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The Platinum Series of Pit Boss products is exclusive to Walmart. The latest model to be a part of that range is the 1250. However, upon review, it appears that the Pit Boss Platinum 1250 is sharing parts with the Pit Boss Pro Series Gen 3 for better and worse. Right, let’s get into the Pros and Cons of this particular pellet grill/smoker…

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Pit Boss is a value-focused brand, and the Platinum 1250 follows that mantra with a price point under $700 (check our database for the latest price), and you get a large 1,323 square inches of cooking area.

The Pit Boss Platinum 1250 offers a good value cooking area for the money.
For the price point, the Pit Boss Platinum 1250 is offering a lot of cooking area over three racks

Now, it does need to be noted that the quoted figure is the total cooking area over three racks; its not the size of the main grate, which is much lower at 540 square inches.

However, the point remains that at this price, the Platinum 1250 is offering a lot of cooking area for the money.

Upon the reveal of the Pit Boss Platinum 1250, I noticed that it shares the same controller that Pit Boss is fitting to the third generation of their Pro Series models.

While it features PID temperature control technology for accurate adjustment, it lacks a P-Setting to adjust the amount of smoke the pellet grill will produce.

Unfortunately, the controller on the Pit Boss Platinum 1250 does not feature a dedicated smoke setting.
Unfortunately, the controller on the Platinum 1250 does not offer P-Setting adjustment

This Platinum 1250 is pretty much the same size/price as another Pit Boss model, the Competition Series 1250. However, that model does get P-Setting adjustment to adjust smoke production.

The Platinum 1250 features direct-flame access, a staple of pretty much all the Pit Boss pellet grills currently on the market.

The flame broiler fitted to the Pit Boss Platinum 1250 will get the grate temperature above 650 degrees.
Direct-flame access (also known as the flame broiler) definitely helps when it comes to good grilling/searing

The benefit is, that the grate surface temperature can reach and exceed 650 degrees. Therefore, when it comes to grilling/searing, the Platinum 1250 has got it covered.

While the functionality of direct-flame access I definitely consider as a Pro for the Platinum 1250, it does come along with its own Con, and that’s a higher potential risk of a grease fire.

I strongly recommend regular cleaning of the grease tray on pellet grills that offer direct-flame access to avoid grease fires.
On any pellet grill with direct-flame access, its very important that the grease tray is cleaned frequently to avoid the risk of a grease fire

Therefore, unless you were never going to use the flame broiler on the Platinum 1250, I would encourage frequent cleaning/scraping of the grease tray to avoid a grease fire.

As I discussed above, the Platinum 1250 appears to share the same controller fitted to third-generation Pit Boss Pro Series models, and it does have some nice features.

The Pit Boss Platinum 1250 features a touchscreen PID controller with WiFi functionality.
The touchscreen controller offers 5-degree temperature adjustment, which is definitely a Pro

The controller features 5-degree temperature adjustment, which is not found on many other Pit Boss pellet grills/smokers at this point still. Its also a touch screen controller.

It also comes with WiFi functionality and the ability to connect to the Pit Boss SmokeIT app. Pretty pointless when it comes to grilling, but very handy when it comes to smoking your food.

This is a running theme with me and my Pros and Cons articles. I really don’t like the current trend of fitting small caster wheels to heavy pellet grills/smokers.

Unfortunately, the small wheels Pit Boss Platinum 1250 are not a good feature.
When it comes to moving a grill cover on a wet and muddy lawn, those small caster wheels are going to get annoying

I’m not sure whether its cost or aesthetics that many brands like to fit small caster wheels to pellet grills and smokers, but its a trend that for many people, they are pretty fed up with.

My Final Thoughts On The Pit Boss Platinum 1250

For under 700 dollars, there is not much to complain about with the Platinum 1250 when it comes to features. The missing P-Setting (Smoke Setting) is a bit annoying though.

The biggest problem for the Platinum 1250 is Pit Boss already offers a grill with similar features in terms of cooking area and price, but it offers a controller with P-Setting adjustment, the Competition Series 1250.

If you check out our database through the link below, you can compare the features and price points of both those Pit Boss models, along with any other pellet grill/smoker currently on the market. 🙂

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