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The smaller model of the second-generation of the Traeger Ironwood models is now simply branded as the ‘Ironwood’. Much of the overall design of this second-generation Ironwood model follows that of the second-generation Timberline. Right, let’s get into its Pros & Cons.

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The controller display and general usability is an improvement over the previous Ironwood 650 and the 885 in that it’s a much brighter display and can give more information to the user.

The controller on the Traeger Ironwood Gen 2 is a notable improvement over that found on the Gen 1 Ironwood models.
The Ironwood Gen 2 gets a larger and brighter full-color touchscreen display than its older siblings

The display is also angeled up towards the user, which more pellet grill/smoker manufacturers seem to now be realizing people don’t want to bend down to be able to check temps.

While the usability of the new controller is generally a Pro, users are experiencing a few issues with the controller that Traeger has been rolling out firmware fixes for.

Firmware fixes have been required to get the controller to function reliably.
The new controllers have experienced some digital gremlins

As pellet grills/smokers become more advanced and their controllers more complicated it does start to bring in problems that a quick turn off and on cannot always fix.

While the original Traeger Ironwood models did feature some insulated construction, its much more extensive on these new Ironwood Gen 2 models.

The Traeger Ironwood Gen 2 features a large insulated lid that will help with reduced pellet consumption and better BBQ.
The Traeger Ironwood Gen 2 gets a large insulated lid

Due to the insulated lid the Ironwood Gen 2 will benefit from more consistent temperatures across the cooking racks, and it will also help to reduce pellet consumption.

PelHeat Pellet Grill/Smoker Database

Research/compare over 240 pellet grills/smokers on sale today

The Ironwood Gen 2, like all other Traegers before it is still limited in its grilling/searing potential by the fact its maximum temperature setting is 500 degrees.

A maximum temperature setting of just 500 degrees is not ideal when it comes to be a good pellet grill.
It’s disappointing that Traeger is still not able to improve the grilling results of their pellet BBQs

There are other pellet grills that only have a maximum temperature setting of 500 degrees. However, they either typically have direct-flame access or are notably cheaper than the Ironwood Gen 2.

The internals of the Ironwood Gen 2 are completely different to the previous generation. It now features a drop-down pellet burn pot that blows the ash out of the burn pot.

The EZ-Clean ash and grease keg on the Ironwood Gen 2 is a good design.
I do rate the design of the EZ-Clean ash/grease keg. I think its a big improvement for easier cleaning

Both the ash and grease is collected in the same foil cup. Therefore, maintenance of the Ironwood Gen 2 has been made a lot simpler and quicker than the previous generation Ironwood models.

Unfortunately, there is no stainless steel construction on the Traeger Ironwood Gen 2. The reason that’s notable is, for the price point, you expect to find at least some.

The Traeger Ironwood Gen 2 does not get any stainless steel construction and is expensive for what you get.
No stainless steel on a relatively small pellet grill/smoker at a high price point is not great

The typical price point of the Traeger Ironwood Gen 2 is just under $1,800 (check our database). Well, for its features and relatively small cooking area, it brings into question its value.

My Final Thoughts On The Traeger Ironwood Gen 2

There are several features I like about the Ironwood Gen 2. I like the controller (despite the firmware problems), I like the insulated cooking chamber and the EZ-Clean keg.

However, it’s not a particularly large pellet grill/smoker, offering a main grate of just 616 square inches with a price point getting dangerously close to $2K and no stainless steel construction.

Therefore, overall, I think there is better value to be found elsewhere on the market, and there is no better way for you to find those alternatives than using our database through the link below.

PelHeat Pellet Grill/Smoker Database

Research/compare over 240 pellet grills/smokers on sale today

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