It’s Time To Legalize Industrial Hemp In The US

While its technically legal for UK farmers to grow industrial hemp with a licence from the Home Office the process is anything but straightforward. However while it may be difficult for UK farmers to grow hemp it is still illegal for US farmers to do so. Here is an interview with the owner of Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap, a product which is made from the oil of hemp seeds. They currently have to purchase all their hemp seed from Canadian farmers. The largest market for industrial hemp products is the US. So for the crop to still be illegal in these tough economic times is a real insult to US farmers. A typical hypocrisy is how hemp products were sold to support President Obama’s re-election and he him self has constantly avoided the issue of the laws of growing industrial hemp in the US. The owner of Dr Bronner’s Soap, David Bronner takes the issue so seriously he was willing to get arrested for it. He put some industrial hemp plants in the back of a trailer with a cage and parked in front of the White House. After about 3 hours David was arrested but it did help to raise the debate in the press. There are over 30,000 products which can be made from hemp. From our perspective our interest is in hemp fuel pellets. Currently the pellet fuel market uses sawdust wastes. In the future the sawdust wastes available will not be sufficient to support market demand. Therefore we have two options at that point, either mature tress are used for pellet fuel or we use other forms of biomass. Using mature trees for fuel is not a sustainable or responsible approach. Therefore it will come to using other biomass like straws and other agri by-products, fasting growing wood (willow/popular) and grasses. Other biomass materials like straws and grasses can create combustion issues compared to wood. However hemp grows faster than almost any other biomass and produces a fuel pellet that burns like a wood pellet. Therefore we believe that hemp has a key role to play in the future of the pellet fuel market.