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The luxury pellet grill segment is really ‘hotting up’ at the moment, pardon the pun, but it is. For many years the only fully stainless steel pellet grills on the market were Memphis Grills. Then Twin Eagles came along with their even higher specification luxury pellet grills. Well, now we also have Coyote who have started to offer their range of luxury pellet grills. Made from 304 stainless steel, the pellet grills offered by Coyote are impressive for their relatively low price point. Though currently, they do lack several features/capabilities compared to the competition, which we’ll discuss below.

Coyote 36" Wood Pellet Grill Smoker
Coyote has introduced their first range of wood pellet grills to compete against established luxury pellet grills from Memphis and Twin Eagles: Image –

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Introduction To Coyote Wood Pellet Grills/Smokers

Coyote Outdoor Living which is the full company name, is based in Dallas, Texas, USA and was started in 2011.

They have previously been focused on producing high-end stainless steel outdoor gas and charcoal grills.

Coyote does produce portable grills however, their main focus is backyard cooking and outdoor kitchen setups.

They have now released their own range of wood pellet grills/smokers to compete in the luxury segment available in the following sizes:

  • 28″ Freestanding or Built-In Wood Pellet Grill
  • 36″ Freestanding or Built-In Wood Pellet Grill

Both sizes of grills include the same features and capabilities. Therefore the promotional video below on the Coyote 36″ built-in wood pellet grill is representative of all Coyote pellet grill models.

Quick promotional video highlighting the features of the Coyote pellet grill range.

If you have previously read my post on Twin Eagles pellet grill range, you will notice the Coyote pellet grills have a rather striking resemblance.

Not only with their size and stainless steel construction, but the front-loading hopper with a sliding shelf lid is almost identical.

Furthermore, the position, size and interface on the Coyote pellet grills appear very similar to that found on Twin Eagles pellet grills.

However, they are not the same, and I’ll discuss that more below. Its clear that Coyote is trying to offer a pellet grill with similar features/capabilities to a Twin Eagles pellet grill at a significantly lower price point.

Coyote Wood Pellet Grill Price Point

First, let’s discuss the price point of the competition from Memphis Grills and Twin Eagles.

Looking a the prices over at the BBQGuys, a 39″ freestanding Memphis Elite pellet grill in 304 stainless steel retails for around $5,999.

A freestanding Twin Eagles pellet grill, also made from 304 stainless steel, retails for around $10,600.

So what about a 36″ Coyote pellet grill, also made from 304 stainless steel? Well, a 36″ freestanding Coyote pellet grill is currently priced at around $4,399!

Twin Eagles Wood Pellet Grill
This is an image of a 36″ freestanding Twin Eagles pellet grill. The design of the Coyote pellet grill is obviously very similar: Image –

While the Coyote pellet grills with their 304 stainless steel construction do appear to be very good value for money, they are not equal/superior to pellet grills from Memphis and Twin Eagles in all areas.

Below I’ll discuss the features of the Coyote pellet grills and compare them to the features/capabilities of Memphis and Twin Eagles pellet grills.

First, let’s discuss the best feature of the Coyote pellet grills the 304 stainless steel construction.

The Benefits Of 304 Stainless Steel Construction

I believe most people are aware that stainless steel is a more durable/corrosion-resistant material compared to painted mild steel found on most pellet grills.

However, what I don’t think that many people appreciate are the different grades of stainless steel used by different manufacturers and the implications of using certain grades.

For instance, some pellet grills are made from 201-grade stainless steel (Cookshack), others from 430 stainless steel and in the case of the Coyote pellet grills (along with Memphis and Twin Eagles), 304 stainless steel is used.

Are you aware of what the differences are and why you ideally want a grill made from 304 stainless steel? If not, the video below explains more.

The video explains why if you can afford it, you want a luxury pellet grill made from 304 stainless steel: Video –

The Nickel content in 304-grade stainless steel provides for increased corrosion resistance and is recommended for all climates, even salty coastal air.

However, 304 is also one of the most expensive grades of stainless steel.

Hence, this is why the 304 stainless steel construction of the Coyote pellet grills is their best feature. As a Coyote pellet grill is currently by far the cheapest 304 stainless steel grill you can buy.

Made In The USA?

Memphis and Twin Eagles pellet grills made from 304 stainless steel are the nearest competition for the Coyote pellet grills.

Twin Eagles pellet grills are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA. Memphis were previously made in the US, but that’s no longer the case.

While Coyote is based in Texas and likely designed/engineered in the USA, they are not made in the US.

Hence, this will be a significant part of the reason why Coyote is able to offer their pellet grills for significantly less money.

I’ve not seen the internal welds/fit and finish of all the grills above in person to make a comparison.

Coyote Control Panel and Temperature Range

The Coyote wood pellet grills have a temperature range of 175 to 700 degrees. Therefore, these grills are capable of low and slow cooking/smoking as well as high-temperature searing.

There is also a direct flame insert that can be placed into the grease drip tray over the pellet firepot to improve the searing performance.

In terms of the competition, Memphis grills range from 180 to 700 degrees. Therefore the Coyote pellet grills are very comparable in temperature range.

However, the higher-spec and higher-priced Twin Eagles pellet grills do have a wider temperature range of 140 to 725 degrees.

Coyote Wood Pellet Grill Control Panel
The central touchscreen control panel found on all Coyote wood pellet grills: Image –

Where Is The WiFi Integration?

While I definitely think the 304 stainless steel construction and very competitive price point of the Coyote pellet grills mean anyone with the budget should consider one, there is a rather odd omission.

Coyote has released a luxury pellet grill with a touchscreen tablet interface but no WiFi/App integration?!

On lower specification grills, WiFi/App features such as Traeger WiFire and Camp Chef Connect have become extremely popular.

Furthermore, all Memphis and Twin Eagles pellet grills have WiFi/App integration. Twin Eagles WiFi/App implementation is particularly impressive, with the same interface present on the pellet grill and on your phone.

If you only ever use your grill for burgers/steaks etc, then WiFi remote monitoring of your grill may not be a feature you would use much, if at all.

However, if you want to do ‘low and slow’ cooking and smoking (brisket for example), what pellet grills are mainly known for that’s where WiFi remoting monitoring and control really shines.

Conclusions On The Coyote Pellet Grill Range

If you are in the market for a luxury stainless steel wood pellet grill, you should definitely be considering a Coyote pellet grill.

A 304-grade stainless steel pellet grill, either freestanding or built-in, at this relatively low price point is impressive. As the Coyote pellet grills are not made in the US, their manufacturing costs are lower.

Hence that’s a significant part of the reason why these pellet grills are cheaper than the competition from Memphis and Twin Eagles.

However, as noted above, the Coyote pellet grills do not feature a true full-colour display as is found on the Twin Eagles, and it is also not WiFi enabled.

You also do not have the option of a concealed rotisserie as found on the Twin Eagles pellet grills.

Then again, if the above features/capabilities are not important to you and your budget is more of a concern, then a Coyote pellet grill is probably your best option.

That’s it! Thanks for reading. If you are interested in a Coyote pellet grill or Memphis/Twin Eagles grill, for that matter, head on over to, and they can sort you out.

If you would like to spend more time reviewing your options and other products on the market, please check out my Wood Pellet Grill/Smoker Guide. 🙂

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