US Farm Bill Amendment To Grow Industrial Hemp

Hemp other than wood is the best biomass material you can use to produce low ash fuel pellets. Therefore as waste sawdust is becoming more limited in supply we need to be able to grow industrial hemp to provide fuel for pellet stoves, boilers and even power plants. However while hemp can be legally in grown in many places around the world such a Europe (you still require a licence though) the US still has an outright ban on the crop. However it never used to be this way, for instance in World War 2 the US government actively encouraged farmers to grow the crop. However there is a new push to try and get the crop legalized again driven by senators such as Rand Paul and in this video senator Ron Wyden. It’s worth noting that both republican and democratic representatives are behind these amendments. Senator Wyden starts off his presentation by highlighting the economic benefits of the crop, particularly to rural areas. The issues are that a hemp industry does threaten the profits of many other powerful companies which currently have many lobbyists in Washington and they also make significant campaign contributions. Currently Canada benefits significantly from the US law as they export a huge volume of hemp products over the boarder, as the US is the largest market for hemp products in the world. In terms of fuel pellet production the part of the plant we are interested in is the woody shiv. This part of the plant is also used as a building material when mixed with lime. However when used in the building trade the hemp shiv is sieved to remove the dust and smaller particles which they do not want. It is these smaller particles and dust which can then be processed through a hammer mill to produce a consistent particle size and then compressed in the pellet mill. The ash content of these pellets is between 1-2% which is significantly lower than grass pellets which will produce 3-5% ash. This makes hemp pellets comparable to wood pellets, please comment below.