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The 7052B WiFi from Z Grills was a step up for the brand, previously only known for budget pellet grills/smokers, referred to by some as ‘Traeger clones’. The 7052B was the first Z Grill model to feature WiFi and App support, along with another notable feature. Right, let’s review its Pros & Cons.

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There is more than a passing resemblance, with the Z Grill 7052B WiFi, to the Traeger Timberline 850, which also features an insulated cooking chamber.

The insulated cooking chamber on the Z Grills 7052B provides the benefits of better cooked BBQ and reduced pellet usage.
The Z Grill 7052B WiFi features twin-wall construction around the cooking chamber to hold in more heat

Insulated construction provides two benefits; first, it helps you cook more consistent BBQ, especially in the colder months of the year.

The second benefit is that the cooking chamber is able to hold onto the heat better, which means you need fewer pellets to reach and maintain a set temperature, saving money on pellets.

The Z Grills 7052B WiFi is set up to be a much better pellet smoker than a pellet grill, as the maximum temperature setting of 500 degrees is not really high enough for proper grilling/searing.

The 7052B WiFi is setup to be a much better pellet smoker than a pellet grill.
The grilling performance of the 7052B WiFi is not great

There is also no direct-flame access, and the grate is only thin wire. Therefore, they will not hold onto the heat well. In summary, then when it comes to grilling performance, the 7052B WiFi is lacking.

The pellet hopper capacity of 28 lbs is above the market average, and along with the insulated construction, it will enable this pellet smoker to smoke overnight with no problems, even in winter.

The 28lb pellet hopper capacity on the Z Grill 7052B WiFi is above the industry average.
Many pellet grills/smokers are still fitted with a hopper capacity of around 20 lbs. Therefore, the additional 8lbs will come in handy

The pellet hopper also features a cleanout door/pellet dump hatch. This is a good feature to have, as it makes emptying the hopper of pellets so much quicker and easier.

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Small caster wheels for anyone who has had to move a grill across a wet/muddy lawn are not a great feature, and it is an experience many pellet grill/smoker owners have had.

I really don't like the small caster wheels on the Z Grill 7052B WiFi.
I’m really not a fan of the small caster wheels on this or any other pellet grill/smoker

You will also notice that this pellet grill/smoker does not have a bottom rack to help give the legs rigidity. Therefore, some owners, when moving the grill, have noticed flex in the legs.

As the product name of this pellet grill/smoker suggests, it features WiFi connectivity, the first pellet BBQ from the Z Grill brand to offer the feature with its own App.

The controller that Z Grills has fitted to the 7052B WiFi is one of their best control panels.
Along with WiFi, the controller also features PID temperature control technology for more accurate temperature management

Importantly, the controller gets a ‘Super Smoke’ setting, which will enable the pellets to smolder for longer to offer more smoke flavor when requested.

When brands that are predominately budget-focused offer more premium/expensive products, it can be a tough sell, as their products are then competing against more premium brands.

The Z Grill 7052B WiFi is not priced a budget product and it's competing against more established/premium brands.
The 7052B WiFi has a similar price point to products from more premium brands such as Traeger and Weber

With a typical price point of just under 900 dollars (check our database), the 7052B WiFi is up against similar-priced products from more established brands.

While on some specifications, the 7052B WiFi is superior to competing products, it doesn’t beat them in all areas (max temp, for instance); therefore, it’s up against tough competition.

My Final Thoughts On The Z Grill 7052B WiFi

In many ways, this Z Grill pellet grill is a budget version of the Traeger Timberline 850, with similar features (but no stainless steel).

However, it’s an expensive Z Grill model, and it’s not a brand that holds as much consumer appeal/confidence as similarly priced alternatives from brands such as Traeger and Weber.

It’s by no means a bad pellet grill/smoker; however, its grilling performance is not great for the price, and I think there are better options now available.

But don’t just take my word for it. Use the link below to browse our database to compare its features against similarly priced competition to see what you think.

PelHeat Pellet Grill/Smoker Database

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