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The Brunswick is a vertical pellet smoker, and it’s part of the Pit Boss Platinum range, which is exclusively sold at Walmart. The Brunswick was the first vertical pellet smoker from Pit Boss to feature a PID controller for more accurate temperature control. Right, let’s review its Pros & Cons.

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With a typical price point of just under $600 (check our database), the Platinum Brunswick offers a cooking area of 1,164 over four cooking racks, which is pretty good value.

For under 600 dollars, the Pit Boss Platinum Brunswick offers a relatively large cooking area for the money.
With a cooking area of over a thousand square inches and a price point under $600, the Platinum Brunswick is good value

Now, that value is based on the presumption you are only looking for a pellet smoker, not a combined pellet grill/smoker, as we’ll discuss more below.

For some odd reason, there appears to be fairly high reports of delivery damage with the Platinum Brunswick. I have no idea why. They may be tipping up and getting damaged that way.

Owners on forums/Reddit are reporting pretty high instances of delivery damage.
Delivery damage appears to be a recurring issue reported by owners

While delivery damage is not a fault of the pellet grill/smoker itself, it appears to be a common part of the buying experience for many owners of the Platinum Brunswick.

Therefore, ideally, instead of having one delivered it would probably be better to arrange for pickup from a local Walmart and to inspect the condition of the pellet grill/smoker before accepting it.

The Brunswick was one of the first Pit Boss pellet smokers to feature a controller running a PID algorithm for more advanced/precise temperature control, along with WiFi/App support.

The controller on the Platinum Brunswick offers tighter temperature control compared to previous Pit Boss models.
The controller on the Platinum Brunswick is more advanced than that found on previous Pit Boss vertical pellet smokers

Do I think the controller on the Brunswick is the best Pit Boss controller? No, as its lacking an important feature (discussed below). However, for temperature accuracy, its better than many others.

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While the Pit Boss Platinum Brunswick will indeed produce smoke during operation, it lacks a dedicated smoke setting that the user can take advantage of to increase smoke production.

Unfortunately, the controller on the Pit Boss Platinum Brunswick lacks a dedicated smoke setting.
The Brunswick does not have a setting to adjust smoke production found on other Pit Boss pellet smokers

The P-Setting (Pause Setting) found on some other Pit Boss models can be adjusted to make the pellets smolder for longer at the expense of temperature accuracy.

So get this. The pellet hopper on the Pit Boss Platinum Brunswick is a ridiculously massive 98lbs, it’s the largest pellet hopper capacity of any pellet grill or smoker in our database.

Pellet consumption of pellet smokers in general is 1lb per hour when smoking. Therefore, a full hopper has the potential to last for 98 hours!?

The 98lb pellet hopper capacity means that you can smoke foods overnight in any climate, not matter how cold it is.
With such a huge pellet hopper capacity, smoking foods for over long extended periods of time in any climate is not an issue

Now, in cold climates, pellet consumption would increase, but even if it doubled the normal usage rate, there is no way that the Brunswick would run out of pellets during an overnight smoking session.

Then again, I personally would not leave pellets in the hopper over an extended period of time exposed to humid air to ruin the pellets. But the point is, running out of pellets mid-cook should never be an issue.

So, just to point out the obvious here, the biggest drawback with the Brunswick being a vertical pellet smoker is that it has no grilling capabilities.

As the Brunswick is purely a vertical pellet smoker, it has not grilling capabilities.
The Brunswick is obviously not a good option if you need smoking and grilling capabilities from the same unit

If you already own a gas grill, the Platinum Brunswick could be a great option to sit alongside your gas grill. However, if you need a combined pellet grill/smoker, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

My Final Thoughts On The Pit Boss Platinum Brunswick

When the Platinum Brunswick was first released in 2021 with its PID controller and App support, it clearly stood out from the relatively basic vertical pellet smokers that came before it.

However, while the Brunswick still offers pretty good value for its cooking area and feature set, there are many more options on the market, including some from Pit Boss that are better options.

I would encourage you to use the link below to go to our database and use the drop-down filter to show vertical pellet smokers, and you will see what I mean.

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