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Here, we have something rather unique: a very small stainless steel pellet grill/smoker, but it’s not a portable model; it’s designed as a backyard grill. This is the recteq RT B380 Bullseye. There really is very little else quite like the Bullseye on the market from other brands. Right, let’s review its Pros & Cons.

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Both the cooking chamber and lid on the recteq Bullseye are stainless steel, which is a premium material that you typically won’t find on many pellet grills/smokers outside of the recteq brand.

It is impressive that the entire cooking chamber on the recteq Bullseye is stainless steel considering its low price point.
For a pellet grill/smoker to have a full stainless steel cooking chamber at this price point is good value

So, stainless steel means two things in reality. First, you don’t have to worry about paint peeling and the Bullseye getting rusty. It also means its easier to clean without damaging anything.

The cooking area on the recteq Bullseye is actually pretty good, at a total of 484 square inches. The problems are more to do with smoking larger cuts of meat/beer can chicken.

The size of the grate on the Bullseye is pretty decent at 484 square inches, there just isn't a lot of height available.
As standard, the cooking chamber of the recteq RT B380 Bullseye lacks height

Now, in the image caption above, I state ‘as standard’ because apparently, recteq is now offering a cooking chamber extender/cylinder that can provide additional height.

An area where the recteq Bullseye really excels and beats almost all other pellet grills on the market is in its grilling/searing performance, especially for its price point.

The recteq Bullseye can get is grate up to 750 degrees which will provide excellent grilling/searing performance.
Very few pellet grills can match the grilling credentials of the recteq Bullseye

The Bullseye has a maximum temperature setting of, wait for it, 750 degrees! If you have any awareness of the wider pellet grill market, you will know that’s a temperature setting you don’t often see.

PelHeat Pellet Grill/Smoker Database

Research/compare over 240 pellet grills/smokers on sale today

Now, if you have a bad back, the recteq Bullseye is not going to be your ideal pellet grill with a height of just 36 inches. Therefore, you will need to bend over to cook on it.

While not a portable pellet grill the recteq Bullseye has similar dimensions with a height of just 36 inches.
You don’t normally see a pellet grill with a height of just 36 inches, especially when its not a portable model

Now, you could just place the Bullseye (safely) on some sort of plinth to make it taller and easier to use. After all, the money saved from longer legs, etc, went into the stainless steel materials.

I made a reference to the price point of the Bullseye above, and it has a typical price point of just under 500 dollars (check our database), which, for its features, is very good value for the money.

When spending just 500 dollars on a pellet grill/smoker, you will struggle to find better value than the recteq Bullseye.
For under 500 dollars, you really will struggle to find a better value pellet grill/smoker

As well as the stainless steel and excellent high-temperature grilling, the Bullseye also comes with PID temperature controller for accurate temperature management.

It is a little disappointing that the recteq Bullseye does not get a controller with WiFi connectivity to take advantage of the recteq App and the associated additional functionality that can provide.

Its not the end of the world, its just a little disappointing that the recteq Bullseye doesn't get WiFi/app connectivity.
Recteq does offer many pellet grills/smokers with WiFi/App connectivity. Unfortunately, the RT B380 Bullseye isn’t one of them

Now, the simpler controller without WiFi keeps the cost down, and the Bullseye is more of a pellet grill than a pellet smoker in any case. Therefore, the missing WiFi is not a significant loss.

My Final Thoughts On The recteq RT B380 Bullseye

If your budget for a new pellet grill/smoker can only stretch to 500 dollars, when it comes to features and capabilities, there really are few better options for the price point.

Yes, the Bullseye is not a very large pellet grill/smoker. However, I actually think many people end up buying larger BBQs than they really need.

Use the link below to check out our database, and you can compare the Bullseye against other pellet grills at a similar price point to help you find the best pellet grill/smoker to meet your needs.

PelHeat Pellet Grill/Smoker Database

Research/compare over 240 pellet grills/smokers on sale today

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