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The Traeger Pro Series is currently in its second generation, and the Pro 575 is the smaller/more affordable option of the two models. While Traeger was not the first to market with WiFi connectivity in their pellet grills, they have been very successful at marketing the feature (WiFire). So, let’s review the Pros & Cons of the Traeger Pro 575…

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This second-generation Traeger Pro Series model features what’s called PID temperature control, which is a mathematical algorithm that makes constant adjustments to the pellet feed rate and fan speed to maintain a set temperature.

The D2 Controller on the Traeger Pro 575 is a big improvement over the previous generation controller.
The D2 controller on the Pro 575 is able to hold temperature much more accurately than previous-generation Traeger models

On older Traeger models, the controller was pretty much a timer. In other words, it ran the pellet feed auger for a set amount of time to achieve a set temperature.

Hence, temperature accuracy with previous Traeger models was not their strong point. However, there actually is an advantage to temperature swings when it comes to cooking BBQ…

While the Traeger Pro 575 will hold a more accurate temperature than a previous Traeger Pro Series model, such as the Pro 22, it will generally produce less smoke.

The reason is, that temperature swings on a pellet grill/smoker means a less efficient/less controlled pellet fire. Well, the result of which is more smoke production.

The Traeger Pro 575 lacks a dedicated smoke setting.
Unfortunately, the Pro 575 lacks a dedicated smoke setting

It’s not that pellet grills/smokes with PID controllers cannot produce the same amount of smoke as more primitive/older models, but it has to be designed into them with a dedicated smoke setting.

Traeger does know this, and that’s why more premium models have a ‘Super Smoke’ setting. Unfortunately, that setting is not found on the Traeger Pro 575.

Pellet grills/smokers generally weigh more than a charcoal or gas grill of equivalent size. The reason is, a pellet BBQ contains more components.

Therefore, unless your pellet BBQ is going to spend its entire life in the same spot, whenever you buy a pellet grill/smoker, check out its wheels.

The Traeger Pro 575 features large all-terrain wheels which is a plus point
The large/wide wheels on the Traeger Pro 575 are defiantly a plus point in its favor for me

The typical scenario to consider is you have got to move your pellet grill/smoker across the lawn, and its been raining. Hence, the ground is soft.

Do you want small caster wheels, or do you want larger/wider wheels?

PelHeat Pellet Grill/Smoker Database

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Don’t get me wrong, the hopper capacity is not so low its going to give you problems most of the time, and if you regularly check your hopper, any capacity is ‘fine’.

My point is pellets typically come in 20lb bags, and the hopper capacity on the Pro 575 is 18lbs. Therefore, the hopper cannot take a full bag of pellets in one go.

The hopper on the Traeger Pro 575 can unfortunately not take a full bag of pellets in one go.
The 18lb hopper capacity is a little annoying, while not a significant Con for the Traeger Pro 575

When you’re purely grilling, that difference in hopper capacity between 18 to 20 lbs is not a big deal. You’re stud next to the Traeger; you can easily monitor the hopper.

Its more of a disadvantage over longer cooks when smoking foods while you’re away from the pellet smoker, where those additional lbs of pellets in the hopper can be handy.

Talking of smoking foods over long periods of time, that’s where the WiFi connectivity of the Traeger Pro 575 comes in handy through the Traeger WiFire app.

The WiFi integration and the WiFire App are arguable the best features of the Traeger Pro 575.
For long smoking sessions where the Pro 575 is unattended, that’s where the WiFire App comes in handy

I spend my time reading the various owner forums for issues with different brands of pellet grills/smokers. Generally, when it comes to Apps and WiFi connectivity, the Traeger App appears to be one of the most reliable.

When the Pro 575 was first released, its maximum temperature setting was 450 degrees. Traeger then revised the firmware on the controller to bump it up to 500 degrees.

However, compared to many other pellet grills on the market that offer a higher maximum temperature setting and direct-flame access, the grilling performance on the Pro 575 is subpar.

The grilling performance of the Traeger Pro 575 is subpar
Compared to the competition, the grilling performance of the Traeger Pro 575 is lacking

Now, that’s not to say that the Traeger Pro 575 cannot grill. Slap in a set of GrillGrates and use some 100% charcoal pellets, and you will get at least reasonable grilling performance.

The point is though, that direct competition to the Traeger Pro 575 at this price point, which you can review in our database, offer better grilling performance out of the box.

My Final Thoughts On The Traeger Pro 575

The Pro 575 is currently the cheapest Traeger on the market when it comes to WiFi connectivity and the WiFire App, which does have its benefits if you smoke your food over long periods frequently.

However, when it comes to being a ‘pellet grill’, the Pro 575 struggles to compete against the many alternatives now on the market, especially at its price point, just under $800.

Therefore, before you make your choice, I would very much encourage you to spend a decent amount of time reviewing our database below for pellet grills/smokers under your budget.

PelHeat Pellet Grill/Smoker Database

Research/compare over 240 pellet grills/smokers on sale today

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