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As the popularity of wood pellet grills has grown substantially over recent years so has the selection of pellet grills on the market. The majority of pellet grills sold today are mid-priced/mid-sized units from brands such as Traeger and Camp Chef which are suitable to meet the needs of most backyard cooks. However, what if you want the absolute best a pellet grill can offer? What if you have an outdoor kitchen and your looking to upgrade/replace your propane grill with a pellet grill? Well, that’s the scenario where you may want to consider a Twin Eagles pellet grill which are some of the best pellet grills/smokers on the market today in terms of build quality and features.

Twin Eagles Pellet Grill Smoker
If you are looking for the absolute best when it comes to your pellet grill in terms of build quality and features you should be considering a Twin Eagles pellet grill: Image –

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Twin Eagles pellet grills are definitely categorized as a Luxury Class pellet grill. In fact, they are the highest/specification and most expensive pellet grills you can currently buy. If you are not sure on the definitions/criterion of the different pellet grill classes please review my post on how to chose the best pellet grill to meet your needs.

Introduction To Twin Eagles Pellet Grills

Twin Eagles have been designing/engineering and building their high-end full stainless steel gas grills in the USA since 2006. In 2018 they decided they would also join a growing list of well-established grill/smoker manufacturers and enter the pellet grill game. Hence, they are part of a select few made in the USA pellet grills. Twin Eagles chose not to produce mid-range units in terms of price and specifications, they wanted to produce the highest spec pellet grill on the market. Previously if you were looking for a luxury high-end pellet grill your option was a Memphis pellet grill, and that’s it. Twin Eagles have decided to manufacturer their pellet grills to an even higher specification. They have achieved this, but it obviously comes with a hefty price tag.

Quick promotional video from Twin Eagles explaining the features of their luxury pellet grills.

The above video from Twin Eagles does a good job of quickly covering the specific features of their pellet grills. However, below I’m going to explain those features in a bit more detail to give them some context and explain why they are important. For instance, the video references 304 stainless steel, but most people have no idea what that means or why they should care. Furthermore, I believe most people will be a bit confused why a charcoal tray has been included on a very expensive wood pellet grill?! Fear not, all will be explained below.

Twin Eagle Pellet Grill Sizes/Configurations

As of writing this post Twin Eagles currently produce a single 36″ wide pellet grill in either a free-standing or built-in configuration. However, this may change in the future, with a wide range of sizes on offer. This size of unit currently fits in between the range of pellet grills offered by their main competition, Memphis Grills. In the Memphis range, they produce a 28″ (Pro) or 39″ (Elite) selection of pellet grills in freestanding and built-in configurations. There are some notable differences/improvements found on the Twin Eagles pellet grills over the Memphis range. And there should be, a free-standing Twin Eagles 36″ wide grill is several thousand dollars more expensive than a 39″ Memphis Elite pellet grill.

Twin Eagles Built-in Pellet Grill Smoker
The 36″ wide pellet grill/smoker from Twin Eagles is also available as a built-in unit for outdoor kitchen setups: Image –

Differences Between Memphis and Twin Eagles Luxury Pellet Grills

I just want to clarify before I discuss the differences that I do believe that Memphis produces some excellent high-quality pellet grills from all reports. The luxury pellet grills from Twin Eagles are a higher specification than Memphis grills (currently), and as I’ve stated above they should be, because these grill cost quite a bit more than the already expensive Memphis grills. Also, the phrase ‘expensive’ is a relative term and always needs to be viewed in context.

Memphis Pellet Grills Smokers
A Memphis Elite pellet grill/smoker is currently the closest competition for a Twin Eagles pellet grill: Image –

Yes, Memphis/Twin Eagles pellet grills are ‘expensive’ compared to even the most expensive pellet grills from the most well-known brand Traeger with their Timberline pellet grills. However, Memphis/Twin Eagles pellet grills are made from 304 stainless steel which is welded together. That’s not only an expensive material, its an expensive manufacturing process with skilled labour. So in other words, yes these grills are expensive for your ‘average person’ which includes myself. However, at the same time, ‘you get what you pay for’ etc.

Minimum and Maximum Cooking Temperatures

Memphis pellet grills offer a maximum cooking temperature of 700 degrees. Before the launch of the Twin Eagles pellet grills, that was the highest temperature you could get on a pellet grill. Other pellet grills in the Practical/Premium Classes have maximum temperature settings of 500-600 degrees. The Twin Eagles grills offer a slightly higher cooking temperature of 725 degrees. Obviously not a massive increase over the Memphis pellet grills. However, Twin Eagles pellet grills also have a lower temperature setting of 140 degrees compared to the 180 of the Memphis range. Therefore, the wider temperature range of Twin Eagles pellet grills provides improved utility.

Large Full Colour Touch Screen Interface

The monochrome LCD control panels found on Memphis pellet grills are certainly functional and proficient at providing the user with full control over the appliance. However, the full-colour touch screen Twin Eagles have installed on their pellet grills is simply the best you will find on any pellet grill, as it should be.

Twin Eagles Pellet Grill Control Panel
The full-colour control panel found on Twin Eagles pellet grills is the same interface as their WiFi/App: Image –

The control panel is WiFi-enabled as is pretty much every Premium/Luxury pellet grill on the market today. However, as the Twin Eagles uses a full-colour display with sufficient processing power the interface on the grill is exactly the same as the app on your phone. Hence, you know exactly where to find which feature/setting as its same on the grill as it is on your phone. Full-colour images of the type of meat you wish to cook are displayed on the grills control screen. You simply tap the meat and the grill will get to the correct temperature. Plugin the meat probe and it will monitor the meat until the correct internal temperature is reached. Put simply, the Twin Eagles pellet grills are currently the easiest pellet grills to use on the market today.

304 Stainless Steel Construction – Why Is It Important?

For me, a pellet grills can only be classed as a ‘Luxury’ grill as long as its pretty much exclusively full stainless steel construction. However, there are different grades of stainless steel. I think many people hear the term ‘stainless steel’ and believe that it cannot rust/corrode. Well, that all depends on the grade of stainless steel used. Don’t get me wrong, all stainless steel is more corrosion resistant than mild-steel. Many of the lower-priced pellet grills will promote the fact that they are made from ‘heavy-duty thick gauge steel’. Thick mild-steel will definitely stand up better to corrosion/rust than thinner steel, but it will still suffer from surface corrosion. Hence, if you want a pellet grill that won’t suffer from surface corrosion you want stainless steel. Furthermore, the best quality outdoor cooking appliances will use 304 stainless steel.

This quick video explains why 304-grade stainless steel is the best choice for an outdoor cooking appliance: Video –

Twin Eagles only offer their pellet grills in 304 stainless steel. Memphis, the nearest competition to Twin Eagles, do offer some grills in cheaper 430 stainless steel. However, Memphis also recommend their 304 stainless steel grills for coastal climates (salty air). Hence, 304 is the best grade of stainless steel you will find on outdoor cooking appliances to withstand even coastal climates.

Rotisserie Rack & Direct Flame/Charcoal Inserts

The Twin Eagles pellet grills have a very neat integrated/concealed rotisserie heavy-duty motor. Rotisserie kits are available on much cheaper pellet grills such as a Broil King. However, the rotisserie integration on the Twin Eagles pellet grills is much more discreet and fully controllable through the grills control panel/App. Though the rotisserie bar can also be quickly and easily removed when cooking large cuts of meat. The video near the end of this post shows how the rotisserie can be removed and fitted back into the grill.

Twin Eagles Pellet Grill Rotisserie
The integrated/concealed rotisserie on Twin Eagles pellet grills provides increased functionality over other pellet grills: Image –

There are three inserts to use over the pellet firepot on the Twin Eagles pellet grills. Either the solid vaporizer plate, charcoal basket or sear plate. When cooking meat ‘low and slow’ or smoking you will typically use the vaporizer plate. As the fat/juices drip down and hit the plate they will turn to vapour and be projected back up towards the meat. This will help to improve flavour while also keeping the meat moist. However, if you are cooking burgers or steaks for instance, that’s when you would use either the sear plate or charcoal basket.

Twin Eagles Pellet Grill Sear Insert
Twin Eagles pellet grill sear plate insert with ceramic briquettes: Image –

The Twin Eagles pellet grills can achieve an indirect cooking temperature of 725 degrees. However, to properly sear, you need temperatures much higher than that. Therefore, that’s where the sear plate and charcoal basket come in. Using the sear plate with the ceramic briquettes direct flames from the pellet fire below will be able to reach the food on the grate above. Furthermore, the ceramic briquettes are capturing and release heat close to the cooking surface. Therefore, with the sear plate fitted the cooking surface will be around 1000 degrees.

Twin Eagles Pellet Grill Charcoal Insert
Twin Eagles Pellet Grill Charcoal Insert: Image –

However, when using the charcoal basket (with charcoal in it of course) you will achieve a much higher surface cooking temperature than 1000 degrees. The Twin Eagles pellet grills have a low and high fan setting speed for when the charcoal basket is used. On the high fan setting stoking the coals the cooking surface temperature will achieve 1500 degrees. Hence, the Twin Eagles pellet grills can achieve higher searing/flame broiling temperatures than any other pellet grill currently on the market.

Twin Eagles Pellet Grill Reviews

Above I’ve obviously done my own review of the features/capabilities of Twin Eagles pellet grills comparing them to their nearest competition. However, I also like to add-in owners reviews into my posts where possible. I would love to add a Twin Eagles owners video review into this post, unfortunately, I’ve been unable to find one. Its understandable though, these are not your ‘average’ pellet grill and are simply not something most people can afford. Therefore, I’ve included the next best thing, a demonstration video from Gilbert Fireplaces & BBQ’s.

A detailed demonstration video of a Twin Eagles pellet grill.

Conclusions On Twin Eagles Pellet Grills

If you can afford it a Twin Eagles wood pellet grill/smoker its currently the highest specification unit on the market as of this moment. With its 304 stainless steel construction, low 140 degree and high 725 degree cooking temperatures the Twin Eagles pellet grills set themselves apart. The pellet hopper on these grills is 13lbs. That’s is less than their nearest competition in the Memphis pellet grills at between 18-24 lbs. However, it does have to be noted that at an average temperature of 225 degrees pellet consumption is around 1/2 lb per hour. Therefore, when doing ‘low and slow’ smoking meats potentially over a whole day a brimmed 13lb pellet hopper is sufficient for 23 hours of cooking.

There is a bit of a ‘hopper race’ going on in the pellet grill market at the moment. In most cases adding a larger pellet hopper doesnt add much to the manufacturing costs. However, when you are making your pellet grill out of welded 304 stainless steel it does impact the cost significantly. Hence, while a larger pellet hopper would be nice, what wouldn’t be is the significant increase in price on the most expensive pellet grill currently on the market.

That’s it! Thanks for reading, if you are lucky enough to have the resources to be able to afford a Twin Eagles pellet grill the BBQGuys have both the free-standing and built-in units available along with some great financing deals. If your budget is not sufficient for a high-end luxury pellet grill please review my wood pellet grill guide for more options. 🙂

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