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Recteq is now well-established as a premium pellet grill/smoker brand, offering multiple different models. The model that their reputation is built upon is the RT-700, as it provided many features that many of the completion didn’t offer at the time. Right, let’s review its Pros & Cons.

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The RT-700 was one of the first pellet grills with a price point of around a thousand dollars to offer a full stainless steel cooking chamber.

The full-stainless steel cooking chamber on the recteq RT-700 is one of it not the best feature.
The full stainless steel cooking chamber is one of the best features of the RT-700

Using stainless steel in grill construction costs more money for the manufacturer. However, the benefit to the user is no need to worry about rust, and you can clean the grill without having to worry about damaging a paint finish with a scrapper/wire brush etc.

Currently, the typical price point of the recteq RT-700 is just under $1,200 (check our database). Unfortunately, that’s a price point out of the reach of many hopeful pellet grill/smoker owners.

With a price point north of a thousand dollars, unfortunately the recteq RT-700 will be unaffordable to many people.
The recteq RT-700 is a pretty expensive purchase for many people, but that does not mean its not good value

General affordability and value are two separate things. So, while I think the recteq RT-700 is above the price point many BBQ customers can spend, that doesn’t mean I don’t think it offers good value, which I do.

The recteq RT-700 comes under a small niche of pellet grills, one that offers very good grilling/searing performance without the assistance of direct-flame access.

The recteq RT-700 is able to set to a temperature setting of 700 degrees, that's much higher than the average pellet grill/smoker.
The recteq RT-700 offers a maximum temperature setting of 700 degrees

Typically, a pellet grill will have a maximum temperature setting of 500 degrees. However, the recteq RT-700 can be set to 700 degrees, which is sufficient to meet anyone’s grilling/searing needs.

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The RT-700 weighs around 200 lbs and 240 lbs if the hopper is full of pellets. Hence, it’s not a lightweight BBQ. Therefore, I find it disappointing how small the wheels are on the recteq.

The small wheels on the recteq RT-700 are probably its worst feature.
I’m not a fan of the small wheels on the recteq RT-700

I’m sure these wheels will be fine when rolling the grill over a smooth/flat surface, it’s just other than that, I can imagine these small wheels getting annoying.

Recteq has been fitting some of the best controllers to their pellet grill/smokers for many years at this point, offering precise 5-degree temperature adjustment and WiFi with the recteq App for additional control.

The controller fitted to the RT-700 has proven to be very reliable as well as offering good functionality.
I think recteq offers some of the best PID/WiFi controllers on the market

I read the pellet grill/smoker forums/Reddit threads a lot as part of my job keeping up on owners’ thoughts on the latest/greatest pellet BBQs, and recteq has one the best reputations out there for the reliability of their controllers.

While the RT-700 has a very large and practical 40lb pellet hopper, there is a feature that it lacks that I think all pellet hoppers should offer, the dump feature.

The recteq RT-700 does have a large pellet hopper at 40lbs, unfortunately it has no door to empty the hopper.
Unfortunately, there is no door on the hopper to empty the pellets out quickly and easily

There are multiple reasons why you might want to empty pellets from the hopper, perhaps some rain got in there, or perhaps you just want to change pellet flavors, the point is, an empty chute comes in handy.

My Final Thoughts On The recteq RT-700

For many years, I have been recommending the recteq RT-700 as a premium option that anyone willing to spend around a thousand dollars on a pellet grill/smoker should be considering.

The stainless steel cooking chamber, the high grilling temperatures without the need for direct-flame access, and the risks associated with them, along with the controller, are all big plus points.

It appears that recteq is now moving away from the RT-700 to develop their other products which offer similar features/functionality, you can check the out though the link to our database below.

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