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My general pellet grill/smoker FAQ page offers answers to a wide range of topics about pellet grills/smokers and the pellets they use. However, this page is specifically a Grilla Grills focused FAQ page, discussing questions about what features/capabilities the current range of Grilla Grills pellet grills/smokers offer. For instance, which Grilla Grills come with features such as WiFi, direct-flame access, twin-wall insulated construction, stainless steel, pellet dump etc. I’ll also provide links to articles I’ve produced on specific Grilla Grills models and my comparison/vs articles. I hope I can teach you something new, enjoy!

Grilla Grills FAQ
The current Grilla Grills range comprises of three main models, the Chimp (left) the Silverbac in multiple forms (centre) and the rather unique Grilla (right): Images –

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What’s The Cheapest Grilla Grills Pellet Grill?

The cheapest Grilla Grills pellet grill is currently the Chimp, retailing for $529.

What’s The Most Expensive Grilla Grills Pellet Grill?

The most expensive Grilla Grills pellet grill can be interpreted in two ways. For instance, the Silverbac which is currently the most popular Grilla Grills pellet grill and the workhorse of their range is available on an All-Terrain Kart to make it easier to move around etc. Well, the Silverbac AT comes in at $999, which is technically the most expensive Grilla Grills pellet grill, however, the Silverbac pellet grill is available in built-in and the most popular cabinet version for $759 and $749 respectively.

Another way to look at is the most expensive Grilla Grills pellet grill is a vertically oriented pellet grill the Grilla seen in the image above on the right. The Grilla is quite unlike any other pellet grill on the market today and comes with some specific benefits I discuss in my Grills Grills article. Well, the Grilla comes in at $849, hence it could also be interpreted as the most expensive Grilla Grills pellet grill.

What’s The Smallest Grilla Grills Pellet Grill?

The smallest Grilla Grill is currently the Chimp providing a total cooking area of 460, with 340 dedicated to the main cooking grate with an additional 120 provided by an upper smoking/warming rack.

What’s The Largest Grilla Grills Pellet Grill?

The largest Grilla Grills pellet grill is the Silverbac providing a total cooking area of 692, with 507 provided by the main cooking grate with a further 185 provided by an upper smoking/warming rack. As noted above, the Silverbac is available in several different versions, either with a lower cabinet, All-Terrain kart or as a built-in model to be used in an outdoor kitchen setup. In terms of the cooking area, all of these various Silverbac versions are identical.

Which Grilla Grills Pellet Grill Get’s The Hottest?

All Grilla Grills models focus on indirect cooking using the same internals (auger motor, combustion fan, control panel etc). Therefore, all Grilla Grills pellet grills have the same maximum temperature setting of 500 degrees.

What’s The Warranty On Grilla Grills Pellet Grills?

The answer depends on the Grilla Grills pellet grill in question. For instance, while Silverbac and Grilla models come with a 4-year warranty, the smaller/cheaper Grilla Grills Chimp comes with a 2-year warranty. On the Grilla Grills warranty page, they discuss the difference between their warranty terms/customer service and that of their competitors.

Where Are Grilla Grills Pellet Grills Made?

Grilla Grills know this is a question people ask, and on their ‘Where are Grilla Grills Made?‘ page they discuss how while their grills for the 3 years at the start of the company were made in the US, they are now made in China. They go on to explain why they had to make that decision, but to also explain how it enabled their company to grow and hire more US staff in the design, engineering and services departments. Also, Grilla Grills do still produce some of their stainless steel accessories in the US at their own factory.

Does Grilla Grills Produce Portable Pellet Grills?

Yes, Grilla Grills actually have two versions of what can be described as a portable pellet grill. First, you have the Chimp which is what many people think of when it comes to a portable pellet grill. Its a small/lightweight pellet grill with folding legs which can be perfect for tailgating, camping or going into an RV. However, Grilla Grills also produce an all-terrain version of their most popular full-sized pellet grill the Silverbac, branded as the Silverbac AT.

The design of the Silverbac AT with its large wheels and pull handle is all about making it a portable pellet grill, that can be easily loaded into the back of trailers and secured into position to avoid damage. So yes, Grilla Grills do produce portable pellets with two versions for very different users.

Does Grilla Grills Produce Vertical Pellet Smokers?

No, currently the Grilla Grills range is firmly focused on horizontal pellet grill/smokers. And as of yet, I’ve not seen any signs that Grilla Grills are interested in exploring the development of a vertical pellet smoker.

Does Grilla Grills Produce Built-In Pellet Grills/Smokers?

Yes, Grilla Grills supply a built-in version of their most popular pellet grill the Silverbac. However, Grilla Grills have actually gone much further than just providing a built-in pellet grill, they have developed a whole modular stainless steel outdoor kitchen setup! It really is impressive, as the units can be linked together in various combinations and can include a sink and refrigerator. As the Grilla Grills outdoor kitchen units are modular they can be easily moved from one property to the next. Hence, if you move house you can take your outside kitchen setup with you, very cool.

Does Grilla Grills Produce Pellet/Gas Combo Pellet Grills?

Not currently no, Grilla Grills do not produce a combination pellet/gas grill. However, Grilla Grills have now released their own stainless steel gas grill the Primate. Therefore, it wouldn’t be completely unexpected for Grilla Grills to come out with a pellet/gas combo grill in the future.

Does Grilla Grills Produce Stainless Steel Pellet Grills/Smokers?

Grilla Grills do not as yet produce a full-stainless steel pellet grill. However, all of the Grilla Grill pellet grills feature stainless steel components such as the cooking racks, grease tray and pellet burn pot.

Does Grilla Grills Produce Twin-Wall Insulated Pellet Grills/Smokers?

A notable feature of all Grilla Grills pellet grills including the Chimp, Silverbac and Grilla are that they do feature twin-wall insulated construction to maintain more stable internal temperatures and reduce pellet consumption. Grilla Grills refers to the feature on their pellet grills as ‘Dual Wall Thermojacket’.

Do Grilla Grills Come With WiFi/App Support?

Yes, Grilla Grill has now updated their entire pellet grill/smoker range with their new Alpha Connect control panel featuring WiFi functionality. The Alpha Connect features the same PID/Pro cooking modes as the previous generation Alpha panel giving you the option of more precise temperature control or more smoke production. The Alpha Connect control panel also has some very unique features which I’ll discuss in a dedicated post soon.

Do Grilla Grills Come With PID Control Panels?

Yes, all Grilla Grills are available with their Alpha Connect control panel which provides the option of precise PID temperature control. However, with the precise temperature control of a PID algorithm, you can get less smoke production. Therefore, Grilla Grills with their Alpha Smoke control panel has opted to also include their previous Pro control technology which has a wider temperature swing, but as a result, it also produces more smoke. Its a good all-round solution to provide the option of precise temperature control and more smoke production in one control panel.

Do Grilla Grills Offer Direct-Flame Access?

No, Grilla Grills pellet grills are all indirect heat pellet cookers. As a result to get the best grilling/searing performance from a Grilla Grills pellet grill a set of GrillGrates for better heat retention and higher grilling temperatures is recommended.

Do Grilla Grills Offer Easy Ash Clean Out?

No, on all current Grilla Grills pellet grills to remove the ash from the burnt pellets you will need to remove the cooking grates, grease tray and heat deflector to get into the base of the pellet grill with a shop vac. However, its very important for your safety and for the shop vac that you only clean a pellet grill once cool.

Do Grilla Grills Pellet Grills Come With A Hopper Pellet Dump?

The latest versions of the Grilla Grills Silverbac do feature a pellet dump to change pellet flavours and for pellet storage/protection from humidity. Likewise, the Grilla also features a pellet dump feature, however, a pellet dump is not found on the smallest model the portable Chimp.

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