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My general pellet grill/smoker FAQ page offers answers to a wide range of topics about pellet grills/smokers and the pellets they use. However, this page is specifically a MAK GRILLS focused FAQ page, discussing questions about what features & capabilities the current range of MAK GRILLS pellet grills/smokers offer. For instance, which MAK GRILLS pellet grills come with features such as WiFi, direct-flame access, twin-wall insulated construction, stainless steel, pellet dump etc. I’ll also provide links to articles I’ve produced on specific MAK GRILLS models and my comparison/vs articles. Enjoy 🙂

MAK GRILLS are US based manufacturers of high-end/premium pellet grills/smokers in the form of the One Star General (left), Two Star General (centre) and the Three Star General (right): Images –

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What’s The Cheapest MAK GRILLS Pellet Grill?

The cheapest MAK GRILLS pellet grill available at the moment is the One Star General which retails for just under $2,000. Now, that’s not ‘cheap’ for most people, including my self, but as stated above, MAK GRILLS is a US-based manufacturer only producing top-quality pellet grills from high-quality materials.

What’s The Most Expensive MAK GRILLS Pellet Grill?

The most expensive MAK GRILLS pellet grill is the freestanding Three Star General which retails for just under $9,500. While there are residential customers for the Three Star General really it will appeal more to commercial/restaurant customers.

What’s The Smallest MAK GRILLS Pellet Grill?

The One Star General is the smallest MAK GRILLS pellet grill in terms of dimensions and weight (160 lbs). However, in terms of the main cooking area, the One Star General and the Two Star General actually provide the same surface area of 429 However, the TwoStar General features a side warming/cold smoking side self not found on the One Star General which does potentially provide a bit more cooking area.

What’s The Largest MAK GRILLS Pellet Grill?

The Three Star General is the largest MAK Grills pellet grill providing a total cooking area of 2,750 with all the available cooking racks fitted but with 660 provided over the main cooking grate. The Three Star General is also available at a significantly lower price point as a built-in model for outdoor kitchen setups.

Which MAK GRILLS Pellet Grill Get’s The Hottest?

The Three Star General provides the hottest temperature setting of 650 degrees. However, the One Star General and Two Star General are not far behind offering a maximum temperature setting of 600 degrees.

What’s The Warranty On MAK GRILLS Pellet Grills?

MAK GRILLS are currently the only pellet grill manufacturer I’m aware of offering a lifetime limited warranty on their pellet grills covering any component of the grill which is ‘mechanically flawed or defective‘. However, the warranty is not transferable and only applies to the original owner. Furthermore, the warranty excludes damage from normal wear and tear, improper maintenance etc. Corrosion and the powder coat finish on the grills is also not covered.

Where Are MAK GRILLS Pellet Grills Made?

MAK GRILLS are a true ‘made in the USA’ pellet grill, they use US sourced components and they manufacture/fabricate their pellet grills/smokers at their factory based in Dallas, Oregon.

Does MAK GRILLS Produce Portable Pellet Grills?

No, MAK GRILLS do not currently produce a portable pellet grill, all their pellet grills/smokers are large units for backyard cooking or for use at a commercial restaurant.

Does MAK GRILLS Produce Vertical Pellet Smokers?

No, all of MAK GRILLS products are currently horizontal pellet grills/smokers.

Does MAK GRILLS Produce Built-In Pellet Grills/Smokers?

Yes, the Three Star General is available as a built-in pellet grill for an outdoor kitchen setup. However, neither the One Star or Two Star General pellet grills are currently available as a built-in unit.

Does MAK GRILLS Produce Pellet/Gas Combo Pellet Grills?

No, MAK GRILLS does not currently produce a combination pellet/gas grill. However, as all MAK GRILLS have a 600 to 650-degree maximum temperature setting and direct-flame access to grill/sear at even higher temperatures a gas grill is not really necessary.

Does MAK GRILLS Produce Stainless Steel Pellet Grills/Smokers?

All MAK GRILLS feature to some extent stainless steel components/construction. While the One Star General does not have a stainless steel body/cooking chamber (its powered coated aluminized steel) it does feature stainless steel internal components. The Two Star General is available in two forms, the standard Two Star General has stainless steel internals along with a stainless steel cooking chamber, however, a full-stainless steel Two Star General is also available. Finally, there is the Three Star General which is a full-stainless steel pellet grill available as either a freestanding or built-in unit.

Does MAK GRILLS Produce Twin-Wall Insulated Pellet Grills/Smokers?

It doesn’t appear that any of the current MAK GRILLS feature any twin/double-wall insulated construction. MAK GRILLS also doesn’t appear to offer any fitted insulated blankets for their pellet grills. Therefore, I would categorize MAK GRILLS as warm weather pellet cookers. During the colder months of the year without an insulated blanket, you should expect higher than average pellet consumption and the grill may not hold the internal temperature as stable as it would under warmer conditions.

Do MAK GRILLS Pellet Grills Come With WiFi/App Support?

As standard, no MAK GRILLS pellet grill/smoker comes with WiFi/App support. However, an additional control panel module can be purchased for an additional $300 which will provide WiFi/App support. MAK GRILLS brand the feature MAK MOBILE.

Do MAK GRILLS Pellet Grills Come With PID Control Panels?

Yes, all MAK GRILLS feature a control panel called the Pellet Boss which runs on a PID algorithm where the temperature can be set in -/+ 10-degree increments. The Pellet Boss control panel will constantly monitor the internal temperature of the grill and compare it to the set temperature to make the necessary adjustments to the auger/fan speed.

Do MAK GRILLS Pellet Grills Offer Direct-Flame Access?

Yes, all MAK GRILLS come with ‘Flame Zone’ which allows the flames of the pellet fire below to reach the cooking grate for the hottest grilling/searing temperatures. However, the feature can also disabled for roasting/baking

Do MAK GRILLS Pellet Grills Offer Easy Ash Clean Out?

Yes, all MAK GRILLS feature an easy ash cleanout door to reduce cleaning time. However, on a semi-regular basis, best practice is to remove all the internals of the pellet grills to get in there with a scraper/shop vac once the pellet grill is cool.

Do MAK GRILLS Pellet Grills Come With A Hopper Pellet Dump?

Yes, all MAK GRILLS feature a pellet hopper dump chute to make changing pellet flavours quick and easy but also for long term storage to properly protect the pellets from moisture in a sealed plastic bag/bucket.

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