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Grilla Grills have been a niche player in the pellet grill market for quite a few years at this point. However, they have now introduced their first dedicated vertical pellet smoker, the Mammoth. So below, let’s review the Pros & Cons of this particular vertical pellet smoker…

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When it comes the maximum potential cooking area on the Grilla Grills Mammoth, its very large, offering up to 3,320 square inches of cooking area over ten racks.

The cooking area on the Grilla Grills Mammoth can be as much as 3,320 square inches which is very large.
With all ten racks inserted, the Grilla Grills Mammoth is offering a huge cooking area

Now, while 3,320 is indeed a huge cooking area compared to many horizontal pellet grills/smokers, you need to note the gaps between the racks of just a few inches.

Context is important, and while the total cooking area figure is impressive and applicable to certain cooking scenarios, for larger cuts of meat, the cooking area is down to 1,660

For larger cuts of meat, the cooking area of the Grilla Grills Mammoth is down to 1,,660
For larger cuts of meat, the cooking area over five racks is 1,660 square inches

Now, a cooking area of that size is still more than some of its direct competitors at a similar price point (check our database). However, remember, this is purely a pellet smoker, not a multifunction grill/smoker.

Grilla Grills has a reputation for featuring dual-wall insulated construction in their other pellet grills/smokers. Therefore, its good to see its return on the Mammoth.

The Grilla Grills Mammoth features a stainless steel lined cooking chamber that is also dual-wall insulated.
The combination of a stainless steel lining and dual wall construction is good to see

The stainless steel lining means it will be easier to keep clean, as you don’t have to worry about scratching paint etc. The insulated construction means lower pellet consumption and more consistent BBQ.

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I’ve never been and still aren’t a fan of small caster wheels on grills/smokers. If you have ever had to move a BBQ with some weight over a muddy lawn, you’ll know what I mean.

I'm not a fan of the small wheels on the Grilla Grills Mammoth.
I know the small wheels make the Mammoth look very sleek, but they are not very practical

Now, I will say, compared to many pellet grills/smokers I review, the specs of the Mammoth state its much lighter than many at just 130 lbs. Hence, the small wheels won’t be as much of a problem.

Indeed, for some people who will leave this pellet smoker in place, or only have to roll it a short distance from their garage to a patio, they won’t likely have any issue at all.

I do like this feature, as it means when the user desires, they can increase the smoke flavor within the cabinet by placing some wood chunks on top of the lipped heat deflector, which will happily smoke away.

The lipped diffuser on the Grilla Grill Mammoth is a good idea that I'm happy to see.
Its a big thumbs up from me for the lipped duffer idea, well done Grilla Grills

While the Mammoth will hold a very accurate temperature in PID mode, it will also produce less smoke from the pellets as a result.

However, by placing some wood chunks on the lipped diffuser above the pellet burn pot, you can get very accurate temperature control from the pellet fire and some additional smoke from the wood chunks.

With the Grilla Grills Mammoth its currently priced at just under a thousand dollars (check our database), at that price point, its not really a widely affordable option for many people.

The Mammoth is currently the most expensive Grilla Grills pellet smoker to date.
At just under a thousand dollars, the Mammoth is the most expensive pellet smoker from Grilla Grills to date

Don’t get me wrong, its horses for courses, and I know there are many people out there where this vertical pellet smoker will make them very happy.

My point is this, the Mammoth is purely a pellet smoker with no grilling capabilities. Hence, you need to own a separate means to grill. Therefore, for someone who doesn’t already own a gas grill etc, its a harder sell.

My Final Thoughts On The Grilla Grills Mammoth

I do like the Mammoth, its appears to be a well-built bit of kit with nice features such as stainless steel internals, dual wall construction, and the lipped diffuser.

For those purely looking for a vertical pellet smoker because they already own a grill and they are purely looking for a smoker, I think its a nice premium option to consider.

However, if you are on a tighter budget, one of the horizontal pellet grill/smoker products from Grilla Grills would may be a better option. Tap/click the link below to use our database to review all your options.

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