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My general pellet grill/smoker FAQ page offers answers to a wide range of topics about pellet grills/smokers and the pellets they use. However, this page is specifically a Traeger focused FAQ page, discussing questions about what features/capabilities the current range of Traeger pellet grills/smokers offer. For instance, which Traeger grills come with features such as WiFi, direct-flame access, twin-wall insulated construction, stainless steel, pellet dump etc. I’ll also provide links to articles I’ve produced on specific Traeger models and my comparison/vs articles. I hope I can teach you something new, enjoy!

Traeger FAQ
The current Traeger range includes 6 main models, with the larger Pro, Ironwood and Timberline models available in different sizes: Images –

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What’s The Cheapest Traeger Pellet Grill?

Currently, the cheapest Traeger pellet grill for just under $300 is the Scout which is a small tabletop pellet grill. The Scout is intended to be a camping/portable pellet grill, as such it has limited cooking space (176 The Scout also does not feature Traeger’s latest D2 Direct Drive systems or WiFire found on more modern Traeger pellet grills.

What’s The Most Expensive Traeger Pellet Grill?

The most expensive Traeger pellet grill on the market today is the Timberline 1300. The Timberline range features the best version of the Traeger D2 control panel with additional features such as Super Smoke and Keep Warm modes, along with full WiFire support. The Timberline models also come with twin-wall insulated construction with an inner stainless steel cooking chamber.

What’s The Smallest Traeger Pellet Grill?

The Traeger Scout and Ranger are both tied as the smallest Traeger pellet grills offering a cooking area of 176 The Ranger has a slightly larger pellet hopper over the Scout, and as such weighs a little more than the Scout at 60 lbs. However, the Ranger does feature the superior Digital Arc control panel with more precise temperature control.

What’s The Largest Traeger Pellet Grill?

In terms of overall cooking area, the most expensive Traeger pellet grill, the Timberline 1300 does offer the largest cooking area. However, the main cooking grate of the Timberline 1300 is 561, with the remaining cooking area provided by upper smoking/warming racks. The cheaper Ironwood 885 actually has a slightly larger main cooking grate at 570, the same goes for the even cheaper Pro 780.

Which Traeger Grill Get’s The Hottest?

The highest temperature setting currently found on a Traeger pellet grill is 500 degrees. However, only the Gen2 Pro Series, Ironwood and Timberline models will achieve 500 degrees. The portable pellet grills which include the Scout, Ranger and Tailgater have a maximum temperature setting of 450 degrees. The same goes for the Gen1 Pro Series grills.

What’s The Warranty On Traeger Pellet Grills?

The current Traeger Warranty is for a duration of 3 years from the date of purchase. Usual warranty terms apply such as covering defects in material and workmanship under normal use and maintenance.

Where Are Traeger Grills Made?

Traeger grills were originally manufactured in Oregon and were produced in the USA up until 2006 when the Traeger family sold the company. Traeger now produces all of their grills abroad, I believe the current manufacturing facility is located in China.

Does Traeger Produce Portable Pellet Grills?

Yes, Traeger currently produces three portable pellet grills the Scout, Ranger and Tailgater. The Scout & Ranger are both tabletop units with identical cooking areas of 176 The Ranger has a slightly larger pellet hopper and better/more accurate Digital Arc control panel. The Tailgater uses the same Digital Arc control panel but provides a larger cooking area of 300 as well as foldable legs.

Does Traeger Produce Vertical Pellet Smokers?

To date, Traeger has not produced a vertical pellet smoker and it doesn’t appear Traeger have plans to produce a vertical pellet smoker in the immediate future.

Does Traeger Produce Built-In Pellet Grills/Smokers?

No, currently Traeger are purely focused on producing freestanding and tabletop pellet grills/smokers targeted at the mid-range/premium section of the pellet grill market.

Does Traeger Produce Stainless Steel Pellet Grills/Smokers?

While Traeger does use stainless steel in the construction of some of their pellet grills they are yet to produce a full stainless steel pellet grill. The most extensive use of stainless steel is currently found on the Traeger Timberline. Stainless steel is used for external components such as front and side shelves. However, the whole interior cooking chamber of the Timberline models are also lined with stainless steel.

Does Traeger Produce Twin-Wall Insulated Pellet Grills/Smokers?

The only two Traeger pellet grills that currently feature twin-wall insulated construction are the Ironwood and Timberline models. On the Ironwood models, just the sides of the pellet grills feature twin-wall construction. On the Timberline models, however, the whole cooking chamber features twin-wall insulated construction.

Do Traeger Grills Come With WiFi/App Support?

Any Traeger pellet grill branded with ‘WiFire’ comes with WiFi/App support. For instance, the Gen 2 Pro Series, Ironwood and Timberline models are all WiFire compatible pellet grills. Currently, none of the Traeger portable pellet grills features WiFire. Furthermore, Gen 1 Pro Series pellet grills do not come with WiFire integration.

Do Traeger Grills Come With PID Control Panels?

Any Traeger pellet grill branded with a ‘D2’ control panel features a PID algorithm for more precise temperature control. Currently, that includes Gen 2 Pro Series, Ironwood and Timberline models. Gen 1 Pro Series pellet grills and the portable Traeger pellet grills do not currently feature a PID control panel.

Do Traeger Grills Offer Direct-Flame Access?

Not currently, all Traeger pellet grills to date have come with a solid grease tray without the option for direct-flame access. Therefore, due to the maximum temperature setting of Traeger grills of 450-500 degrees, a set of GrillGrates is recommended for superior grilling performance to get a good sear.

Do Traeger Grills Offer Easy Ash Clean Out?

Currently, Traeger has not integrated any removable ash pot etc into their pellet grills. Therefore, to clean the ash out of a Traeger pellet grill will require removing the grates, grease tray and heat baffle to get a shop vac into the base of the pellet grill. Only clean a pellet grill once cool.

Do Traeger Grills Come With A Hopper Pellet Dump?

Gen 2 Pro SeriesIronwood and Timberline models feature a hopper a clean out door to easily and quickly empty pellets from the hopper. On the portable pellet grills and previous generation Traeger pellet grills you have to remove the pellets from the top of the hopper with a scoop etc.

Traeger Features FAQ

What Is D2 Direct Drive?

With the Gen 2 Pro SeriesIronwood and Timberline models Traeger introduced a new specification of auger, fan and control panels. The benefits of D2 Direct Drive are not only that the motors are more powerful, but they are also variable speed. Hence, with the PID algorithm found in the D2 control panels, the pellet combustion process can be more precisely controlled, leading to more accurate temperatures. I’ve previously discussed this more in my article on D2 Direct Drive.

What Is Super Smoke?

The Super Smoke feature is found on Ironwood and Timberline models. Once activated and between a temperature setting of 165 to 225 degrees more blue smoke will be produced to provide a more intense smokey flavour to the food.

What Is WiFire?

WiFire is the branding term Traeger has used to identify which of their pellet grills come with their own version of WiFi/App integration. With a Traeger WiFire pellet grill, you can monitor and adjust the whole cooking process from your phone. You can also watch video recipes and even buy new bags of pellets directly from within the Traeger App.

What Is The Traeger Pellet Sensor?

The Traeger pellet sensor is positioned at the top of the pellet hopper and can send information to the grill/Traeger App on the percentage of pellets remaining in the hopper. The pellet sensor comes included on Timberline models and can be retrofitted into Ironwood and Gen 2 Pro Series models. However, the pellet sensor is not compatible with Gen 1 Pro Series grills or any of the portable Traeger pellet grills.

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