Wood Pellets Delivery By Tanker In Germany

Here is a video from Germany on how wood pellets (in Germany known as Holzpellets) are delivered by pellet tanker to the home. Unfortunately there is no English transcript with the YouTube video, however I will explain the subject matter of the video of the wood pellets delivery. At the beginning of the video we see a wood pellet tanker ready at the wood pellet factory to receive the fuel. A retractable hose deposits the pellets through the top of the tanker.

The main focus on this video is to highlight the high standard of ENplus. This is the latest and most strict European standard for wood pellet fuel. While pellet density and moisture content are very important this video is focused more on durability and fines. Fines are particles which did not get compressed into pellet form. The best operated pellet plants will have a low fines content coming from the pellet press, however some fines are unavoidable. All pellet factories should have single or multiple processes for fines removal after the pellet mill, however the ENplus standard goes even further.

As you can see in the video, before the fuel is loaded into the tanker it is passed over a screen again. This screen rotates and as you can see does take out quite a lot of fines material. This material can then be fed back into the process again to make more pellets in the press or could be used in the biomass burner used to dry the material. Once the tanker has been filled the operator takes a sample. This sample is then taken for testing to see if it meets the ENplus grade. When the tanker reaches the customer a series of hoses are linked to the customers storage silo via cam locks. The wood pellets are blown into the silo and the exit pipe removes the air, the dust is collected in the bag on the small fan. Thanks to highly accurate weigh scales on the tanker the operator simply sets the weight of pellets for the customers order and the fans will operate until that weight is reached. The customer then receives a print out, this wood pellets delivery is almost identical to an oil delivery.