The Different Grades Of Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are one of the fastest growing uses for pellets. Wood pellets can be used as a fuel for the domestic market for pellet stoves and boilers. Wood pellets are also used in large scale industrial boilers for heat and power generation. Other uses for wood pellets include animal bedding and cooking pellets such as BBQ pellets or smoking pellets.

Premium Wood Pellets For Fuel

There are various different grades of wood pellets used for fuel. The highest standard of pellets and the most expensive are premium wood pellets. These are typically produced from the waste sawdust from timber production. They produce ash of below 0.5%.

Standard Grade Wood Pellets and Other Wood Waste Materials Used For Pellets

Wood Pellets
Wood pellets

While premium wood pellets may demand the highest price point, only certain materials can be used to produce premium wood pellets. For instance the wood used is typically pine, spruce or oak. The wood must also contain little or no bark, as bark will increase the ash percentage of the pellets beyond the limit acceptable to call the pellets premium grade. However this discounts the majority of woody biomass available and which often still ends up in landfill sites. For instance the wood waste from forestry management will be from various species of wood with bark included. This wood can also be used to produce fuel pellets, though the ash content will be slightly higher, therefore these are called standard grade fuel.

The Growth Of The Pellet Fuel Market and Premium Wood Pellets

Currently the pellet fuel market depends almost complete on the supply of premium wood pellets. However there are simply not enough sources of raw material to continue to increase premium wood pellet production into the future. Therefore other grades of wood pellets and various biomass fuel pellets such as hemp pellets will be required to meet the demand.