Gasification Pellet Stoves Used For Cooking In India

In western cultures pellet fuel is really only used for heating purposes or perhaps for our BBQ’s. However in countries like India they are using pellet fuel for an alternative purpose in the form of cooking stoves. Two significant issues in India are fuel poverty and health issues from breathing in smoke from inefficient fires used for cooking. For instance a typical day for a mother in India is to go and collect wood for the fire. This not only takes up much of her day it can in some cases also add to deforestation. The wood will then be used in most cases on an open fire within the home. She and her children will then breath in this smoke leading to various health issues and many deaths per year. LPG and alike are very expensive in India therefore alternatives need to be made available. Several projects now are developing gasification pellet stoves as you can see in the video above. These stoves using the principles of gasification can burn the pellets very efficiently and dramatically reduce dangerous emissions. The stoves produce more heat and produce heat more quality than an open fire. However the fuel pellets are not actually made from wood they are made from a much more abundant local material, agricultural residues. We have consulted with various projects where they are looking to setup a local pellet mill operation. The farmers will bring in the waste straw etc from their fields. In return they will be given back pellets made from this fuel. In some cases these projects are setup by charities in other cases they are small commercial operations. There are so many advantages to these projects for the individuals and the local economy as a whole. There are also efforts to apply the same model to electric generators. Gasification can be used to produce a gas to run an internal combustion engine to provide towns with a stable source of power which they have never had before. Thanks for reading and any questions on turning agricultural waste into pellets please ask below.