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My general pellet grill/smoker FAQ page offers answers to a wide range of topics about pellet grills/smokers and the pellets they use. However, this page is specifically a RECTEQ (formally REC TEC) focused FAQ page, discussing questions about what features & capabilities the current range of pellet grills/smokers offer. For instance, which RECTEQ grills come with features such as WiFi, direct-flame access, twin-wall insulated construction, stainless steel, pellet dump etc. I’ll also provide links to articles I’ve produced on specific RECTEQ models and my comparison/vs articles. Enjoy 🙂

A key selling point of all the domestic pellet grills/smokers that RECTEQ produce is their stainless steel cooking chambers: Images –

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What’s The Cheapest RECTEQ Pellet Grill?

The cheapest RECTEQ pellet grill is the RT-B380 Bullseye which retails for just under $400. The Bullseye is a very unique small/micro pellet grill. While its not promoted as a portable model, as it is very small and lightweight (54 lbs) it can easily be moved around. However, the main market for the Bullseye is a small backyard pellet grill for an individual/couple to cook on.

What’s The Most Expensive RECTEQ Pellet Grill?

The most expensive RECTEQ pellet grill is the RT-TMG Chuckwagon for just under $11K. Now, its important to note, this is not intended to be a domestic pellet grill, its a trailer-mounted grill for commercial customers. As such, its a very niche specialist item that RECTEQ make to order with a 4-6 week lead time.

What’s The Smallest RECTEQ Pellet Grill?

Well, the RT-B380 Bullseye has the smallest overall cooking area of any RECTEQ pellet grill at 380 However, all of that cooking area is provided over just a single main grilling grate. The RT-340 may have a larger overall cooking area of 511, however, that’s with the main cooking grate and an upper smoking/warming rack. The RT-340 though only provides 340 over the main cooking grate (suitable for grilling/searing). This is a classic example when it comes to comparing the size of the cooking area on a pellet grill, its important to differentiate between the size of the main cooking grate and the overall cooking area.

What’s The Largest RECTEQ Pellet Grill?

The largest RECTEQ pellet grill is the RT-CMG Beast providing a total cooking area of 2,400, the same pellet grill is sold as a trailer-mounted version, the RT-TMG Chuckwagon. However, these are commercial pellet grills, when its comes to the largest domestic pellet grill, its really the RT-2500 BFG providing a total cooking area of 2,535 In reality, that’s far larger than most peoples needs, but hey, if you have a large family/group of friends its a grill that can easily meet those requirements.

Which RECTEQ Pellet Grill Get’s The Hottest?

All RECTEQ pellet grills ranging from the smallest/cheapest RT-B380 Bullseye through to the most popular model the RT-700 and up to the RT-CMG Beast offer the same maximum temperature setting of 500 degrees. However, RECTEQ pellet grills also have a ‘FULL’ setting on the control panel where the temperature for grilling will exceed the 500-degree mark, closer to 600 degrees.

What’s The Warranty On RECTEQ Pellet Grills?

So the way the warranty terms appear to work with RECTEQ pellet grills is the larger the pellet grill the longer the warranty term. For instance, the two smallest models the RT-B380 Bullseye and the RT-340, they come with a 2-year warranty term. The slightly larger RT-590 comes with a 4-year warranty term. However, their most popular pellet grill the RT-700 and the larger RT-2500 BFG and the RT-CMG Beast/RT-TMG Chuckwagon all come with a 6-year warranty term.

Where Are RECTEQ Pellet Grills Made?

The domestic pellet grill range from the RT-B380 Bullseye up to the RT-2500 BFG appear to be fabricated in China with some final assembly taking place in the US with some US-sourced components, control panel etc. However, the largest units the RT-CMG Beast/RT-TMG Chuckwagon are fabricated in the US.

Does RECTEQ Produce Portable Pellet Grills?

Yes, the RT-340 is RECTEQ’s portable pellet grill providing a total cooking area of 551, with 340 at the main cooking grate suitable for grilling. The RT-340 has folding legs which make it ideal as a portable pellet grill to loaded into the back of a car, truck or RV. The RT-340 weighs 80 lbs, so its not too heavy for moving around. Now, as I mentioned above the RT-B380 Bullseye is not promoted as a portable pellet grill, after all, it does not feature folding legs. However, the RT-B380 Bullseye is so lightweight (54 lbs) if you can accommodate the space without being able to fold up the legs its another RECTEQ portable pellet grill option.

Does RECTEQ Produce Vertical Pellet Smokers?

Not currently, the RECTEQ range is purely focused on horizontal pellet grills/smokers. However, as part of the RECTEQ rebranding from REC TEC Grills, I’m aware that the founder Ron and Ray want to diversify the RECTEQ brand into other product types. Therefore, that may mean they intend to offer a vertical pellet smoker in the future. After all, no brand currently produces a domestic-focused stainless steel vertical pellet smoker.

Does RECTEQ Produce Built-In Pellet Grills/Smokers?

RECTEQ do not currently sell any of their pellet grills as dedicated built-in units for outdoor kitchens. However, when you look at the bolt-on legs of models like their popular RT-700 model there are owners who have integrated that pellet grill into an outdoor kitchen setup. However, with any DIY outdoor kitchen setup using a grill not specifically sold for such an application you have to make sure all safety aspects (materials/clearances) are considered.

Does RECTEQ Produce Pellet/Gas Combo Pellet Grills?

Currently, RECTEQ does not offer a combined pellet/gas grill, however, they do actually produce outside gas cooking appliances (the RT-G450 Gas Matador Wok Cooker). Therefore, at some point, RECTEQ may look to compete against the likes of Pit Boss and Camp Chef with a pellet gas/combo grill.

Does RECTEQ Produce Stainless Steel Pellet Grills/Smokers?

A key feature of the entire range of pellet grills/smokers produced by RECTEQ is the extensive use of stainless steel. Now, RECTEQ does not currently produce full-stainless steel pellet grills, however, all of their domestic pellet grills from the RT-B380 Bullseye up to the RT-2500 BFG feature stainless steel cooking chambers. The extensive use of stainless steel is therefore a key selling point of RECTEQ pellet grills/smokers.

Does RECTEQ Produce Twin-Wall Insulated Pellet Grills/Smokers?

No, currently all RECTEQ pellet grills/smokers feature single wall construction. Hence, to get consistent results and reduce pellet consumption in the colder months of the year an insulated blanket is recommended. It is rather odd that as all RECTEQ grills are single wall construction they don’t sell their own branded/fitted insulated blankets. As RECTEQ pellet grills are single-wall construction, I generally refer to them as warm weather pellet grills/smokers.

Do RECTEQ Pellet Grills Come With WiFi/App Support?

Yes, all RECTEQ pellet grills apart from the smallest/cheapest unit the RT-B380 Bullseye come with WiFi integration and App support to monitor and adjust the cook from any location with a WiFi/Celluar signal. A unique feature of the RECTEQ app is the ability to actually start the grill. Other manufactures have opted not to enable the start feature in their apps for safety reasons, which I do agree with in general.

Do RECTEQ Pellet Grills Come With PID Control Panels?

Yes, all RECTEQ pellet grills, even the RT-B380 Bullseye come with a control panel running a PID algorithm for precise temperature control to within 5-degrees of the set temperature. RECTEQ have branded their PID control panel the Smart Grill Technology™ Controller.

Do RECTEQ Pellet Grills Offer Direct-Flame Access?

Currently, only one RECTEQ pellet grill has direct-flame access and its the cheapest/smallest unit the RT-B380 Bullseye. RECTEQ brands the feature Riot Mode stating it can ‘achieve temperatures up to 749ºF for searing & direct-flame grilling’. As stated above, the other RECTEQ pellet grills have a maximum temperature setting of 500 degrees, but also feature a ‘FULL’ setting which will let the grill exceed this temperature for grilling purposes. RECTEQ also sell Sear Kits which are GrillGrates which will help to achieve good grilling/searing results on any RECTEQ pellet grill.

Do RECTEQ Pellet Grills Offer Easy Ash Clean Out?

No, currently no RECTEQ pellet grill features any sort of easy ash cleanout feature/removable ash cup etc. Therefore, to clean a RECTEQ pellet grill it will require removing the cooking grates, grease tray, heat deflector and getting into the base of the grill with a shop vac once the grill is cool.

Do RECTEQ Pellet Grills Come With A Hopper Pellet Dump?

No, RECTEQ has not integrated a pellet hopper dump feature into any of their pellet grills currently. Therefore, for changing pellet flavours and for proper long term storage of the pellets getting them out of the hopper will involve some sort of scoop/cup and a bit more of your time.

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