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With the DualFire 1200, recteq has produced a new type of pellet grill/smoker never seen before on the market, a dual chamber pellet BBQ. We have seen pellet/gas combos before, but this is purely a pellet BBQ. So, let’s review the Pros & Cons of this design.

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You may be wondering what is the point of a dual cooking chamber design, with one side dedicated to direct heat grilling and the other to indirect heat smoking of the food?

Separating the direct heat side of the pellet grill means the risk of a grease fire is reduced, and if it did happen, it can be controlled much more easily and safely.

The dual cooking chambers on the recteq DualFire 1200 are indeed a Pro due to the safe direct heat grilling it provides.
Separating the cooking chamber has a specific benefit, and its down to safer direct heat grilling

There are lots of pellet grills with direct-flame access, which is great for grilling. However, it does come with a higher risk of a grease fire.

That’s why separating the direct heat side of the grill from the indirect side does have its benefits.

In separating the the grill to provide a safer direct heat grilling experience, it does potentially increase the risk of dropping food when moving food from one side of the DualFire 1200 to the other.

You would have to be careful moving food between the two cooking chambers on the recteq DualFire 1200.
Care would need to be taken moving food from the indirect cooking chamber to the direct heat cooking chamber

I’ll give you an example, say you want to reverse sear some steaks. They would first be cooked in the indirect side and they would then need to be taken out and placed in the direct side for the sear.

This potential risk of dropping food between the two sides of the pellet BBQ may seem like a trivial Con, as there is always a risk of dropping food in and out of any BBQ, but it is a risk.

A feature you will find on all recteq pellet grills/smokers is their stainless steel cooking chambers, and it is indeed a big Pro in their favor for durability.

The DualFire 1200 features a stainless steel cooking chamber.
A big Pro for the recteq DualFire 1200 is its stainless steel cooking chamber

Now, the DualFire 1200 is not cheap (we’ll get to that). However, at its price point, many of its competitors do not feature as much stainless steel construction, if any at all.

PelHeat Pellet Grill/Smoker Database

Research/compare over 240 pellet grills/smokers on sale today

If I were to name one particular feature of the DualFire 1200 that I’m really not a fan of, it would be its small caster wheels on a large pellet grill that weighs over 250 lbs.

The small caster wheels on the recteq DualFire 1200 are probably its worse feture.
I think for a grill of the size/weight of the DualFire 1200, it needs larger wheels

Moving the grill over a smooth/flat surface, those wheels will be fine. I just don’t think that’s the reality of most people’s backyards. Therefore, those small wheels will become annoying.

As part of my job, I frequently read pellet grill/smoker owner forums and Reddit threads to learn about potential problems with specific pellet grill/smoker models.

I must say that recteq, in general, has one of the best reputations when it comes to the reliability and functionality of their pellet grill/smoker controllers.

Recteq make some of the best PID/WiFi controllers on the market, with some of the best feedback from owners.
Recteq fits some of the best PID/WiFi controllers on the market to their pellet grills/smokers

Another area where the recteq controllers shine is their temperature range of 180 to 700 degrees. That’s a temperature range you will find on very few other pellet grills/smokers outside of recteq.

Now, we come to the price point of the DualDire 1200, which is typically just under $1,800 (check our database), and unfortunately, many people will find that unaffordable.

With a price point of just under $1,800, the Dualfire 1200 is unquestionably a premium option when it comes to pellet grills/smokers.
With a price of just under $1,800, many people will simply not be able to consider the DualFire 1200

This is not to say that the DualFire 1200 is not good value. I actually think its worthy of the price point. My Con in this regard is purely in relation to the wider affordability for the average BBQ consumer.

My Final Thoughts On The recteq DualFire 1200

In my articles on pellet grills that offer direct-flame access, I’m frequently stating that while its a good feature to have, it needs to be used with caution due to the grease fire risk.

Therefore, I like the solution that recteq has come up with on the DualFire 1200 to separate the direct heat side from the indirect heat side to reduce the potential of a grease fire.

Overall, I’m a fan of the DualFire 1200. I like both its features and high-quality stainless steel construction. I’m not a fan of the small wheels, I’d find them annoying, but I could put up with them.

But don’t just take my word for it. Use the link below to browse our database, to review the full feature list of the recteq DualFire 1200, and compare them against that of the competition.

PelHeat Pellet Grill/Smoker Database

Research/compare over 240 pellet grills/smokers on sale today

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