froling Offer Various Wood Pellet Storage Options

Once you have decided which pellet boiler you want to own for your heating needs your next choice is what pellet storage solution you will have. The video to the right is a promotional video from Froling on the pellet storage solutions they offer. The first option they present is their universal suction system. Multiple […]

Wood Pellet Test With The Firebox Camp Stove

There is a growing number of new designs for camp stoves. In some instances these new stoves are targeting leisure use but in other cases they have real practical applications in developing countries to help use local biomass resources more efficiently. In this video we see the Firebox, this is a folding metal stove which […]

Filling A Large Wood Pellet Silo From A Tanker

From a consumers point of view wood pellet storage is a very important subject. You know how many tons of pellet fuel you will require and you know you have to keep them protected from moisture. You may also want to avoid manually loading bags into the pellet stove or boiler. For small pellet stoves […]

Making Feed Pellets For Fish, Animals and Birds

The fist and core market for pellets is the feed industry. Feed pellets are produced for fish, animals and birds. There are many benefits to pellets over loose feed and also to producing feed pellets on a small scale. In pelleted form you can produce a feed which has the exact blend of nutrients, vitamins […]

The EU Target Of 20% Renewable Energy By 2020

A few years ago EU nations collectively agreed a target that 20% of the energy generated in the European nations should come from renewable energy sources. However these targets were set out before the financial crisis hit and the issues the Euro is currently facing. As the video shows there are multiple forms of renewable […]

Producing Electricity Using Local Biomass

In many countries around the world economic and social development is halted due to the lack of readily available and affordable sources of energy. For instance in the poorest places of the world they still mostly use old and inefficient diesel engines to power machinery and water pumps for small local businesses and farm irrigation […]

DuPont Encouraging Farmers To Grow Switchgrass

While wood remains the primary biomass energy source those in the industry know this cannot remain the case in the long term. The type of wood used is mainly residue and waste from timber operations. At some point there will not be sufficient waste to support biomass fuel demands. We cannot use these tree’s for […]