Hempseed Pellets For Use As Fish Bait

There are lots of markets for pellets, not just the standard fuel and animal feed pellets most people use. While niche markets are obviously smaller they can still present a good profitable opportunity especially for small pellet mill machines such as the Mini Pellet Mill. One such market is fish bait and we have sold Mini Pellet Mill’s to clients to produce product for this market. Fish bait can be made from a wide range of materials, and as there is such a wide range of products but a small volume of pellets needed its often a market large pellet plant operators ignore. With a product such as the Mini Pellet Mill you can quickly and easily change product batches and produce small volumes of pellets to meet either market demand or even individual customer demand. For instance we have one client who produces custom bird feed to farmers with specific medication mixed in. Above is a video of one brand of fish bait and the hempseed pellets they sell. The first thing they wish to point out is that their pellets are made from purely hemp seed and not the rest of the plant which is made from fibre and shiv. Other fish bait providers may use the whole plant to bulk out the product, however it does probably make an inferior product as fish bait. As stated the advantage to hempseed pellets as apposed to loose seed is they will keep better and are easier to store. Also they are easier and quicker to break down in the water to attract the fish. Using hempseed for fish bait pellets again provides another use for the highly versatile hemp plant. I often state that as sources of waste wood for premium grade wood pellets are used up we should move to using hemp shiv to produce good quality fuel pellets. Fish bait as a product is something our small pellet plant customers could also consider. During the summer months production of fuel pellets maybe low and alternative products such as fish bait may bring in additional income. With a pellet business its good to have a diverse product range. Thanks for reading please comment.