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If you have the money to spend with this comparison article we are going to look at the best (and most expensive) pellet grills/smokers on the market today. Memphis Grills have been producing their pellet grills since 2016, Twin Eagles have been producing gas grills since 2006, but jumped into the pellet grill game in 2018. All the pellet grills from both of these brands come with the best features of stainless steel construction, direct-flame grilling, PID & WiFi control panels etc. However, there are also some notable differences between Memphis and Twin Eagles pellet grills which we will discuss below.

Memphis vs Twin Eagles Pellet Grills
How does a Memphis Grills Elite (left) compare against at Twin Eagles pellet grill (right)?: Images –

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A change that has occurred which I know is important to some of my readers is where these grills are made. While Memphis Grills is still a US-based company, they have now moved the manufacturing of their products overseas.

Whereas the Twin Eagles grills are still made in the USA. Now, as I will discuss below, Twin Eagles grills are more expensive then Memphis products so they can more easily cover higher US manufacturing costs. I just wanted to point this difference out as I know a made-in-the-US product is very important to some people.

Memphis Grills Elite Range vs Twin Eagles Pellet Grills

For this comparison, we are specifically discussing the Elite range of Memphis grills. While Memphis also produce cheaper models the Beale Street and Pro models these are not directly comparable to the existing Twin Eagles pellet grill range.

You can read about the full Memphis Grills range and Twin Eagles range in my previous respective articles. Here we are going to discuss the Memphis Elite models vs the Twin Eagles grills which are ‘typically’ priced as follows:

  • Memphis Elite 39″ Freestanding – Typically $5,399
  • Memphis Elite 39″ Built-In – Typically $4,999
  • Twin Eagles 36″ Freestanding – Typically $7,818
  • Twin Eagles 36″ Built-In – Typically $6,269

First off, built-in refers to grills without a lower cart/wheels to be placed in an outdoor kitchen, hence the cheaper prices. I’ve referenced the prices above from who are one of the few retailers currently carrying both brands of products.

I’ve stated ‘Typically’ because prices can obviously change, but they have been pretty constant on these particular pellet grills for a while now.

So after reviewing the above, you will not have failed to notice the price difference between the offerings from these two brands, and I’ll be discussing that in the conclusion below.

Cooking Area & Functionality

Well, you can probably guess from the product descriptions above which of these two pellet grills offers the larger cooking area. The Memphis Elite 39″ models offer a main grilling area of 844 square inches, with a total cooking area of 1,274 when the upper smoking/warming rack is factored in.

The Twin Eagles 36″ pellet grills provide 520 square inches on their main grate with a total cooking area of 720 when factoring in its upper cooking rack.

So in terms of cooking area, the Memphis Elite is significantly larger, providing 61% more space at the main grilling grate and 56% more cooking area overall, but what about cooking functionality?

Memphis Elite 39" Pellet Grills Cooking Area
In terms of cooking area (both grilling and smoking) the Memphis Elite pellet grills offer a significantly larger space to cook on: Image –

So let’s talk about temperature ranges. Both Memphis and Twin Eagles pellet grills have a wider temperature range than cheaper alternatives (as you would hope). However, the Twin Eagles are broader in their cooking functionality.

The Memphis Elite range can go as low as 180 degrees and as high as 700 degrees. However, the Twin Eagles pellet grills have a slightly wider temperature profile of 140 degrees up to 725 degrees. Hence the Twin Eagles grills can go just that bit lower and higher on their temperature range.

Is the difference in temperature settings significantly different? Not really, but as you would hope for the most expensive pellet grills on the market, no other pellet grill can go that low or that high.

Twin Eagles Charcoal Insert
Twin Eagles charcoal insert for improved grilling/searing results: Image –

On the topic of grilling/searing performance, both the Memphis and Twin Eagles pellet grills offer direct-flame access. On both brands of grill, a solid section of the grease tray can be removed to insert a direct-flame section which will let the flames of the pellet fire reach the cooking grate.

This means a higher surface temperature at the meat for better grilling/searing results. However, the Twin Eagles pellet grills come with another insert within which you can place natural wood charcoal chunks.

The pellet fire ignites the charcoal, which will then produce even higher grate temperatures up to 1,500 degrees!

The integrated rotisserie on the Twin Eagles is a feature not found on the Memphis, but its also not included as standard either: Image –

Another feature of the Twin Eagles pellet grills which fits in with its premium feature set is its integrated rotisserie system. To get the best cooking/smoking results on chicken and other poultry, for example, a rotisserie can produce excellent results.

The Twin Eagles pellet grills feature the most discrete and easy to use integrated rotisserie I’ve seen on any pellet grill on the market today.

What’s disappointing, however, is on the most expensive pellet grill on sale today, the rotisserie feature is an optional cost accessory. Its a pretty expensive option at that too, coming in at $520.

Materials and Construction

All of the pellet grills/smokers produced by Memphis and Twin Eagles use full-stainless steel construction. Now, there are various grades of stainless steel used as you can read about in my article on the best stainless steel pellet grills.

The two most common grades are 304 and 430, with 304-grade stainless steel being the superior and more expensive stainless steel.

Memphis did previously offer their range of pellet grills with either 304 or 430 construction, with 430 models priced a few hundred dollars less. However, now all Memphis grills (besides the Beale Street) are made from 304-grade stainless steel.

Memphis Grills 304-Grade Stainless Steel Construction
All Memphis Elite grills are now only offered with 304-grade stainless steel construction: Image –

304-grade stainless steel is more resistant to corrosion from salty coastal air. I think Memphis has changed to only offering 304-grade stainless steel for their Pro and Elite range as there is now an even cheaper stainless steel range from Coyote.

As I discuss in my Coyote vs Memphis comparison article, Coyote is also using 304-grade stainless steel. Therefore to remain competitive, Memphis have dropped their 430-grade stainless steel Pro and Elite series pellet grills. It shouldn’t surprise you that Twin Eagles are also using 304-grade stainless steel being the more expensive option.

I should also note, both the Memphis and Twin Eagles grills feature twin-wall insulated lids to keep the heat in and the cold out. I’ve not personally seen the interior welds on the Memphis or Twin Eagle grills to be able to compare the quality of their construction.

However, I will point out as referenced above that only Twin Eagles are still manufacturing their products in the US. Therefore, they will have more direct control over the fabrication process.

Control Panels & Connectivity

Above I’ve discussed how the Twin Eagles pellet grills have a slightly wider temperature range than the Memphis grills. Now let’s discuss the control panels themselves. To get straight to the point, as you would and should expect both Memphis and Twin Eagles are using the latest technology in their control panels.

Therefore, that means they are both employing PID algorithms for accurate temperature control and they are both WiFi enabled for owners to monitor and adjust the grill from a smartphone.

Twin Eagles Control Panel
The grill control screen and smartphone app on the Twin Eagles is superior to that found on the current Memphis Elite grills: Image –

While the monochrome control panels fitted to the Memphis grills are perfectly functional, they are not as easy to use and interact with as the large full-colour screen found on the Twin Eagles grills. The same is true for their respective smartphone apps.

The Memphis app is generally regarded as been ‘ok’ by users, though connectivity issues have come up on a few occasions.

The Twin Eagles app on the other hand has the exact same layout as the screen on the grill itself. Hence, you don’t have to learn two interfaces. Once you have learnt how the use the menu screen on the grill you automatically understand how to use the Twin Eagles app.

Conclusions On Memphis vs Twin Eagles Pellet Grills

So what are my final thoughts on the current offerings from these two brands? Well, in favour of the Memphis Elite range is they offer a significantly larger cooking area for a lower price point.

We are talking about a 56% increase in cooking area for the Memphis over the Twin Eagles while costing on average roughly 25-44% less depending on whether its the freestanding or built-in version.

The Twin Eagles grills do have features not found on the Memphis grills. A wider temperature range and better grilling performance with the charcoal insert, integrated rotisserie and large full-colour touch screen display.

However, as pointed out above, those additional features do come with a pretty significant price increase over the Memphis grills. Furthermore, if you do want to the integrated rotisserie, that’s an additional $500+.

I suppose your choice would also depend on how much value you put on purchasing a made in the USA pellet grill. If money is no object, I do believe the Twin Eagles grills are the superior product. Then again, a price premium of several thousand dollars is hard to ignore.

That’s it! Thanks for reading, I hope you found this Memphis vs Twin Eagles comparison interesting/useful. You may also want to review some of my other comparison articles such as Traeger vs Cookshack or Traeger vs Memphis. To check out all your options please review my Wood Pellet Grill/Smoker Guide. 🙂

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