Pellet Mills For Sale, Made In Great Britain

Here at PelHeat we offer a very specific range of pellets mills and plants designed and made here in the UK. These machines use only high quality materials and ring die designs, therefore these presses are not suitable for all projects and budgets. We also offer a consultation service to help people looking for other equipment.

What is the productivity of pellet mills you have for sale?

Pellet Mill For Sale
UK Made Pellet Mill For Sale

Our equipment is focused on the small scale project. For instance for research such as lab testing and training before investment in a pellet plant we offer a Mini Pellet Mill. This very small ring die machine will produce between 20 kg/h and 100 kg/h depending on the raw material being processed. The pellets plants are also focused on the small scale, with a productivity ranging from 250 kg/h up to 2,000 kg/h for fuel pellets made from wood or other biomass materials. To learn more about this equipment and to watch several videos please visit our products page.

Why do you only have UK pellet mills for sale?

We have decided only to offer premium pellet production equipment because from our experience only quality machines can produce quality pellets. However the premium quality of the pellet mills we offer does mean they cannot fit in with everyone’s budget.

Please review the equipment we have to offer, if it cannot either meet the productivity per hour you require or fit in within your budget we do also offer a consultation service. With this service we will discuss your project with you to help provide guidance in purchasing and operating various types of pellet mills.