Hemp Technology Processing Plant In Alberta

Hemp is an extremely versatile crop and has been grown for thousands of years. Over the past decade the crop has been demonised to suit the goals of various wood pulp and petro-chemical interests, however people are now becoming more aware of why hemp is such an important crop. While it is still illegal to crop the crop in the US, Canadian farmers are happily growing hemp seed and then selling that product in the US market to produce food products and other products such as hemp soap. There are even small niche markets you may not even think of such as hempseed pellets for fishing. However as one Canadian farmer explains in this video they currently have no demand for the fibre or woody shiv of the hemp plant. However this should change in the next few years with Hemp Technology from the UK building a new hemp processing plant in Alberta, Canada. The plant will take in the hemp (after the seed has been harvested) and separate the fibre from the shiv. The fibre can be used for clothes and many other uses and the car industry is starting to take an interest in hemp again. The shiv has a use as a building product. Once mixed with lime the material sets as hard as rock but also has a high insulation value. Its also breathable and maintains a healthy indoor environment at the right humidity. There is another market for the shiv which can be developed, and that is for fuel pellets. The fuel pellet market is currently dominated by premium grade wood pellets, with some niche companies also offering grass and straw pellets. However the waste wood used for fuel pellets is a limited supply and grass and straw pellets produce more ash, clinker and corrosion issues so many stoves and boilers cannot use them. Hemp pellets produce the lowest ash and lowest corrosion of any other biomass beside premium grade wood pellets. Therefore these fuel pellets can be used in most pellet stoves and boilers. Thanks for reading and please leave your comments below.