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Under the Weber Searwood range, there is the standard 600, and this, the larger Searwood XL 600. The two pellet grills/smokers are basically identical in their features/functionality, the only real difference is the size of the cooking chamber. The other obvious difference is their price points, so let’s review the Pros & Cons of this model.

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Where this new Searwood XL 600 is vastly different from its older sibling, the Weber SmokeFire EX6, is that the Searwood XL has a much better grease management system.

On the older SmokeFire models, falling grease could mix with ash blowing out of the pellet burn pot and create a mass of ash/grease that would stay in the base of the cooker, increasing the risk of a grease fire.

The grease/ash management of the Weber Searwood XL 600 has seen a big improvement over the SmokeFire EX6.
The grease/ash management on the Searwood XL 600 is significantly better than that of older Weber pellet grills/smokers

With the new Weber Searwood XL 600, as you can see from the image above, you are able to quickly remove and clean the entire grease/ash collector.

For the price point of the new Weber Searwood XL, its main grate of 630 square inches is a little smaller than its competition at the same price point of $1,199 (check our database).

Now, in reality, for most people, a main grate size of 630 square inches is going to suit them just fine.

The size of the main grate on the Weber Ssearwood XL 600 is a little below the cooking area of its direct competitors.
At the same price point, there are competing pellet grills/smokers that offer a larger main grate

My point is, if you review the specs of the Seawood XL 600 against its direct competitors with our database, you will see that they offer a larger main grate, its just a fact.

Now, the Weber bests them in other areas through, as many don’t offer a 600-degree max temp setting etc that the Searwood XL 600 does, so be sure to compare all their features.

When it comes to grilling with the lid open on a pellet grill, the temperature setting makes little to no sense, as its measuring the ambient temperature inside the cooking chamber, but the lids open…

Therefore, for grilling and using a griddle, Weber, with the new Searwood XL 600, has simplified the process, with the option of 1 to 10 as a heat intensity setting.

The new heat intensity settings on the Weber Searwood XL 600 make a lot of sense.
A heat intensity setting for grilling and griddling makes a lot of sense, and its surprising no one has done it sooner

So, if you imagine you are cooking pancakes, eggs, or vegetables on the griddle insert, you wouldn’t go all the way up to a heat intensity setting of 10.

However, if you were grilling/searing steaks and burgers, sure, turn it up to 10 and let it rip!

PelHeat Pellet Grill/Smoker Database

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So the hopper capacity on the Weber Searwood XL is 20 lbs, and I’ve got it down as a Con here for the simple reason that the direct competition at the same price point generally offer larger hoppers (check our database).

The 20 lb pellet hopper on the Weber Searwood XL 600 is not 'bad', but its below the market average at its price point.
The 20 lb pellet hopper capacity is less than many of its direct competitors offer

Now, do I think that the 20 lb pellet hopper is going to generate any actual problems? No, in almost all instances, 20 lbs of pellets will meet the needs of any user.

Furthermore, the Searwood XL 600 does have a pellet hopper sensor, which you can check from the App. Therefore, while I’ve put it down as a Con, its a pretty minimal one.

Another area where Weber appears to have taken on the feedback from previous SmokeFire pellet grill/smoker owners is the control panel.

The new controller on the Searwood XL 600 is much larger, and the numbers are much brighter. Therefore, you can quickly glance and see the set temperature/actual temp.

The new controller on the Weber Searwood XL 600 is features much larger numbers and is easier to read.
I give Weber props for upgrading the controller on the Searwood XL 600 to something that is much easier to read

The monochrome display on the older Weber SmokeFire was pretty hard to read, and it was also pretty small, especially compared to the screen on this new controller fitted to the Searwood XL 600.

With over 275 pellet grills/smokers now in our database, I’ve got a solid understanding of which brands/models are offering the best value at different price points.

While the previous Weber SmokeFire models were always good pellet grills, as pellet smokers, they had problems. However, the new Searwood models have addressed those design issues.

I think the Weber Searwood XL 600 is definitely one of the best value options at its respective price point for its features.
If you are willing to spend just over a thousand dollars on a pellet grill/smoker, the Searwood XL 600 is looking to be one of the best options

Therefore, at its $1,199 price point (check our database). Overall, the Weber Searwood XL 600 is going to be tough to beat for a premium product from a premium brand.

My Final Thoughts On The Weber Searwood XL 600

I’ve previously been critical of the Weber SmokeFire pellet grills. However, I’ve always said they are excellent pellet grills due to their high heat output, but their smoking capabilities are lacking due to issues with grease fires and pellet hopper blockages.

With the Searwood XL 600, I believe Weber has addressed those issues well, and the new ash management system is a clever and functional design. They have also gone with a simple, tried-and-tested hopper design, so I don’t think pellet bridging/hulling will be an issue.

Overall, I think Weber could be onto a winner with these new Searwood pellet grills/smokers. As I always say though, don’t take my word for it. Use the link below to checkout our database, and you can compare its features/price point, against the competition for yourself.

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