A to Z List Of Pellet Grill/Smoker Brands 2023

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While the concept of a wood pellet grill/smoker may have started with Traeger in the 1980s, there is now a considerable range of other brands/manufacturers producing pellet grills/smokers. Therefore, I thought it was about time I produced a single resource where I provided a full A to Z list of all the pellet grill brands/manufacturers that I currently know of (over 40 and counting).

Disclaimer: Hey! By the way… any links on this page that lead to products on Amazon or other sites are affiliate links, and I earn a commission if you make a purchase.

I’ve included our database below, where you can use the ‘Brand’ drop-down filter to review all of the pellet grills/smokers currently available from that specific brand. Enjoy πŸ™‚

PelHeat Pellet Grill/Smoker Database

Updated February 2024
Make/ModelTypical Price ($)Pellet Grill/Smoker TypeTotal Cooking Area (sq.in):Main Grate (sq.in):Cooking Surfaces:Hopper Size (lbs):Low Temp (Β°F):High Temp (Β°F):Direct Flame?PID?WiFi/App?Made In The US?Released:Brand:Model Number:My Article:Availability:
ASMOKE AS350DC$439Tabletop/Battery25619124180500YesNoNoNo2024ASMOKEPros & Cons – ASMOKE AS350DCAmazon.com
Pit Boss Competition Series Titan$1,299Horizontal1,600711340180500YesYesYesNo2024Pit BossPros & Cons – Pit Boss Competition Series TitanAcademy.com
Member's Mark 36" Pellet Smoker with Smoke Box/Induction Hob$499Horizontal/Smoke Box920
621220200500NoYesNoNo2024Member's MarkPros & Cons – Member’s Mark 36” Pellet Smoker with Smoke Tray & Induction BurnerSamsClub.com
Pit Boss Pit Stop Onyx Edition$227Tabletop25619127180500YesNoNoNo2024Pit BossPB150NXPros & Cons – Pit Boss Pit Stop Onyx EditionWalmart.com
Pit Boss Charleston Onyx Edition$697Griddle/Pellet Smoker1,020766318180500YesYesNoNo2024Pit BossPB1020NX
Pros & Cons – Pit Boss Charleston Onyx EditionWalmart.com
Pit Boss Classic 700 Onyx Edition$397Horizontal746523218180500YesYesNoNo2024Pit BossPB700NXPros & Cons – Pit Boss Classic 700 Onyx EditionWalmart.com
Weber Searwood XL 600 Pellet Grill$1,199Horizontal972630220180600YesYesYesUS Assembled2024Weber#1500121Pros & Cons – Weber Searwood XL 600Weber.com
Weber Searwood 600 Pellet Grill$899Horizontal648420220180600YesYesYesUS Assembled2024Weber#1500120Pros & Cons – Weber Searwood 600Weber.com
Pit Boss Platinum 1250$697Horizontal1,323540333180500YesYesYesNo2024Pit BossPros & Cons – Pit Boss Platinum 1250Walmart.com
Blackstone 22 XL Griddle Pellet Grill Combo$1,199Griddle/Pellet Smoker1,324950320180500NoYesYesNo2024BlackstonePros & Cons – Blackstone 22 XL Griddle Pellet Grill ComboLowes.com
GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker$999Indoor Smoker288031185300--YesNo2024GE Profile#P9SBAAS6VBBPros & Cons – GE Profile Smart Indoor Pellet SmokerAmazon.com
Grilla Grills Mammoth$999Vertical3,30001040180450-YesYesNo2023Grilla GrillsPros & Cons – Grilla Grills MammothGrillaGrills.com
Even Embers Ceramic Pellet Grill
$899Ceramic441441116175550NoNoBluetooth OnlyNo2023Even EmbersHomeDepot.com
Bybafun 465 SQ.IN Ceramic Pellet Grill$1,299Ceramic298298112180500NoNoNoNo2023BybafunLowes.com
SINOFURN 465 SQ.IN Ceramic Pellet Grill$1,479Ceramic298298112180500NoNoNoNo2023SINOFURNLowes.com
Cesicia 24" Ceramic Pellet Grill$1,530Ceramic298298112180500NoNoNoNo2023CesiciaHomeDepot.com
Kamado Joe Pellet Joe$1,600Ceramic250250110150600NoYesYesNo2023Kamado JoeAmazon.com
GMG Trek Prime 2.0$499Portable22022019150550NoYesYesNo2023GMGBBQGuys.com
GMG Ledge Prime 2.0$999Horizontal436436118150550NoYesYesNo2023GMGBBQGuys.com
GMG Peak Prime 2.0$1,199Horizontal608608118150550NoYesYesNo2023GMGBBQGuys.com
recteq DualFire 1200$1,799Horizontal/Stainless Steel1,208302370180700NoYesYesNo2023RecTeqPros & Cons – recteq DualFire 1200RecTeq.com
recteq Flagship 1100$1,299Horizontal/Stainless Steel1,109655240180700NoYesYesNo2023RecTeqPros & Cons – recteq Flagship 1100RecTeq.com
recteq Backyard Beast 1000$1,099Horizontal/Stainless Steel1,014587230180700NoYesYesNo2023RecTeqRecTeq.com
recteq SmokeStone 600$999Griddle778778117300600NoYesYesNo2023RecTeqRecTeq.com
recteq Deck Boss 590$899Horizontal/Stainless Steel590590130180700NoYesYesNo2023RecTeqRecTeq.com
Camp Chef Woodwind 24 $999Horizontal/Stainless Steel811429222160500YesYesYesNo2023Camp ChefPros & Cons – Camp Chef Woodwind 24CampChef.com
Camp Chef Woodwind 24 SideKick$1,299Pellet/Gas Combo811429222160500YesYesYesNo2023Camp ChefPros & Cons – Camp Chef Woodwind 24CampChef.com
Camp Chef Woodwind 36 SideKick$1,499Pellet/Gas Combo1,236663222160500YesYesYesNo2023Camp ChefPros & Cons – Camp Chef Woodwind 36CampChef.com
Camp Chef Woodwind 36$1,199Horizontal/Stainless Steel1,236663222160500YesYesYesNo2023Camp ChefPros & Cons – Camp Chef Woodwind 36CampChef.com
Tracklife Pellet Grill$499Horizontal700532223150450NoNoNoNo2023TracklifeWalmart.com
Cabela's Pro Series 36"$799Horizontal1,236633222180450YesYesYesNo2023CabelasCamp Chef vs Cabela’s Pellet Grills – Which Are Better?Cabelas.com
Cabela's Pro Series 24"$699Horizontal811429222180450YesYesYesNo2023CabelasCamp Chef vs Cabela’s Pellet Grills – Which Are Better?Cabelas.com
Cabela's Deluxe 24$599Horizontal570429218180450NoYesNoNo2023CabelasCamp Chef vs Cabela’s Pellet Grills – Which Are Better?Cabelas.com
Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Oven$399Electric Oven18018010105700No-NoNo2023NinjaNinja Woodfire Outdoor OvenAmazon.com
Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Grill Pro Connect XL$447Electric Grill18018010105700No-YesNo2023NinjaNinja Woodfire Outdoor Grill Pro Connect XLAmazon.com
Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Grill$369Electric Grill14114110105700No-NoNo2023NinjaPros & Cons – Ninja Woodfire Outdoor GrillAmazon.com
Brisk It Origin-940$1,399Horizontal580428222180500NoYesYesNo2023Brisk ItBrisk It Origin-580BriskItGrills.com
Brisk It Origin-580$999Horizontal580428222180500NoYesYesNo2023Brisk ItBrisk It Origin-580BriskItGrills.com
Merax Ceramic$1,263Ceramic465465112180500NoYesNoNo2023MeraxMerax CeramicHomeDepot.com
Nexgrill Oakford 580$369Horizontal581400222160550NoYesYesNo2023NexgrillPros & Cons – Nexgrill Oakford 580 WiFi Pellet GrillHomeDepot.com
Nexgrill Oakford 1400$499Vertical1,3880580150420-YesYesNo2023NexgrillNexgrill Oakford 1400HomeDepot.com
Nexgrill Oakford 1000$542Horizontal1,008671232160550NoYesYesNo2023NexgrillNexgrill Oakford 1000HomeDepot.com
Nexgrill Oakford 790$514Horizontal790527232160550NoYesYesNo2023NexgrillNexgrill Oakford 790HomeDepot.com
HiMombo 570$399Horizontal570305223180450YesNoNoNo2023HiMomboHiMombo 570Walmart.com
ASMOKE AS550P$499Horizontal5150213180500YesNoNoNo2023ASMOKEASMOKE AS550PASMOKE.com
ASMOKE AS550$419Horizontal5150213180500YesNoNoNo2023ASMOKEASMOKE AS550ASMOKE.com
ASMOKE AS700P$749Horizontal7000226180500YesYesNoNo2023ASMOKEASMOKE AS700PASMOKE.com
Z Grills 550C$529Horizontal553406210180450NoYesNoNo2023Z GrillsZ Grills 550CZGrills.com
Z Grills 10502B$599Horizontal1,080443312180450NoYesNoNo2023Z GrillsZ Grills 10502BZGrills.com
Z Grills 7002C2E/7002F2$559Horizontal697504224180450NoYesNoNo2023Z GrillsZ Grills 7002C2E/7002F2ZGrills.com
Z Grills 7002C/7002F$519Horizontal697494224180450NoYesNoNo2023Z GrillsZ Grills 7002C/7002FZGrills.com
recteq RT-B380X Bullseye Deluxe$799Horizontal/Stainless Steel3803801182001,000NoYesYesNo2023RecTeqrecteq RT-B380X Bullseye Deluxerecteq.com
recteq Patio Legend 410$699Horizontal/Stainless Steel410410114180700NoYesYesNo2023RecTeqrecteq Patio Legend 410recteq.com
recteq Road Warrior 340P$599Portable/Stainless Steel340340114180700NoYesNoNo2023RecTeqrecteq Road Warrior 340Precteq.com
HALO Prime 1100$1,099Horizontal/Built-In1,129610218180500YesYesYesNo2023HALOHALO Prime 1100BBQGuys.com
HALO Prime 1500$1,299Horizontal/Built-In1,474901227180500YesYesYesNo2023HALOHALO Prime 1500BBQGuys.com
HALO Prime 550$899Horizontal/Built-In553386214180500YesYesYesNo2023HALOHALO Prime 550BBQGuys.com
Weber SmokeFire Sear+ ELX6$1,599Horizontal1,157648322180600YesYesYesUS Assembled2023WeberWeber SmokeFire Sear+ ELX6BBQGuys.com
Weber SmokeFire Sear+ ELX4$1,399Horizontal771432322180600YesYesYesUS Assembled2023WeberWeber SmokeFire Sear+ ELX4BBQGuys.com
Camp Chef XXL Pro$899Vertical/Smoke Box1,8060630150350-YesYesNo2023Camp ChefPros & Cons – Camp Chef XXL ProCampChef.com
Camp Chef Woodwind Pro 36 SideKick$1,799Pellet/Gas Combo1,236663322160500YesYesYesNo2023Camp ChefPros & Cons – Camp Chef Woodwind Pro 36CampChef.com
Camp Chef Woodwind Pro 36$1,499Horizontal/Smoke Box1,236663222160500NoYesYesNo2023Camp ChefPros & Cons – Camp Chef Woodwind Pro 36CampChef.com
Camp Chef Woodwind Pro 24 SideKick$1,449Pellet/Gas Combo811429322160500YesYesYesNo2023Camp ChefPros & Cons – Camp Chef Woodwind Pro 24CampChef.com
Camp Chef Woodwind Pro 24$1,199Horizontal/Smoke Box811429222160500NoYesYesNo2023Camp ChefPros & Cons – Camp Chef Woodwind Pro 24CampChef.com
Pit Boss 4 Copperhead Onyx Edition$474Vertical1,3000565130420-YesNoNo2023Pit BossPros & Cons – Pit Boss Copperhead Onyx EditionWalmart.com
Pit Boss Pro Series Elite 6-Series (Gen 3)$899Vertical1,5000570130420-YesYesNo2023Pit BossPit Boss Pro Series Elite 6-Series (Gen 3)Lowes.com
Pit Boss Pro Series 1600 (Gen 3)$999Horizontal1,598711232180500YesYesYesNo2023Pit BossSKU: 10981Pros & Cons – Pit Boss Pro Series 1600 (Gen 3)Lowes.com
Pit Boss Pro Series 1150 (Gen 3)$699Horizontal1,150711232180500YesYesYesNo2023Pit BossSKU: 10980Pros & Cons – Pit Boss Pro Series 1150 (Gen 3)Lowes.com
Pit Boss Pro Series Elite 1600 PSE (Gen 3)$1,399Horizontal 1,598711332180500YesYesYesNo2023Pit BossSKU: 10982Pit Boss Pro Series Elite 1600 PSE (Gen 3)Lowes.com
Pit Boss Savannah Onyx Edition$597Horizontal1,507633328180500YesYesNo (Optional)No2023Pit BossPros & Cons – Pit Boss Savannah Onyx EditionWalmart.com
Pit Boss Austin XL 1000 Onyx Edition$497Horizontal1,008720230180500YesYesNo (Optional)No2023Pit BossPros & Cons – Pit Boss Austin XL 1000 Onyx EditionWalmart.com
Pit Boss Lexington 500 Onyx Edition$327Horizontal543373215180500YesYesNoNo2023Pit BossPros & Cons – Pit Boss Lexington 500 Onyx EditionWalmart.com
Pit Boss Portable Battery Pellet Grill$499Tabletop/Battery25619127180500YesNoNoNo2023Pit BossPros & Cons – Pit Boss Portable Battery Pellet GrillPitBoss-Grills.com
Pit Boss Sportsman 1600$1,099Horizontal1,598711330180500YesNoYesNo2023Pit BossPit Boss Sportsman 1600PitBoss-Grills.com
Traeger Ironwood XL (Gen 2)$1,999Horizontal925594222180500NoYesYesNo2023TraegerTFB93RLGTraeger Ironwood XL (Gen 2)Traeger.com
Traeger Ironwood (Gen 2)$1,799Horizontal616 396 222 180500NoYesYesNo2023TraegerTFB61RLGPros & Cons – Traeger Ironwood Gen 2Traeger.com
Smokin Brothers 24" Premier Plus Grill$1,499Horizontal646646120150500NoYesNoUS Made2022Smokin BrothersSmokinBrothers.com
Smokin Brothers 36" Premier Plus Grill$2,199Horizontal976976120150500NoYesNoUS Made2022Smokin BrothersSmokinBrothers.com
Smokin Brothers 30" Premier Plus Grill$1,799Horizontal792792120150500NoYesNoUS Made2022Smokin BrothersSmokinBrothers.com
Royall Grills 7000VS Pitmaster Smoker$4,945Vertical3,9900621160600NoYesNoUS Made2022Royall GrillsRoyallGrills.com
Royall Grills 5000VS Pitmaster Smoker$3,595Vertical1,7480421160600NoYesNoUS Made2022Royall GrillsRoyallGrills.com
Royall Grills The Tailgater$500Portable270270110180450NoYesNoUS Made2022Royall GrillsRoyallGrills.com
Royall Grills The Master Series$2,349Horizontal797627221160600NoYesNoUS Made2022Royall GrillsRoyallGrills.com
Royall Grills The Backyard$1,495Horizontal418418121160600NoYesNoUS Made2022Royall GrillsRoyallGrills.com
Royall Grills The Whole Block$1,795Horizontal797627221160600NoYesNoUS Made2022Royall GrillsRoyallGrills.com
Member's Mark Pro Series$499Horizontal1,0340324180500NoYesNoNo2022Member's MarkMember's Mark Pro SeriesSamsClub.com
Lone Star Grillz 20" x 42"$2,895Horizontal1,278735240160450YesYesYesUS Made2022Lone Star GrillzLone Star Grillz 20" x 42"LoneStarGrillz.com
Lone Star Grillz 20" x 36"$2,695Horizontal1,062609240160450YesYesYesUS Made2022Lone Star GrillzLone Star Grillz 20" x 36"LoneStarGrillz.com
Lifetime Pellet/Gas Grill$1,299Pellet/Gas Combo7420220180700YesYesYesNo2022LifetimeLifetime Pellet/Gas GrillAmazon.com
KANDO Gear Champ$3,795Horizontal1,113665220160500YesYesYesUS Made2022KANDO GearKANDO Gear ChampKandoGear.com
KANDO Gear K480$2,995Horizontal750456220160500YesYesYesUS Made2022KANDO GearKANDO Gear K480KandoGear.com
USSC Grills USG730SS$874Horizontal 7300224180500NoYesNoNo2022USSC GrillsUSSC Grills USG730SSHomeDepot.com
Monument Grills 26-In$529Horizontal7030220180500YesYesNoNo2022Monument GrillsMonument Grills 26-InHomeDepot.com
USSC Grills Portable$343Tabletop295295112180500YesYesNoNo2022USSC GrillsUSSC Grills PortableHomeDepot.com
Oklahoma Joe's Rider DLX (Gen 2)$699Horizontal906578220200600YesYesNoNo2022Oklahoma JoesOklahoma Joe's Rider DLX (Gen 2)HomeDepot.com
LifePro SCSP2000LP$644Horizontal2,0000330180500NoYesNoNo2022LifeProLifePro SCSP2000LPWalmart.com
LifePro SCSP1500LP$558Horizontal1,5000330180500NoYesNoNo2022LifeProLifePro SCSP1500LPWalmart.com
Royal Gourmet PL2032$397Horizontal802640225180500NoNoNoNo2022Royal GourmetRoyal Gourmet PL2032Walmart.com
Costway Pellet Grill$239Tabletop256256113180450NoNoNoNo2022CostwayCostway Pellet GrillWalmart.com
ASMOKE AS660$499Horizontal7000226180500YesNoNoNo2022ASMOKEASMOKE AS660ASMOKE.com
ASMOKE AS660N-1$529Horizontal7000226180500YesNoNoNo2022ASMOKEASMOKE AS660N-1ASMOKE.com
ASMOKE AS300$249Tabletop25619124180500YesNoNoNo2022ASMOKEPros & Cons – ASMOKE AS300Amazon.com
ASMOKE AS350$429Tabletop25619124180500YesNoNoNo2022ASMOKEASMOKE AS350ASMOKE.com
DAMNISS 456 SQ.IN Pellet Grill$272Horizontal456380211180450NoNoNoNo2022DAMNISSAmazon.co.uk
Onlyfire Tabletop Pellet Grill$249Tabletop24618224180500NoNoNoNo2022OnlyfireAmazon.com
KingChii 456 SQ.IN Pellet Grill$339Horizontal456341211180450NoNoNoNo2022KingChiiAmazon.com
VEVOR 580 SQ.IN Pellet Grill$339Horizontal580436221175500NoNoNoNo2022VEVORAmazon.com
VEVOR 740 SQ.IN Pellet Grill$479Horizontal740463221175500NoNoNoNo2022VEVORAmazon.com
VEVOR 840 SQ.IN Pellet Grill$539Horizontal840707221175500NoNoNoNo2022VEVORAmazon.com
Z Grills 7052B WiFi$899Horizontal709461228160500NoYesYesNo2022Z GrillsPros & Cons – Z Grills 7052B WiFiZGrills.com
Z Grills 11002B WiFi$1,299Horizontal1,068693228160500NoYesYesNo2022Z GrillsZ Grills 11002B WiFiZGrills.com
Z Grills 700D4E$649Horizontal697504220180450NoYesNoNo2022Z GrillsZ Grills 700D4EZGrills.com
Z Grills 700D3$609Horizontal697504220180450NoYesNoNo2022Z GrillsZ Grills 700D3ZGrills.com
Z Grills Cruiser 200A$299Tabletop20220218180450NoNoNoNo2022Z GrillsPros & Cons – Z Grills Cruiser 200AZGrills.com
recteq RT-1070 Cabinet$1,399Horizontal/Stainless Steel1,070532230180700NoYesYesNo2022RecTeqrecteq RT-1070 Cabinetrecteq.com
recteq RT-1070$1,199Built-In/Stainless Steel1,070532230180700NoYesYesNo2022RecTeqrecteq RT-1070Amazon.com
Pitts & Spitts Maverick 2000 SS$5,899Horizontal/Stainless Steel2,000666335160600NoYesYesUS Made2022Pitts & SpittsPitts & Spitts Maverick 2000 SSBBQGuys.com
Pitts & Spitts Maverick 850 SS$4,149Horizontal/Stainless Steel850425235160600NoYesYesUS Made2022Pitts & SpittsPitts & Spitts Maverick 850 SSBBQGuys.com
Pitts & Spitts Maverick 2000$3,649Horizontal2,000666335160600NoYesNo (Optional)US Made2022Pitts & SpittsPitts & Spitts Maverick 2000BBQGuys.com
Pitts & Spitts Maverick 1250 SS$5,149Horizontal/Stainless Steel1,250625235160600NoYesYesUS Made2022Pitts & SpittsPitts & Spitts Maverick 1250 SSBBQGuys.com
Pitts & Spitts Maverick 850$2,149Horizontal850425235160600NoYesNo (Optional)US Made2022Pitts & SpittsPitts & Spitts Maverick 850BBQGuys.com
Pitts & Spitts Maverick 1250$2,549Horizontal1,250625235160600NoYesNo (Optional)US Made2022Pitts & SpittsPitts & Spitts Maverick 1250BBQGuys.com
Oklahoma Joe's Anthem Series Rider DLX$899Horizontal1,234578320180650YesYesNoNo2022Oklahoma JoesOklahoma Joe's Anthem Series Rider DLXBBQGuys.com
Memphis Grills Pro ITC3 28-Inch$4,499Horizontal/Stainless Steel568432218180650YesYesYesNo2022Memphis GrillsMemphis Grills Pro ITC3 28-InchBBQGuys.com
Memphis Grills Pro ITC3 Built-In 28-Inch$4,049Built-In/Stainless Steel568432218180650YesYesYesNo2022Memphis GrillsMemphis Grills Pro ITC3 Built-In 28-InchBBQGuys.com
Memphis Grills Elite ITC3 39-Inch$5,399Horizontal/Stainless Steel848644224180700YesYesYesNo2022Memphis GrillsMemphis Grills Elite ITC3 39-InchBBQGuys.com
Memphis Grills Elite ITC3 Built-In 39-Inch$4,949Built-In/Stainless Steel848644224180700YesYesYesNo2022Memphis GrillsMemphis Grills Elite ITC3 Built-In 39-InchBBQGuys.com
HALO Prime 300$494Tabletop/Battery301215210180500YesYesNoNo2022HALOHALO Prime 300BBQGuys.com
Cuisinart 24-Inch CPG-256$399Tabletop25618824180500NoNoNoNo2022CuisinartCuisinart 24-Inch CPG-256BBQGuys.com
Cuisinart 52-Inch CPG-700$799Horizontal700484221180500NoNoNoNo2022CuisinartCuisinart 52-Inch CPG-700BBQGuys.com
Cuisinart 45-Inch CPG-465$599Horizontal465304213180500NoNoNoNo2022CuisinartCuisinart 45-Inch CPG-465BBQGuys.com
Camp Chef MZGX 24$599Horizontal776429218160500YesYesYesNo2022Camp ChefCamp Chef MZGX 24CampChef.com
Camp Chef Apex 36 Gas Kit$2,449Pellet/Gas Combo1,236663230160500YesYesYesNo2022Camp ChefCamp Chef Apex 36 Gas KitCampChef.com
Camp Chef Apex 36 $1,999Horizontal1,236663230160500NoYesYesNo2022Camp ChefCamp Chef Apex 36 CampChef.com
Camp Chef Apex 24 Gas Kit$2,199Pellet/Gas Combo811429330160500YesYesYesNo2022Camp Chef Pros & Cons – Camp Chef Apex 24CampChef.com
Camp Chef Apex 24$1,799Horizontal811429230160500NoYesYesNo2022Camp ChefPros & Cons – Camp Chef Apex 24CampChef.com
Pit Boss Competition Series 1230CS1$699Pellet/Gas Combo1,261630221180500YesYesYesNo2022Pit BossPit Boss Competition Series 1230CS1Academy.com
Pit Boss Competition Series PBV5P2$549Vertical1,6790560150420-YesNoNo2022Pit BossPros & Cons – Pit Boss Competition Series Vertical Pellet SmokerAcademy.com
Pit Boss Mile Hybrid$497Pellet/Gas Combo611438215180500YesNoNoNo2022Pit BossPros & Cons – Pit Boss Mile HybridWalmart.com
Pit Boss Competition Series 1600$799Horizontal1,578648326180500YesYesYesNo2022Pit BossPros & Cons – Pit Boss Competition Series 1600Academy.com
Pit Boss Competition Series 1250$699Horizontal1,315540326180500YesYesYesNo2022Pit BossPros & Cons – Pit Boss Competition Series 1250Academy.com
Pit Boss Competition Series 850$549Horizontal849593221180500YesYesYesNo2022Pit BossPros & Cons – Pit Boss Competition Series 850Acedemy.com
Pit Boss Sportsman 1100$799Horizontal 1,610711230180500YesNoNoNo2022Pit BossPit Boss Sportsman 1100PitBoss-Grills.com
Pit Boss Sportsman 820$699Horizontal849593221180500YesNoNoNo2022Pit BossPit Boss Sportsman 820PitBoss-Grills.com
Pit Boss Sportsman 500$460Horizontal542400215180500YesNoNoNo2022Pit BossPit Boss Sportsman 500PitBoss-Grills.com
Traeger Timberline XL (Gen 2)$3,799Horizontal/Built-In1,320 594 322 180500NoYesYesNo2022TraegerTBB01RLGTraeger Timberline XL (Gen 2)Traeger.com
Traeger Timberline (Gen 2)$2,999Horizontal/Built-In880 396 322 180500NoYesYesNo2022TraegerTBB86RLGTraeger Timberline (Gen 2)Traeger.com
Ooni Fyra 12 Pellet Pizza Oven$349Pizza Oven14414412200950Yes--No2021OoniPros & Cons – Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Pellet Pizza OvenOoni.com
MAK Grills MAK 3 Star$9,499Horizontal/Stainless Steel2,750660230170650YesYesYesUS Made2021MAK GrillsMAK Grills MAK 3 StarBigPoppaSmokers.com
MAK Grills MAK 2 Star Stainless Steel$4,499Horizontal/Stainless Steel858429220170600YesYesYesUS Made2021MAK GrillsMAK Grills MAK 2 Star Stainless SteelBigPoppaSmokers.com
MAK Grills MAK 2 Star$3,499Horizontal858429220170600YesYesNo (Optional)US Made2021MAK GrillsMAK Grills MAK 2 StarBigPoppaSmokers.com
MAK Grills MAK 1 Star $2,499Horizontal858429220170600YesYesNo (Optional)US Made2021MAK GrillsMAK Grills MAK 1 Star BigPoppaSmokers.com
Blazn Grill Works Grid Iron$1,799Horizontal 720720130160500YesYesNo (Optional)US Made2021Blazn Grill WorksBlazn Grill Works Grid Ironmgrills.com
Blazn Grill Works Grand Slam$1,599Horizontal468468130160500YesYesNo (Optional)US Made2021Blazn Grill WorksBlazn Grill Works Grand Slammgrills.com
Yoder YS480s Built-In$2,579Built-In800480220150600YesYesYesUS Made2021Yoder SmokersPros & Cons – Yoder YS480satbbq.com
Yoder YS640s Built-In$2,639Built-In1,070640220150600YesYesYesUS Made2021Yoder SmokersYoder YS640s Built-Inatbbq.com
Yoder Smokers YS1500s$4,995Horizontal1,5001,008220150500YesYesYesUS Made2021Yoder SmokersYoder Smokers YS1500satbbq.com.com
Yoder YS640s Competition Cart$3,394Horizontal1,070640220150600YesYesYesUS Made2021Yoder SmokersYoder YS640s Competition Cartatbbq.com
Yoder YS480s Competition Cart$2,589Horizontal800480220150600YesYesYesUS Made2021Yoder SmokersPros & Cons – Yoder YS480satbbq.com
Yoder YS640s$2,399Horizontal1,070640220150600YesYesYesUS Made2021Yoder SmokersYoder YS640satbbq.com
Yoder YS480s$2,139Horizontal800480220150600YesYesYesUS Made2021Yoder SmokersPros & Cons – Yoder YS480satbbq.com
USSC Grills USG890SS$1,043Horizontal8900224180500NoYesNoNo2021USSC GrillsUSSC Grills USG890SSHomeDepot.com
Prime Pellet Grills KC King 600$845Horizontal600440220180400NoNoNoNo2021Prime Pellet GrillsPrime Pellet Grills KC King 600HomeDepot.com
USSC Grills USG890$996Horizontal 890612218180500NoYesNoNo2021USSC GrillsUSSC Grills USG890HomeDepot.com
Buffalo Outdoor$390Tabletop25625614180500YesNoNoNo2021Buffalo OutdoorBuffalo OutdoorHomeDepot.com
Oklahoma Joe's Rider 600 (Gen 1)$449Horizontal617617120180500NoNoNoNo2021Oklahoma JoesOklahoma Joe's Rider 600 (Gen 1)HomeDepot.com
Oklahoma Joe's Rider Combo (Gen 1)$699Pellet/Gas Combo9970220180500YesNoNoNo2021Oklahoma JoesOklahoma Joe's Rider Combo (Gen 1)HomeDepot.com
Cuisinart Bristol$391Horizontal505381230180500NoNoNoNo2021CuisinartCuisinart BristolWalmart.com
Lifesmart 510$630Horizontal5100215180500NoYesNoNo2021LifesmartLifesmart 510Walmart.com
Lifesmart 2000$1,415Horizontal2,0000330180500NoYesNoNo2021LifesmartLifesmart 2000Walmart.com
Dyna-Glo 706$387Horizontal7060220150500YesYesNoNo2021Dyna-GloDyna-Glo 706Walmart.com
Dyna-Glo 460$334Horizontal460332216150500YesYesNoNo2021Dyna-GloPros & Cons – Dyna-Glo 460 Pellet GrillWalmart.com
KingChii Pro Series 02$265Portable456
300211180420NoNoNoNo2021KingChiiPros & Cons – KingChii Portable Pellet GrillWalmart.com
Z Grills 450A$409Horizontal459331215180450NoYesNoNo2021Z GrillsZ Grills 450AZGrills.com
Z Grills L6002E$419Horizontal57233228180450YesYesNoNo2021Z Grills Z Grills L6002EZGrills.com
Z Grills 5502H$419Horizontal553406210180450NoYesNoNo2021Z GrillsZ Grills 5502HZGrills.com
Z Grills 450B$499Horizontal459331215180450NoYesNoNo2021Z GrillsZ Grills 450BZGrills.com
Z Grills L600D$479Horizontal57233228180450YesYesNoNo2021Z GrillsZ Grills L600DZGrills.com
Z Grills 1000D3E$669Horizontal1,056428320180450NoYesNoNo2021Z GrillsZ Grills 1000D3EZGrills.com
Grilla Grills Silverbac Alpha Connect Built-In$849Built-In692507220180500NoYesYesNo2021Grilla GrillsGrilla Grills Silverbac Alpha Connect Built-InGrillaGrills.com
Grilla Grills Chimp Tailgater$599Portable460340215180500NoYesYesNo2021Grilla GrillsGrilla Grills Chimp TailgaterGrillaGrills.com
Grilla Grills Silverbac All-Terrain Alpha Connect$1,099Horizontal692507220180500NoYesYesNo2021Grilla GrillsGrilla Grills Silverbac All-Terrain Alpha ConnectGrillaGrills.com
Grilla Grills Silverbac Alpha Connect$899Horizontal692507220180500NoYesYesNo2021Grilla GrillsGrilla Grills Silverbac Alpha ConnectGrillaGrills.com
Louisiana Grills SL Series 1000$1,175Horizontal1,0140218180500YesYesNoNo2021Louisiana GrillsLouisiana Grills SL Series 1000Louisiana-Grills.com
Louisiana Grills SL Series 700$974Horizontal6960218180500YesYesNoNo2021Louisiana GrillsLouisiana Grills SL Series 700Louisiana-Grills.com
Louisiana Grills Black Label 300$499Tabletop333333110180500YesYesNoNo2021Louisiana GrillsLouisiana Grills Black Label 300Louisiana-Grills.com
Louisiana Grills 4-Series$1,049Vertical1,0770460180500-YesYesNo2021Louisiana GrillsLouisiana Grills 4-SeriesLouisiana-Grills.com
Louisiana Grills Black Label Series 1200$1,199Horizontal1,180758218180500YesYesYesNo2021Louisiana GrillsLouisiana Grills Black Label Series 1200Louisiana-Grills.com
Louisiana Grills Black Label Series 1000$1,099Horizontal1,028661218180500YesYesYesNo2021Louisiana GrillsLouisiana Grills Black Label Series 1000Louisiana-Grills.com
Louisiana Grills Black Label Series 800$999Horizontal809520218180500YesYesYesNo2021Louisiana GrillsLouisiana Grills Black Label Series 800Louisiana-Grills.com
Louisiana Grills Founders Legacy 800$1,899Horizontal8460229180500YesYesYesNo2021Louisiana GrillsLouisiana Grills Founders Legacy 800Louisiana-Grills.com
Louisiana Grills Founders Legacy 1200$2,199Horizontal1,2050229180500YesYesYesNo2021Louisiana GrillsLouisiana Grills Founders Legacy 1200Louisiana-Grills.com
Louisiana Grills Founders Series Premier 800$1,399Horizontal8460229180500YesYesYesNo2021Louisiana GrillsLouisiana Grills Founders Series Premier 800Louisiana-Grills.com
Louisiana Grills Founders Series Premier 1200$1,599Horizontal1,2050229180500YesYesYesNo2021Louisiana GrillsLouisiana Grills Founders Series Premier 1200Louisiana-Grills.com
recteq RT-700$1,199Horizontal/Stainless Steel702702140180700NoYesYesNo2021RecTeqPros & Cons – recteq RT-700Amazon.com
recteq RT-590$899Horizontal/Stainless Steel592592130180700NoYesYesNo2021RecTeqrecteq RT-590Amazon.com
recteq RT-B380 Bullseye$499Horizontal/Stainless Steel380380115200750NoYesNoNo2021RecTeqPros & Cons – recteq RT B380 BullseyeAmazon.com
Victory 35-Inch$699Horizontal936691329180500YesNoNoNo2021VictoryVictory 35-InchBBQGuys.com
recteq RT-2500$2,599Horizontal/Stainless Steel2,500982353180650NoYesYesNo2021RecTeqrecteq RT-2500BBQGuys.com
recteq RT-1250$1,519Horizontal/Stainless Steel1,250627340180700NoYesYesNo2021RecTeqrecteq RT-1250BBQGuys.com
GMG Ledge SS Prime Plus$929Horizontal458458118150550NoYesYesNo2021GMGGMG Ledge SS Prime PlusBBQGuys.com
GMG Ledge Prime Plus$899Horizontal458458118150550NoYesYesNo2021GMGGMG Ledge Prime PlusBBQGuys.com
Coyote 28-Inch C1P28$2,999Built-In/Stainless Steel609450212175650YesYesNoNo2021CoyoteCoyote 28-Inch C1P28BBQGuys.com
Coyote 28-Inch C1P28-FS$3,499Horizontal/Stainless Steel609450212175650YesYesNoNo2021CoyoteCoyote 28-Inch C1P28-FSBBQGuys.com
Coyote 36-Inch C1P36-FS$4,399Horizontal/Stainless Steel808594215175700YesYesNoNo2021CoyoteCoyote 36-Inch C1P36-FSBBQGuys.com
Coyote 36-Inch C1P36$3,499Built-In/Stainless Steel808594215175700YesYesNoNo2021CoyoteCoyote 36-Inch C1P36BBQGuys.com
Broil King Crown 500$1,099Horizontal750550218180600NoYesYesUS Assembled2021Broil KingBroil King Crown 500BBQGuys.com
Broil King Regal 500$1,799Horizontal825625222180600NoYesYesUS Assembled2021Broil KingBroil King Regal 500BBQGuys.com
Broil King Regal 400$1,299Horizontal630500222180600NoYesYesUS Assembled2021Broil KingBroil King Regal 400BBQGuys.com
Broil King Regal 500$1,499Horizontal825625222180600NoYesYesUS Assembled2021Broil KingBroil King Regal 500BBQGuys.com
Broil King Crown 400$899Horizontal570440218180600NoYesYesUS Assembled2021Broil KingBroil King Crown 400BBQGuys.com
Weber SmokeFire EX6 (Gen 2)$1,299Horizontal1,008648222180600YesYesYesUS Assembled2021WeberPros & Cons – Weber SmokeFire EX6 Gen 2BBQGuys.com
Weber SmokeFire EX4 (Gen 2)$999Horizontal672432222180600YesYesYesUS Assembled2021WeberPros & Cons – Weber SmokeFire EX4 (Gen 2)BBQGuys.com
Camp Chef Woodwind CL 36 SideKick$1,449Pellet/Gas Combo1,236663322160500YesYesYesNo2021Camp ChefCamp Chef Woodwind 36 SideKickCampChef.com
Camp Chef Woodwind CL 36$1,199Horizontal1,236663222160500YesYesYesNo2021Camp ChefCamp Chef Woodwind 36CampChef.com
Camp Chef Woodwind CL 24 SideKick$1,149Pellet/Gas Combo811429322160500YesYesYesNo2021Camp ChefCamp Chef Woodwind 24 SideKickCampChef.com
Camp Chef Woodwind CL 24$899Horizontal811429222160500YesYesYesNo2021Camp ChefCamp Chef Woodwind 24CampChef.com
Camp Chef Pursuit 20$499Portable501253210160500YesYesNoNo2021Camp ChefPros & Cons – Camp Chef Pursuit 20CampChef.com
Camp Chef XT$549Horizontal570429218160500NoYesNoNo2021Camp ChefCamp Chef XTCampChef.com
Camp Chef DLX$599Horizontal570429218160500NoYesNoNo2021Camp ChefCamp Chef DLXCampChef.com
Camp Chef SG 24$749Horizontal811429222160500YesYesYesNo2021Camp ChefCamp Chef SG 24CampChef.com
Pit Boss Pro Series 1100$849Pellet/Gas Combo1,260630220180500YesYesYesNo2021Pit BossPit Boss Pro Series 1100Lowes.com
Pit Boss Platinum KC Combo$797Pellet/Gas Combo1,001630226180500YesYesYesNo2021Pit BossPit Boss Platinum KC ComboWalmart.com
Pit Boss Pro Series 4-Series (Gen 2)$499Vertical1,0770465150420-YesYesNo2021Pit BossPit Boss Pro Series 4-Series (Gen 2)Lowes.com
Pit Boss Platinum Brunswick$597Vertical1,1640498150420-YesYesNo2021Pit BossPros & Cons – Pit Boss Platinum BrunswickWalmart.com
Pit Boss Platinum Lockhart$847Horizontal2,136546640180500YesYesYesNo2021Pit BossPit Boss Platinum LockhartWalmart.com
Pit Boss Platinum Laredo 1000$547Horizontal1,006528226180500YesYesYesNo2021Pit BossPros & Cons – Pit Boss Platinum Laredo 1000Walmart.com
Pit Boss Pro Series Portable 150 (Gen 2)$299Tabletop25619125180500YesNoNoNo2021Pit BossPit Boss Pero Series Portable 150 (Gen 2)Lowes.com
Pit Boss Pro Series 1150 (Gen 2)$699Horizontal 1,155711232180500YesYesYesNo2021Pit BossSKU: 10576Pit Boss Pro Series 1150 (Gen 2)Lowes.com
Pit Boss Pro Series 850 (Gen 2)$599Horizontal 850593220180500YesYesYesNo2021Pit BossPit Boss Pro Series 850 (Gen 2)Lowes.com
Pit Boss Pro Series 1600 (Gen 2)$999Horizontal1,598711332180500YesYesYesNo2021Pit BossSKU: 10737Pit Boss Pro Series 1600 (Gen 2)Lowes.com
Pit Boss Pro Series 1600 Elite (Gen 2)$1,299Horizontal1,597711332180500YesYesYesNo2021Pit BossSKU: 10908Pit Boss Pro Series 1600 Elite (Gen 2)Lowes.com
GrillFest 655$421Horizontal655465220180450NoNoNoNo2020GrillFestGrillFest 655Walmart.com
GrillFest 445$374Horizontal445312216180450NoNoNoNo2020GrillFestGrillFest 445Walmart.com
Sophia & William Pellet Grill$369Horizontal712446218180450NoNoNoNo2020Sophia & WilliamSophia & William Pellet GrillWalmart.com
GMG Davy Crockett$399Portable21921919150550NoYesYesNo2020GMGGMG Davy CrockettWalmart.com
Z Grills 700D$599Horizontal697504220180450NoNoNoNo2020Z GrillsZ Grills 700DZGrills.com
Z Grills 7002B2E/7002E$489Horizontal697504220180450NoNoNoNo2020Z GrillsZ Grills 7002B2E/7002EZGrills.com
Z Grills 7002B$509Horizontal697504220180450NoNoNoNo2020Z GrillsZ Grills 7002BZGrills.com
Z Grills 550A$429Horizontal585424216180450NoNoNoNo2020Z GrillsZ Grills 550AZGrills.com
Z Grills 10002B2E$599Horizontal1,056428320180450NoNoNoNo2020Z GrillsZ Grills 10002B2EZGrills.com
Grilla Grills Alpha Connect$929Horizontal488346220180500NoYesYesNo2020Grilla GrillsGrilla Grills Alpha ConnectGrillaGrills.com
Twin Eagles 36-Inch Rotisserie$11,378Horizontal/Stainless Steel00213140725YesYesYesUS Made2020Twin EaglesTwin Eagles 36-Inch RottisserieBBQGuys.com
Twin Eagles 36-Inch$10,668Horizontal/Stainless Steel00213140725YesYesYesUS Made2020Twin EaglesTwin Eagles 36-InchBBQGuys.com
Twin Eagles 36-Inch Built-In$8,559Built-In/Stainless Steel00213140725YesYesYesUS Made2020Twin EaglesTwin Eagles 36-Inch Built-InBBQGuys.com
Twin Eagles 36-Inch Built-In Rotisserie$9,269Built-In/Stainless Steel00213140725YesYesYesUS Made2020Twin EaglesTwin Eagles 36-Inch Built-In RotisserieBBQGuys.com
Memphis Grills Beale Street Built-In$1,599Built-In/Stainless Steel817558212180500YesYesYesNo2020Memphis GrillsMemphis Grills Beale Street Built-InBBQGuys.com
Memphis Grills Beale Street$1,799Horizontal/Stainless Steel817558212180550YesYesYesNo2020Memphis GrillsMemphis Grills Beale StreetBBQGuys.com
Pit Boss Navigator PB1230G$1,249Pellet/Gas Combo1,084630216180500YesNoNoNo2020Pit BossPit Boss Navigator PB1230GPitBoss-Grills.com
Pit Boss Sportsman 1230$1,049Pellet/Gas Combo1,124630221180500YesNoNoNo2020Pit BossPit Boss Sportsman 1230PitBoss-Grills.com
Pit Boss Sportsman 7-Series$799Vertical1,8150660150420-NoNoNo2020Pit BossPit Boss Sportsman 7-SeriesPitBoss-Grills.com
Pit Boss Sportsman 5-Series$659Vertical1,5130560150420-NoNoNo2020Pit BossPit Boss Sportsman 5-SeriesPitBoss-Grills.com
Pit Boss 820FB1$599Horizontal849592221180500YesNoNoNo2020Pit BossPit Boss 820FB1PitBoss-Grills.com
Pit Boss 700FB1$499Horizontal743518221180500YesNoNoNo2020Pit BossPit Boss 700FB1PitBoss-Grills.com
Pit Boss 440FB1$399Horizontal48237225180500YesNoNoNo2020Pit BossPit Boss 440FB1PitBoss-Grills.com
Pit Boss Navigator 1150$999Horizontal1,158711232180500YesNoNoNo2020Pit BossPit Boss Navigator 1150PitBoss-Grills.com
Pit Boss Navigator 850$999Horizontal 879593227180500YesNoNoNo2020Pit BossPit Boss Navigator 850PitBoss-Grills.com
Pit Boss Navigator 550$749Horizontal542400216180500YesNoNoNo2020Pit BossPit Boss Navigator 550PitBoss-Grills.com
Traeger Tailgater$529Portable300 30018 180450NoNoNoNo2019TraegerTFB30KLFPros & Cons – Traeger TailgaterTraeger.com
Traeger Ranger$449Tabletop176176 18 180450NoNoNoNo2019TraegerTFT18KLDPros & Cons – Traeger RangerTraeger.com
Traeger Ironwood 650 (Gen 1)$1,099Horizontal649 418 220 180500NoYesYesNo2019TraegerTFB65BLFPros & Cons – Traeger Ironwood 650Traeger.com
Traeger Ironwood 885 (Gen 1)$1,299Horizontal885 570 220 180500NoYesYesNo2019TraegerTFB89BLFPros & Cons – Traeger Ironwood 885Traeger.com
Traeger Pro 575 (Gen 2)$799Horizontal572 418 218 180500NoYesYesNo2019TraegerTFB57GLECPros & Cons – Traeger Pro 575Traeger.com
Traeger Pro 780 (Gen 2)$999Horizontal780 570 218 180500NoYesYesNo2019TraegerTFB78GLEPros & Cons – Traeger Pro 780Traeger.com
Cookshack 32-Inch$4,725Horizontal/Stainless Steel784504225160600YesNoNoUS Made2018CookshackCookshack 32-InchBBQGuys.com
Cookshack 30-Inch$3,570Horizontal/Stainless Steel784504222160600YesNoNoUS Made2018CookshackCookshack 30-InchBBQGuys.com
Cookshack FEC100$5,880Vertical/Stainless Steel1,5640420130400-NoNoUS Made2018CookshackCookshack FEC100BBQGuys.com
Pit Boss Charleston$600Pellet/Gas Combo1,260630223180500YesNoNoNo2018Pit BossPit Boss CharlestonWalmart.com
Pit Boss 5-Series Copper$497Vertical1,6590540150420-NoNoNo2018Pit BossPit Boss 5-Series CopperWalmart.com
Pit Boss Copperhead 7-Series$799Vertical1,8150660150420-NoNoNo2018Pit BossPit Boss Copperhead 7-SeriesPitBoss-Grills.com
Pit Boss Copperhead 5-Series$659Vertical1,5130560150420-NoNoNo2018Pit BossPit Boss Copperhead 5-SeriesPitBoss-Grills.com
Pit Boss Copperhead 3-Series$549Vertical7870440150420-NoNoNo2018Pit BossPit Boss Copperhead 3-SeriesPitBoss-Grills.com
Country Smokers Traveler$249Tabletop25625613.5180500YesNoNoNo2018Country SmokersCountry Smokers TravelerPitBoss-Grills.com
Pit Boss PP150PPG$227Tabletop25619127180500YesNoNoNo2018Pit BossPit Boss PP150PPGWalmart.com
Pit Boss Austin XL$447Horizontal1,000720231180500YesNoNoNo2018Pit BossPit Boss Austin XLWalmart.com
Pit Boss Tailgater$297Portable34034015180500YesNoNoNo2018Pit BossPros & Cons – Pit Boss TailgaterWalmart.com
Pit Boss Lexington$297Horizontal543373215180500YesNoNoNo2018Pit BossPit Boss LexingtonWalmart.com
Pit Boss Portable Copper$297Portable387257219180500YesNoNoNo2018Pit BossPit Boss Portable CopperWalmart.com
Pit Boss 1000T4$499Horizontal1,013710230180500YesNoNoNo2018Pit BossPit Boss 1000T4TractorSupply.com
Pit Boss 700T1$399Horizontal746517215180500YesNoNoNo2018Pit BossPit Boss 700T1TractorSupply.com
Pit Boss Mahogany 260$649Portable387257219180500YesNoNoNo2018Pit BossPit Boss Mahogany 260PitBoss-Grills.com
Pit Boss Mahogany 150PPS$299Tabletop25619125180500YesNoNoNo2018Pit BossPit Boss Mahogany 150PPSPitBoss-Grills.com
Traeger Timberline 850 (Gen 1)$1,699Horizontal869 363 324 180500NoYesYesNo2017TraegerTFB85WLEPros & Cons – Traeger Timberline 850Traeger.com
Traeger Timberline 1300 (Gen 1)$1,899Horizontal1,343 561 324 180500NoYesYesNo2017TraegerTFB01WLEPros & Cons – Traeger Timberline 1300Traeger.com
Pit Boss 700 Classic$397Horizontal700507221180500YesNoNoNo2016Pit BossPit Boss 700 ClassicWalmart.com
Pit Boss 700R2$549Horizontal700507221180500YesNoNoNo2016Pit BossPit Boss 700R2PitBoss-Grills.com
Pit Boss Mahogany 1000SC2$799Horizontal998698231180500YesNoNoNo2016Pit BossPit Boss Mahogany 1000SC2PitBoss-Grills.com
Pit Boss Mahogany 1000$699Horizontal1,021711221180500YesNoNoNo2016Pit BossPit Boss Mahogany 1000PitBoss-Grills.com
Pit Boss Mahogany 820D3$649Horizontal849593221180500YesNoNoNo2016Pit BossPit Boss Mahogany 820D3PitBoss-Grills.com
Pit Boss Mahogany 440 Deluxe$349Horizontal51837325180500YesNoNoNo2016Pit BossPit Boss Mahogany 440 DeluxePitBoss-Grills.com
Pit Boss 700FB$399Horizontal700507221180500YesNoNoNo2016Pit BossPit Boss 700FBPitBoss-Grills.com
Traeger Pro 34 (Gen 1)$599Horizontal884 646 218 180450NoNoNoNo2016TraegerTFB57PZBPros & Cons – Traeger Pro 34Traeger.com
Traeger Pro 22 (Gen 1)$499Horizontal572 418 218 180450NoNoNoNo2016TraegerTFB57PZBPros & Cons - Traeger Pro 22Traeger.com

Use the Table of Contents below to quickly browse through all the brands I’ve listed.


The ASMOKE pellet grill/smoker brand first appeared in 2020. The background of the brand is a Chinese manufacturer who previously produced products for Danson LLC, which owns the Country Smoker’s, Louisiana Grills and Pit Boss brands below.

Hence, you will notice similarities between several of the designs of the components across the products offered by these brands. While ASMOKE is offering full-sized pellet grills/smokers, it is their AS300 portable tabletop pellet grill/smoker which has been getting most of the attention.

ASMOKE Pellet Grills/Smokers
While the current main focus of ASMOKE is on their portable tabletop pellet grills, they are also starting to offer full-sized units: Images – ASMOKEGrill.com

Blaz’n Grill Works

A small US-based pellet grill/smoker manufacturer based in South Nebraska. Blaz’n Grill products are made in the US from American steel, using 12 gauge steel for their lids and 16 gauge steel for the cooking chamber.

They currently produce two pellet grills, the smaller Grand Slam and the larger Grid Iron. The latest models are available with PID and WiFi technology as well other desirable features such as direct-flame access and stainless steel cooking grates.

Blaz'n Grill Works Pellet Grills/Smokers
Currently, Blaz’n Grill Works produce just two full-sized pellet grills, the smaller Grand Slam (left) and the larger Grid Iron (right): Images – BlaznGrillWorks.com
  • Product Range: Two full-sized domestic pellet grills/smokers
  • Made In USA: Yes
  • Price Range: $1,400 to $1,750
  • Availability: BlaznGrillWorks.com

Brisk It

I came across the Brisk It Origin 580 one day while browsing social media. With talk of ‘A.I’ controlled cooking, it obviously got my interest.

While I think stating the Origin 580 is controlled by Artificial Intelligence is a bit of a stretch, it does appear to be a pretty well-made pellet grill with a nice touchscreen PID control panel.

Brisk It Origin 580 Pellet Grill/Smoker
The Origin 580 from Brisk It is a relatively small/full-sized pellet grill/smoker: Image – BriskItGrills.com
  • Product Range: Currently, just one full-sized pellet grill/smoker
  • Made In USA: No
  • Price Range: $799
  • Availability: BriskItGrills.com

Broil King

A very established player in the world of gas and charcoal grills, Broil King now has their own line of pellet grills/smokers.

In my article on the Broil King pellet grill range, I discuss how their 16 and 14-gauge pellet grills are made from pretty heavy-duty steel for their price point.

Their ash management system is also quite unique, and they are one of only a few rotisserie pellet grills you can currently get.

Broil King Pellet Grills/Smokers
On the left are the cheaper Crown 400 & 500, and on the right are the more premium Regal 400 & 500 models: Images – BBQGuys.com
  • Product Range: Two full-sized models available with and without a rotisserie
  • Made In USA: No
  • Price Range: $999 to $1,600
  • Availability: BBQGuys.com

Buffalo Outdoor

A new brand which I recently came across while browsing the Home Depot website. The appear to currently offer just a single tabletop pellet grill/smoker.

Buffalo Outdoor Pellet Grill/Smoker
This tabletop pellet grill/smoker shares a very similar design to ASMOKE branded products: Image – HomeDepot.com
  • Product Range: Tabletop pellet grill/smoker
  • Made In USA: No
  • Price Range: $300 to $400
  • Availability: HomeDepot.com

Camp Chef

One of the current market leaders alongside Traeger and Pit Boss. Camp Chef has an extensive range of domestic pellet grills/smokers under their SmokePro, Woodwind, Woodwind Pro and Apex models.

The Camp Chef range also includes portable pellet grills as well as vertical pellet smokers. They also provide market-leading propane attachments in the form of their Sear Box and SideKick.

All Camp Chef models now feature PID temperature controllers, and many units feature WiFi integration via the Camp Chef Connect App.

Camp Chef Pellet Grills/Smokers
Camp Chef currently offers one of the most extensive ranges of domestic pellet grills/smokers: Image – CampChef.com
  • Product Range: Portable, vertical and horizontal domestic pellet grills/smokers
  • Made In USA: No
  • Price Range: $550 to $1,600
  • Availability: CampChef.com & BBQGuys.com


A pretty well-known budget/value brand when it comes to charcoal, kamado and gas grills but not a significant player in the pellet grill market as yet.

In fact, on their own website, there is no reference to pellet grills/smokers at all. So why are Char-Griller on this list!?

Well, Home Depot is selling a Char-Griller branded pellet grill, though its currently not available at any other big box store.

It doesn’t have any notable features, with the appearance of a previous generation Pit Boss and a first-generation basic time-based temperature controller.

Char-Griller Pellet Grills/Smokers
The Wood Fire Pro is the only Char-Griller pellet grill I’m currently aware of: Image – HomeDepot.com
  • Product Range: Just one full-sized pellet grill/smoker
  • Made In USA: No
  • Price Range: $499
  • Availability: HomeDepot.com


With a background in electric smokers that goes back to the 1960’s, the Cookshack brand is well-established in the BBQ world.

In the mid-1990s, with the help of multiple BBQ competition winner ‘Fast Eddy’ Cookshack started to develop a couple of high-end premium stainless steel pellet grills to be manufactured in the US.

Cookshack produce both horizontal pellet grills, a vertical pellet smoker and even a commercial pellet pizza oven.

Cookshack Pellet Grills/Smokers
The Cookshack domestic range includes two horizontal pellet grills/smokers as well as a vertical pellet smoker: Images – BBQGuys.com
  • Product Range: Horizontal & vertical pellet smokers along with a commercial pellet pizza oven
  • Made In USA: Yes
  • Price Range: $2,000 to $24,000
  • Availability: BBQGuys.com


This is a new brand which appears to just offer one tabletop model that’s fitted with a control panel you would find on previous generation Pit Boss models.

CECAROL Tabletop Pellet Grill/Smoker
This 250 SQ tabletop model appears to be the one model available: Image – Walmart.com
  • Product Range: Tabletop pellet grills/smokers
  • Made In USA: No
  • Price Range: $200 to $300
  • Availability: Walmart.com & Amazon.com


This brand has popped up recently with a couple of tabletop pellet grill models which are very similar in appearance and specification to ASMOKE products.

Costway currently produce two tabletop pellet grills/smokers: Images – Walmart.com
  • Product Range: Tabletop pellet grills/smokers
  • Made In USA: No
  • Price Range: $200 to $300
  • Availability: Walmart.com

Country Smoker’s

The Country Smoker’s brand is part of the Danson LLC group, which also owns the Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills brands.

While the Country Smoker’s brand has offered full-sized domestic pellet grills, their main claim to fame is their ultra-compact tabletop pellet grill.

Country Smoker's Pellet Grills
While you may come across a full-size Country Smoker’s pellet grill, its their tabletop model which the brand is best known for: Image – BBQGuys.com
  • Product Range: Portable/tabletop pellet grill and a few full-sized pellet grills/smokers
  • Made In USA: No
  • Price Range: $225 to $500
  • Availability: BBQGuys.com & Walmart.com

Coyote Outdoor Living

Offering high-end outdoor kitchen gas grills since 2011, in 2020, Coyote Outdoor Living introduced its first pellet grill models.

Made from 304 stainless steel, which is the best quality stainless steel currently used on domestic grills, Coyote is trying to offer premium products at a reduced price to their direct competition from Memphis Grills and Twin Eagles.

Making them one of the cheapest full stainless steel pellet grills for an outdoor kitchen.

Coyote Outdoor Living Pellet Grills/Smokers
All Coyote pellet grills are made from 304 stainless steel and are available as either freestanding or built-in units: Images – BBQGuys.com
  • Product Range: Full stainless steel freestanding and built-in pellet grills/smokers
  • Made In USA: No
  • Price Range: $2,500 to $3,800
  • Availability: BBQGuys.com


A well-known value-focused brand for a wide range of kitchen accessories/appliances, Cuisinart also offers its own range of pellet grills/smokers.

The first Cuisinart pellet grills were identical to models sold under the Z Grills brand. However, later models such as the Woodcreek/Twin Oak and the later Clermont were unique to the Cuisinart brand.

The Twin Oak is a gas/pellet combo grill which is growing in popularity.

Cuisinart Pellet Grills/Smokers
The current two most popular Cuisinart pellet grills are the Woodcreek (left) and Twin Oaks (right): Image – Walmart.com
  • Product Range: Full-sized horizontal pellet grills/smokers and a combo gas/pellet grill
  • Made In USA: No
  • Price Range: $320 to $600
  • Availability: Walmart.com

Direct Wicker

I only recently became aware of this brand while browsing the Home Depot website. Direct Wicker (a really odd brand name if you ask me) appears to be just a rebranding of existing Z Grill pellet grills/smokers.

Its a brand that only appears at Home Depot that also sells Z Grills products, so I must admit I’m not sure of the purpose of this rebranding. From a consumer’s point of view, Direct Wicker pellet grills are simply more expensive Z Grills models.

Direct Wicker Pellet Grills/Smokers
The images for Direct Wicker products even still have the Z Grill branding on them: Images – HomeDepot.com
  • Product Range: Full-sized horizontal pellet grills
  • Made In USA: No
  • Price Range: $580 to $800
  • Availability: HomeDepot.com


The Dyna-Glo range of pellet grills/smokers is very similar in design to several current Z Grills models, as they are very likely made in the same factory in China.

However, all of the Dyna-Glo models appear to offer direct flame access and cast-iron cooking grates, which is not the case on all Z Grills models.

Dyna-Glo Pellet Grills/Smokers
While generally similar in appearance to Z Grills models, there are a few differences: Images – HomeDepot.com

Product Range: Full-sized horizontal pellet grills
Made In USA: No
Price Range: $449 to $629
Availability: HomeDepot.com

Even Embers

A value/budget-focused brand with a background in gas grills and a recent entrant into the world of pellet grills/smokers.

Their first product was a pretty standard replication of a first-generation Pit Boss product with a round cooking barrel and large steel wheels.

However, their second model is much more interesting, a ceramic egg pellet grill/smoker, with a ceramic body providing benefits to cooking performance and reduced pellet consumption.

Even Embers Pellet Grills/Smokers
The Even Embers barrel pellet cooker (left) doesn’t really interest me, but I’ll likely be writing an article on their ceramic egg pellet cooker (right): Images – HomeDepot.com
  • Product Range: Full-sized pellet grills, including a ceramic egg pellet cooker
  • Made In USA: No
  • Price Range: $400 to $900
  • Availability: HomeDepot.com

Expert Grill

Expert Grill is another value/budget brand that appears to be exclusive to Walmart. In my article on Expert Grill, while I state the branding of ‘Expert’ is quite ironic for the very low price point, they do have a notable feature, PID temperature control.

However, you wouldn’t know it by the Walmart sales page, I only found that out while reading the manual. Put simply then, at the cheapest end of the market, the Expert Grill models are worth looking into.

Expert Grill Pellet Grills/Smokers
The Expert Grill products are currently some of the cheapest/most affordable pellet grills/smokers on the market: Images – Walmart.com
  • Product Range: Full-sized pellet grills, including a gas/pellet combo grill
  • Made In USA: No
  • Price Range: $400 to $900
  • Availability: Walmart.com

Green Mountain Grills (GMG)

This brand has been selling pellet grills since 2014 and their portable pellet grill, the Davy Crockett, has for many years been the market leader with PID & WiFi integration.

However, as I discuss in my article on the Best GMG reviews, they have now carried out a complete product rebranding, and the Davy Crockett is now called ‘The Trek’.

GMG also sell two full-sized pellet grills featuring PID/WiFi functionality within the mid-range price bracket.

GMG Pellet Grills/Smokers
The current GMG range consists of the Trek (right), Ledge (centre) and Peak (right): Images – BBQGuys.com
  • Product Range: Portable and full-sized domestic pellet grills/smokers
  • Made In USA: No
  • Price Range: $370 to $929
  • Availability: BBQGuys.com

Grilla Grills

The company behind Grilla Grills has over 40 years of background in manufacturing components for the automobile industry.

While Grilla Grills do manufacture some of its stainless steel accessories for their products in the US, they are not a full made-in-the-USA brand to keep its products in a more affordable price bracket.

What their products do have is twin-wall insulated construction, one of the best PID/WiFi control panels in their price bracket (The Alpha Connect), and they are also now offering a pretty cool stainless steel outdoor kitchen setup.

Grilla Grills Pellet Grills/Smokers
The smallest Grilla Grill is the Chimp (far left), and they also have a couple of full-sized models: Images – GrillaGrills.com
  • Product Range: Portable and full-sized domestic pellet grills/smokers
  • Made In USA: No (some components are made in the US)
  • Price Range: $599 to $1099
  • Availability: GrillaGrills.com


A budget/value brand that I’ve only come across at Walmart offering a single model, the 445. A typical example of what many people in the BBQ world refer to as a ‘Traeger clone’.

The reason being its fitted with a previous generation time-based control panel that used to be fitted to Traeger grills.

With only a 450-degree maximum temperature setting and no PID temperature control, there are better options for around $400 than the GrillFest is this price.

GrillFest Pellet Grills/Smokers
Just a single GrillFest model is available currently with no outstanding features/specs/price: Image – Walmart.com
  • Product Range: Full-sized domestic pellet grills/smokers
  • Made In USA: No
  • Price Range: $400
  • Availability: Walmart.com

Halo Products Group

Here we have a new brand to the world of pellet grills/smokers, and their first product is a tabletop pellet grill/smoker that can be powered by its own rechargeable battery.

Halo Products Group
The Prime300 is a very impressive tabletop pellet grill/smoker, but its also very expensive for its size: Image – BBQGuys.com

There is also now an expanded range of Halo Prime Series pellet grills which feature some other notable features, such as a split hopper design with two augers, and they are designed for outdoor kitchen integration.

  • Product Range: Tabletop & Full-Sized Pellet Grills
  • Made In USA: No
  • Price Range: $500 – $1,200
  • Availability: BBQGuys.com

Kamado Joe

I’ve previously discussed the pros and cons of pellet vs kamado grills, and Kamado Joe is one of the leading charcoal kamado BBQ manufacturers.

However, they have now produced the Pellet Joe, which as I discuss in my linked article, I’m pretty impressed with the engineering that has gone on to produce it.

The Pellet Joe is currently the only pellet cooker from the Kamado Joe brand, and its not cheap at around $2K.

Kamado Joe Pellet Grills/Smokers
The Pellet Joe is currently the only pellet cooker to come from the Kamado Joe brand: Image – BBQGuys.com
  • Product Range: Ceramic pellet grill/smoker
  • Made In USA: No
  • Price Range: $2,000
  • Availability: BBQGuys.com


Based in Texas, KANDO Gear, while new to the pellet grill/smoker game, have some interesting designs. The pellet burner is actually located in the lower cabinet.

Hence, the burn pot can be cleaned without removing all of the grates, grease trays etc.

KANDO Gear Pellet Grills/Smokers
Examples of KANDO Gear pellet grills include the K480 (left) and the Rival (right): Images – KandoGear.com
  • Product Range: Full-sized pellet grills/smokers
  • Made In USA: Yes
  • Price Range: $2,495 to $3,795
  • Availability: KandoGear.com


There currently appears to be only one pellet grill/smoker under the KingChii brand, and its very similar in design to the Traeger Tailgater, though about half the price.

The most interesting feature is the expanding pellet hopper which can increase its capacity as, and when needed, apparently they are claiming its a patented feature.

KingChii Pellet Grill
The KingChii pellet grill/smoker shares a design very similar to that of the Traeger Tailgater: Image – Walmart.com
  • Product Range: Portable pellet grill/smoker
  • Made In USA: No
  • Price Range: $235
  • Availability: Walmart.com & Amazon.com


Pellet grills/smokers with the Lifesmart branding first started to appear in late 2019, and many people noticed that they had a similar appearance to RECTEQ (formally REC TEC) pellet grills.

Some of the first customers of Lifesmart pellet grills even found RECTEQ product manuals. Basically, the same Chinese manufacturing company is making both brands of pellet grills.

However, as I discuss in my Lifesmart pellet grills article, RECTEQ branded products are made to a much higher standard and price point.

Lifesmart Pellet Grills/Smokers
Lifesmart pellet grills/smokers are widely available at the big box stores: Images – Walmart.com


A brand that started out in the mid-90s making adjusting basketball hoops and then branched out to other outdoor furniture etc, has now decided to enter the BBQ market.

Lifetime Pellet Smoker Gas Grill Combo
Currently, Lifetime offer just one model, a pellet/gas combo grill: Image – Amazon.com
  • Product Range: Pellet smoker/gas grill combo
  • Made In USA: No
  • Price Range: $1,299
  • Availability: Amazon.com

Lone Star Grillz

The Lone Star Grillz pellet grills are made from heavy-duty steel and come with features such as a large 40lb hopper, direct-flame access and a Fireboard control panel with PID and WiFi functionality. Available in two sizes, a 20″ x 36″ grill or a 20″ x 46″ grill.

Lone Star Grillz Pellet Grills/Smokers
Currently, Lone Star Grillz produce two full-sized pellet grills/smokers made from heavy duty laser cut steel: Images – LoneStarGrillz.com
  • Product Range: Full-sized pellet grills/smokers
  • Made In USA: Yes
  • Price Range: $2,395 to $2,695
  • Availability: LoneStarGrillz.com

Louisiana Grills

A member of the Danson LLC group, Louisiana Grills is positioned and priced as their premium brand.

Offering a wide selection of pellet grills/smokers from small/portable models to larger full-sized models, vertical pellet smokers and even some built-in stainless steel offerings.

I have an article on the Louisiana Grills range if you would like to learn more.

Louisiana Pellet Grills/Smokers
Most of the key models within the current Louisiana Grills pellet grill lineup: Image – Louisiana-Grills.com


After the 2008 financial crisis, the US company behind MAK GRILLS decided they needed to diversify their business away from purely manufacturing automobile parts.

The result was MAK GRILLS, a made-in-the-US brand offering premium pellet grills/smoker mostly from 304-grade stainless steel. Please check out my article on the MAK GRILLS range to learn more.

MAK GRILLS Pellet Grills/Smokers
The One, Two and Three Star General models which make up the MAK GRILLS range: Images – Bigpoppasmokers.com
  • Product Range: Full-sized premium stainless steel pellet grills/smokers
  • Made In USA: Yes
  • Price Range: $500 to $2,000
  • Availability: Bigpoppasmokers.com

Member’s Mark

Here we have a new brand entering the pellet grill/smoker market with their ‘Pro Series’ budget offering under $500.

While the 24lb pellet hopper and PID control panel for the price point is good to see, its the fully insulated cooking chamber which is really impressive.

Member's Mark Pellet Grills/Smokers
A new player in the budget pellet grill game, but its a strong start: Image – SamsClub.com
  • Product Range: Full-sized budget grills
  • Made In USA: No
  • Price Range: $500
  • Availability: SamsClub.com

Memphis Grills

The first fully stainless steel pellet grill manufacturer to enter the market, Memphis Grills have been the staple of premium outdoor kitchen setups since 2016.

Memphis Grills offer their pellet grills as either freestanding or built-in variants from both 430-grade and 304-grade stainless steel.

Memphis Grills were previously a US-made brand. However, that’s no longer the case. Please read my Memphis Grills article to learn more, or my article on their latest ITC3 models.

Memphis Grills
The Beale Street (far left) is the cheapest Memphis Grill with larger Pro and Elite models: Images – BBQGuys.com
  • Product Range: Full-sized premium stainless steel pellet grills/smokers
  • Made In USA: No (previously was)
  • Price Range: $2,000 to $4,000
  • Availability: BBQGuys.com


A budget/value-focused brand that offers a range of smaller full-sized pellet grills/smokers using control panel technology from previous generations of Traeger/Pit Boss models, hence, no PID or WiFi technology.

Perhaps worth considering when on sale as a basic/cheap option, but no standout features overall.

Monument Pellet Grills
The current Monument range of pellet grills uses the previous generation Traeger/Pit Boss control panels: Images – HomeDepot.com
  • Product Range: Full-sized pellet grills/smokers
  • Made In USA: No
  • Price Range: $330 to $550
  • Availability: HomeDepot.com & Lowes.com

Myron Mixon Smokers

You may be aware of Myron Mixon as he previously appeared on the TV show BBQ Pitmasters and is a previous five-time World BBQ Champion.

There is a range of Myron Mixon Smokers, of which there are the BARQ pellet smokers below, which notably are made in the USA.

Myron Mixon Smokers BARQ Pellet Grills/Smokers
The Myron Mixon Smokers BARQ pellet range features twin-wall insulated construction, stainless steel and a PID/WiFi control panel, they are made in the USA: Images – Lowes.com
  • Product Range: Full-sized pellet grills/smokers
  • Made In USA: Yes
  • Price Range: $2,699 to $3,499
  • Availability: Lowes.com


While Nexgrill has been selling gas grills, charcoal grills and flat-top griddles for quite a few years, it was only in 2022 that they decided to enter the pellet grill/smoker game.

Nexgrill currently offers three budget pellet grills under the Oakford brand.

Nexgrill Pellet Grills/Smokers
The smallest model is the Nexgrill Oakford 580 (left), and the largest is the Oakford 1000 (right): Images – HomeDepot.com
  • Product Range: Full-sized pellet grills/smokers
  • Made In USA: No
  • Price Range: $449 to $649
  • Availability: HomeDepot.com

Oklahoma Joe’s

The Oklahoma Joe’s brand was originally started in the 1980s by Joe Davidson in, you guessed it, Oklahoma. Then in the late 1990s, the brand was purchased by Char-Broil.

In early 2020 the Rider pellet grill range was launched, and while being a low-cost/budget offering, they have some interesting features.

For instance, as I discuss in my Oklahoma Joe’s article, I’m a big fan of their pellet hopper dump/storage solution.

Oklahoma Joe's Pellet Grills/Smokers
The Oklahoma Joe’s Rider pellet grills range: Images – HomeDepot.com

Pit Boss

Another member of the Danson LLC group, the Pit Boss brand has been around for many years focusing on offering small and large budget pellet grills/smokers with notable features such as porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grates and direct-flame searing.

The Pit Boss Pros Series and Platinum Series are some of the brand’s most popular products, with the Pro Series exclusive to Lowes and the Platinum Series exclusive to Walmart.

Pit Boss Pellet Grills/Smokers
The Pit Boss brand how one of the most extensive pellet grill/smoker range currently on the market: Images – PitBoss-Grills.com

Pitts & Spitts

Pitts & Spitts are a USA brand based in Texas producing large domestic pellet grills/smokers with unique pivot lids who also manufacture their products in Texas.

All their products feature some amount of stainless steel, with some full stainless models also available. Pitts & Spitts also offer some unique horizontal grill and vertical smoking cabinet combinations.

Pitts & Spitts Pellet Grills/Smokers
Just a few of the Pitts & Spitts pellet grill/smoker lineup: Images – BBQGuys.com
  • Product Range: Portable, vertical smokers and full-sized pellet grills/smokers
  • Made In USA: Yes
  • Price Range: $1,200 to $5,500
  • Availability: BBQGuys.com

Prime Pellet Grills

The Prime range of pellet grills can be found at Home Depot and Lowes. They are a range of budget full-sized pellet grills featuring time-based temperature controllers.

Not to be confused with the Prime range of pellet grills from Green Mountain Grills (GMG).

Prime Pellet Grills/Smokers
Prime is a budget brand of full-sized domestic pellet grills/smokers: Images – Lowes.com
  • Product Range: Full-sized pellet grills/smokers
  • Made In USA: No
  • Price Range: $400 to $600
  • Availability: Lowes.com & HomeDepot.com


Previously branded as REC TEC, they are now branded as RECTEQ pellet grills/smokers.

Since 2008 these pellet grills have been known to be one of the most affordable means to own a pellet grill featuring a stainless steel cooking chamber.

RECTEQ were also one of the first companies to include PID temperature control and WiFi/App integration.

Their products should not be confused with Lifesmart pellet grills, though there appears to be some link with the manufacturer in China. To learn more, please read my RECTEQ pellet grills article.

RECTEQ Pellet Grills/Smokers
The domestic lineup of RECTEQ pellet grills/smokers: Images – Recteq.com
  • Product Range: Portable, full-sized domestic and commercial pellet grills/smokers
  • Made In USA: No
  • Price Range: $400 to $10,000
  • Availability: Recteq.com & Amazon.com

Royal Gourmet

The Royal Gourmet brand first appeared in 2015, and they sell quite a wide range of gas and charcoal grills.

Their current presence in the pellet grill/smoker world is pretty small, with a single model appearing at Home Depot and Walmart featuring earlier-generation temperature controller technology.

On the Royal Gourmet website, there is no reference to their pellet grill/smoker products, so it doesn’t appear they have plans to expand their pellet offerings further.

Royal Gourmet Pellet Grills/Smokers
The current Royal Gourmet pellet grill range consists of a single 600 sq.in model: Image – Walmart.com
  • Product Range: Full-sized domestic pellet grill/smoker
  • Made In USA: No
  • Price Range: $450
  • Availability: Walmart.com & HomeDepot.com


A US-based manufacturer of pellet grills/smokers, Royall is producing some of the most affordable ‘Made in the USA’ products on the market.

For instance, their portable model, the Tailgater, is just $500, and Royall states their grills are ‘completely manufactured in the USA’.

Royall Pellet Grills & Smokers
Royall manufacturers a portable pellet grill as well as their range of full-sized units: Images – RoyallGrills.com
  • Product Range: Portable & Full-sized domestic pellet grills/smokers
  • Made In USA: Yes
  • Price Range: $500 to $2,349
  • Availability: RoyallGrills.com

Sawtooth Pellet Grills & Outlaw Smokers

You may be wondering why I’ve placed these two brands together? Well, they are owned by the same company running out of the same factory in Boise, Idaho.

Their Sawtooth range features more stainless steel construction, whereas their Outlaw Smokers use heavier gauge carbon steel.

Sawtooth & Outlaw Pellet Grills & Smokers
These are two Sawtooth models, but the Outlaw Smokers feature a similar design: Images – Sawtoothpelletgrills.com

Smokin Brothers

A US-based brand and manufacturer of domestic and commercial pellet grills/smokers from Missouri.

Their product range starts with their Traditional line, which uses time-based temperature controllers with a maximum temperature of around 400 degrees.

They also have a Premium PLUS line, which provides more accurate PID temperature control, WiFi connectivity and a unique higher temp grilling area (HeatWave) that can reach around 500 degrees.

Smokin Brothers Pellet Grills
The Smoking Brothers Traditional (left) and their Premium PLUS (right) models: Images – Smokinbrothers.com
  • Product Range: Full-sized domestic pellet grill/smoker and commercial products
  • Made In USA: Yes
  • Price Range: $800 to $2,000
  • Availability: Smokinbrothers.com

Spider Grills

Currently, Spider Grills are not exactly a pellet grill brand, but a pellet cooking accessory brand.

Through a crowdfunding campaign, they were able to develop a bolt-on pellet burner to turn a Weber kettle into a pellet cooker, its pretty cool.

Here’s an interesting fact, the engineering company behind the Spider-22 attachment (Atlas PMG) also developed the Kamado Joe Pellet Joe. I have an article on Spider Grills if you would like to learn more.

Spider Grills Pellet Grills/Smokers
The Spider-22 can turn a Weber Kettle into a pellet grill/smoker: Images – Amazon.com
  • Product Range: Pellet cooking attachment for a Weber Kettle
  • Made In USA: No
  • Price Range: $280
  • Availability: Amazon.com


We finally get to where this pellet cooking idea started with Traeger in the 1980s.

Modern Traegers such as the Pro Series, Ironwood and Timberline are far more advanced than previous Traeger models.

With their WiFire-enabled pellet grills, Traeger has been building one of the most extensive interactive experiences.

Though Traeger has now also narrowed their lineup, focusing purely on the premium end of the domestic market.

Traeger Pellet Grills/Smokers
The current line-up of Traeger pellet grills/smokers: Images – Traeger.com

Twin Eagles

Here we currently have the most elite/expensive brand when it comes to pellet grills/smokers, Twin Eagles pellet grills are fully stainless steel and come with the best specifications/features on the market.

PID/WiFi color touch screen control panel, the highest grilling/searing temps found on any pellet grill and the option of a rotisserie. Check out my Twin Eagles article to learn more.

Twin Eagles Pellet Grills/Smokers
Twin Eagles are currently producing the pinnacle of domestic pellet grills/smokers: Image – BBQGuys.com
  • Product Range: Freestanding and built-in luxury stainless steel pellet grills/smokers
  • Made In USA: Yes
  • Price Range: $6,500 to $8,500
  • Availability: BBQGuys.com

USSC Grills

The USSC brand, or to give them their full name United States Stove Company, is a brand I was previously aware of due to my background in pellet manufacturing equipment and pellet stoves/boilers.

Unfortunately, as I discuss in my article on USSC Grills, I think they have failed to produce a range of pellet grills/smokers that stand out on any particular feature/specification that takes advantage of the established USSC brand in the pellet world.

USSC Grills
There are currently three different sizes of USSC Grills of similar appearance/features: Image – Lowes.com
  • Product Range: Mid-range full-sized pellet grills/smokers
  • Made In USA: No
  • Price Range: $500 to $900
  • Availability: Lowes.com & HomeDepot.com


The Victory brand appears to be an own branded product from BBQGuys.com.

The design of the first Victory pellet grill below appears to share several similar components, such as the control panel with first-generation Pit Boss pellet grills.

Apparently, this version of the control panel is running a PID algorithm. However, there is no Bluetooth/WiFi connectivity.

Victory Pellet Grill
The Victory pellet grill appears to share many similar components to previous generation Pit Boss models: Image – BBQGuys.com
  • Product Range: Mid-range full-sized pellet grills/smokers
  • Made In USA: No
  • Price Range: $700
  • Availability: BBQGuys.com


Here we have the biggest name in BBQ, which are pretty much the first brand anyone thinks of when it comes to charcoal and gas grills. Well, Weber has now thrown their hat into the pellet grill ring with its range of SmokeFire products.

Now, as I discussed in my first SmokeFire article, there is a lot to like about these pellet grills, but there have also been a few bumps in the road. In my second article on the SmokeFire Gen 1 vs Gen 2, I discuss that there are still aspects of these products I think Weber needs to work on.

However, as I conclude in that article, I think they are excellent pellet grills, its just the smoker side of things Weber needs to do more work on.

Weber Pellet Grills/Smokers
The Weber SmokeFire EX4 (left) and the larger EX6 (right): Images – BBQGuys.com

Yoder Smokers

An American manufacturer of premium domestic and commercial pellet grills/smokers.

What Yoder are well known for is their use of very thick gauge steel, for instance, using 10-gauge steel in their cooking chambers.

However, they also feature some top-end PID/WiFi technology provided by FireBoard.

Yoder Pellet Grills/Smokers
The Yoder domestic range starts with the YS480s (left) up the Cimmaron S Competition: Images – YoderSmokers.com
  • Product Range: Premium full-sized pellet grills/smokers
  • Made In USA: Yes
  • Price Range: $1,800 to $10,000
  • Availability: YoderSmokers.com & ATBBQ.com

Z Grills

One of the most well-known brands of budget pellet grills/smokers offering some of the most affordable means to enter the world of pellet grills/smokers.

Recently Z Grills have started to update their control panels, there are now several PID Z Grills models.

Z Grills Pellet Grills/Smokers
Z Grills offers an extensive range of budget/affordable domestic pellet grills/smokers: Images – ZGrills.com
  • Product Range: Budget full-sized pellet grills/smokers
  • Made In USA: No
  • Price Range: $400 to $800
  • Availability: ZGrills.com

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